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  1. This must not be a very popular tour or else it hasn’t been operating long.... I have asked the same question and haven’t gotten any responses. Anyone been on this tour?
  2. The other one that I found was Bonaire vista tour, they also had good reviews, you could check with them. Worst case could always find a cab to give u a quick tour of the island. I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants on cruises. So that really didn’t work for me. Plus their is 6 of us so that makes it a little harder also
  3. Yes we are doing Bonaire photo shoot it runs from 9:30 to 12. Which will be perfect our snorkeling tour starts at 12:45 so I think that will work out. I just reached out to them and asked them if it was doable. It has pretty good reviews. Think we will enjoy it.
  4. We have an afternoon snorkeling tour planned but looking for ideas on what to spend our morning doing. We have around 3 hours. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Good to know! I guess I would say 20 to 30 per plate and would love to do sea food or Cuban food.
  6. What’s your favorite restaurant to eat at and your favorite bar to hang out at in bayside market. Also would love to have bayside boat tour reviews. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone done the sport fishing in Labadee? It is quite expensive but if it is a good excursion it would be a wonderful surprise for my hubby. How large of a boat do you go out on and how many people are on the boat? Any other details that you would like to share would be appreciated.
  8. When the deluxe drink plan is booked RCI adds 18% gratuity, example would be if you were charged $50 for the plan, RCI would add $9 per day for gratuity to your bill for the plan and then spill this between your servers. When you get a deluxe for $18 a day, 18% is only $3.24 a day. This doesn't give the wait staff much of a tip and I know that this is a good portion of their wage. So I plan to add a buck or so to each drink to make sure that my servers are getting tips. Don't know if that is as clear as mud . lol but gave it a shot!
  9. Soo Happy!! Will be tipping our wait staff extra!! They earn it!!
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