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  1. It’s unfortunate for all parties as there is no room in the stateroom to get around and but yet it’s also a nuisance and danger to other staff and passengers. What do you do? *Make hallways wider on new ships? *Add enough room to the entryway for the scooter to be able to be stored in the stateroom and will be an inconvenience to them? *Create Scooter Class or Deck? I agree something needs to be done for everyone’s safety and satisfaction as I’ve received enough bruises and “run over” feet to last a lifetime but on the flip side, I’m getting older and have bad knees that most likely will at some point need replacement and so I would hope to still be able to enjoy cruising with any aids (not too soon 🤞) I might require and hope that by then there are better solutions that will allow everyone to enjoy cruising safely and comfortably as the number of walkers and scooters is only going to climb with an aging population.
  2. The current Best Sale Ever is continuing until February 29th,2020, so I wouldn’t expect any big changes except for the last minute spring sale mentioned previously.
  3. I also concur for example the cruise line offers a list of amenities and assigns each a point value. Sometimes after selecting for example the casino credit, there might only be enough for the photo and rather than have it go unused, it’s there. They should change the way they do the group amenities as they’re sometimes not that great and can’t be changed. The birthday celebration package goes above and beyond the door sign and cake/song in the dining room in that they will decorate thE interior of the stateroom with balloons and decorations. This has a cost associated with it whereas the regular birthday sign doesn’t. This one I suspect may have been personally added by your agent. I can also concur that I wouldn’t be offended if you called me and allowed me to explain where and what I could do if anything. It’a obvious from your post that you have a lot of integrity and empathy about not wanting to hurt their feelings and I think they I’ll appreciate and it will strengthen your client relationship. Please post any updates. 😀
  4. Agree with most of what’s been said in that he will be fine with long pants and polo style or button down shirt and you won’t even get a 2nd glance. But, and I’m just speaking in general here that by 12yrs old, they should be able to understand and respect rules and procedures regardless of whether they may like them or not. I’d wear my sweats to work but it’s against company policy and they don’t really care if I like the policy or not. The example it sets moving forward is that rules and procedures can be disregarded if they are inconvenient or the person doesn’t “like” them and sadly that isn’t how the world works as we would be otherwise living in chaos. In this case it’s a silly dress code but I’m just trying to speak in general. I didn’t post this to sound like Im being judgy and want nothing more than for your first cruise experience to be fantastic and you chose a great cruise line. But I do expect that there will be some who disagree with my opinion and will let it be known with flames but it’s just my observation as someone that has cruised many times both with and without children. Again I hope you all have a great cruise.
  5. If you do self disembarkation even faster. We made it to the airport one by 9 and even tried to get on the earlier flight but it has just closed checkin. so you will be fine.
  6. Do you drink anything else like soda, bottled water (especially when in ports)? maybe you could try a new wine or dare I say go nuts and have 2 glasses or really mix it up and have a frozen, fruity drink (even virgin if you want). We don’t drink much at all either but we did the same calculation and decided that just being able to have as much as we wanted if we did feel daring one day and to try different things we otherwise might not.
  7. the Elite canapés in cabin are still available, however now you have to fill out the room service card with your selections and give to your steward in advance if you want them delivered. Many people (including us), ended up not eating them so they must have wasted a lot and figured this way, those that want them can have them.
  8. Not to sound crotchety, but I can understand not having the Elite toiletries on the first transatlantic cruise since the products are probably originating in the US but am surprised this continued. I know it’s a small thing, but if you’re going to offer it as a perk to your highest level travellers, then you should have it. I quite enjoy finding it in the stateroom on embarkation day. It wouldn’t affect my trip in any negative way, but is a small touch that we look forward to.
  9. Honestly, only do it if you have room as we haven’t packed one on our last 3 cruises and by no means were we considered underdressed and not once did we get a strange look or comment. Just have fun.
  10. After more research and calls, I can only assume it is an error as it otherwise makes no sense.
  11. Hi everyone, I apologize if this question has been answered but have been away from here for a while and can’t seem to figure out how to search the threads. I’m looking at selecting a Balcony Cabin on the Sky Princess. In order to save us confusion 🤣, we are looking at Caribe Deck as we’ve always stayed on that deck. I noticed that some of the aft cabins towards the very aft (Category BD) are bigger at 250sq ft compared to the other balconies (excluding deluxe and premium) and was wondering if there was a reason and if this was a good or bad thing? We usually try and stay more towards midship but if I can get a bigger cabin then it’s something I’d consider. Any feedback on the pros and cons of these cabins would be greatly appreciated. I’ve only sailed on the Grand Class ships so am not as familiar with the categories. Thank you. 😀
  12. Slightly off main topic however based on personal experience, I’m more concerned about some of the passengers habits and behaviours when it comes to sanitary practices on board. 😳😳
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