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  1. Hal should switch it out with the Zandam or Volendam and limit capacity to 1200, I think they can only carry about 1450 anyway. -Paul
  2. Yes, HMC is actually still part of the Bahamas and therefore their current public Health laws should apply, (I would think) Carnival Corp has a long term lease of the property, but the Government of the Bahamas is the landlord.
  3. Except for the one some of us are about to get on this Saturday, 21 days from Sea and 17 days from San Diego, plus the upcoming TA that one of the HAL ships is doing.
  4. Does your husband sail with you on all your Casino cruises or do you do some solo?
  5. SB has not been taken off the Panama Canal transit leaving SEA on 10/02 yet either.
  6. I don't think it's a matter of "minding it" nobody wants to catch Covid on a cruise. It's the ability to abide by the new guideline. Just about every healthcare provider says "Most results within 72 hours" for a PCR test. Most of us have a healthcare plan we pay hefty premiums for and this is our first choice of testing since these are the people we pay for to provide us healthcare. If we can't get the results in the permitted time window then we are forced to pay a for profit lab $250 or so out of pocket. Like so many other things in the USA, private Covid testing has become a "racket" and their are laws against Racketeering in the USA. The are called the "RICO" laws and were passed to go after the Mafia. Harrumph! -Paul
  7. This has been superseded by what went out to booked passengers today, they just have not updated their website IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Please view our guest letter with an important update here: *****/3gVRJLG Pursuant to new directives from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we have updated our pre-cruise COVID-19 testing requirements. Effective with U.S. cruises departing from Saturday, September 18 through October 31, 2021, all fully vaccinated guests must produce a negative viral COVID-19 test (medically supervised PCR or antigen test) taken within TWO days of their embarkation on all Holland America Line sailings. Guests must provide this proof along with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in order to board. We strongly encourage you to be tested prior to traveling to your cruise in order to speed your embarkation. We have partnered with Quest Diagnostics for testing near you: *****/QST_TST. There will be limited testing available at the pier for a fee (to be determined) for a small number of guests if you do not receive your test results in time for embarkation.
  8. For those who arrive 2 or 3 days before the cruise? Man, that would be tricky. I think you would have to book a rapid test in advance at the embarkation port.
  9. Well, not the the world revolves around me. But I just booked with my Health care provider on 09/30/21 at 8:05am. I get on my flight to SEA on 10/01/21 at 12:59pm. In an imperfect (aka the real world we all live in) world I will get my results before I board the plane, If it's positive, no point in going to SEA. I might get the results on the evening of 10/01/21 while in Seattle or the morning of the cruise on 10/02/21. If no results by embarkation time I guess I get to be tested at the pier with the rapid test. Can you charge the embarkation pier test to your onboard account? Just Sayin' Paul
  10. My healthcare provider promises nothing in under 72 hours, but when I used them back in May to go to Hawaii, I got results in less than 48 hours. I can't see how you can demand this of a customer and not offer the service for rapid testing on the pier during embarkation. -Paul
  11. Yep, so just Avalon, if that holds on day 2, then a sea day to get to SF, OVR in SF a Sea day to get to Ensenada and then back to SD. Maybe they will change the name to "See the Coast of California from the ship's deck" cruise. Embarkation is day 1 by my counting, is that 7 days? Maybe half speed to Ensenada which would make 2 sea days. -Paul
  12. Both my Panama Canal and Coastal California where to stop at Santa Barbara this Fall, oh well I guess more sea days for me. Just hope San Diego stays open. -Paul
  13. Since the poster is from Northern San Diego County, I recommend checking RCI out of LA since they have started sailing again from LA and only do the Mexican Riviera (for now). I've only taken 1 cruise on RCI but the service and food quality was comparable to HAL -Paul
  14. It's been a while now, at least 12 hours since last night.
  15. Casino Royal offers are sent by "PLAYCUS" not HAL if you are searching through old offers to print the email and redeem once onboard. -Paul
  16. I also got the Eastern Med offer for remaining 2021 cruises. OV stateroom, $50 free play and drinks in the Casino. Very short notice plus wildfire situation in Greece, recent CDC warning must also be affecting sales in that market.
  17. Well I guess my Panama Canal transit from SEA to FLL is safe for now. (US port origin and termination) I wouldn't be surprised if many if not all of our port calls are cancelled. 21 Sea Days! It's October. Let's see Delta is suppose to peak in 3 to 4 weeks and then hopefully a downward trend from there. -Paul
  18. Thanks Aliaschef. I will be on her on the Oct 2 for the canal transit all the way to FLL for 21 days. Just thinking how lovely a half full ship on a 21 day cruise would be.
  19. Is the ship 50% capacity? I'm sure one of your crew friends will give you the skinny. Thanks
  20. It seems like this happens every season now, maybe the FAA needs to tighten regulation of this "tourist" flight. Nobody had to fly, it wasn't a rescue or medivac flight. https://news.yahoo.com/6-dead-sightseeing-plane-alaska-045424168.html
  21. Koningsdam "drifting in the Pacific Ocean" the at least a 3rd officer and helmsman on the bridge I hope
  22. Remember, the OP wanted to gauge interest in HAL ever sailing out of SF again on a regular scheduled basis. The condition of the City itself and its many problems notwithstanding. I think a lot of us HAL loyalists in the Pacific time zone would like that option of sailing from SF. Just like I'm sure lots of HAL East Coasters would like to see HAL sail out of NY/NJ on a regular basis. -Paul
  23. Hmm.. not really sure what you are trying to point out here? That there is a chronic homeless problem in SF and most US Cities, or that the Cities have some staff to address the problem. Just an FYI, you are considered "low income" and qualify for housing assistance in SF if you make less than $125k a year for a family of 4. I live in Oakland, but still resent all the SF bashing going on in CC, have any of you been to Seattle, Portland or LA lately? -Paul
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