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  1. I did not see any tables set up anywhere between security and the gangway. I supposedly was supposed to show my wine to someone after security but there wasn't anyone to show it to.
  2. My friend saw the lady enter the security line with 3 paper bags containing 2 bottles of alcohol in each one. She said she heard the lady tell security at the X-ray machine that she just bought them in the terminal and she walked onboard with them after going through security. If you couldn't carry it on the ship why would they be selling it in the terminal? This was the first time I've seen alcohol and packs of soda being sold inside the terminal.
  3. We were in the Sept 1 sailing of the Fascination. We purchased sodas and 2 bottles of wine before we got to the port. When we arrived at the terminal there were several places in the terminal to buy liquor and sodas. My friend saw a lady carry 6 bottles of liquor in 3 paper bags that she purchased in the terminal through security and onto the ship without any problem. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm assuming it was duty free but wish we had known in advance so we could have bought a bottle to take to our room.
  4. There were both a 120v and 220v outlets in the bathroom above the mirror.
  5. Earlier this month we paid $24 from the airport to Condado - $17 flats rate + $3 airport fee + $1 per bag
  6. We just came back from SJU earlier this month. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes for an Uber. I can't speak for the Pan American pier but over at Pier 4 (Carnival) the Uber drivers had to pick you up across the street from the terminal.
  7. We just stayed there one night each pre/post cruise. It was fine. Elevators are small (8 person capacity) - we were barely able to get 2 people, 2 large and 2 small suitcases in there. Rooms were a little smaller than we are used to but they were clean and the beds were comfortable. I would stay there again. Warning - hotel collects a 35% per night "resort fee" in addition to the local 11.5% taxes.
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