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  1. We were on the Star this past summer. We loved her & her crew. In my signature is a review of our cruise. It was the 1st time for the "Suite" life for us. The crew was great. The ship was in good shape. No complaints about the food. I knew I was going to post a long review with many pictures, so I didn't do the regular "review" section. I do not have any experience with other cruise lines, I had researched the lines prior to booking our first cruise & NCL seemed to be a good fit for our family. We had such a great time on both cruises , we felt there was no reason to try another line at this point. :)
  2. We were on the Star to Bermuda last summer. I posted all of the dailies in my review. They are in day order, but mixed in the review. Have a great cruise!:) The link is in my signature!
  3. We cruised the Star this past summer, it was myself, DH, DD (18) & DS(20), we had an SC & loved it. We booked another one on the Gem & can't wait! In my signature is a review with some pictures of our room. Enjoy your cruise! :D ps Not only was the room great, but so are the perks.
  4. We really enjoyed the Star, it was also our first suite & now we are spoiled. In my signature is a link to my review. The sailing was out of NYC to Bermuda. ave a great cruise !:D
  5. On the Star this past summer, we did make a reservation @ Moderno w/our concierge, when we were waiting in the Suite boarding lounge. Unfortunately, our cocktail party was in the middle of our dinner, so we missed it. Next time I will be sure to ask first. :)
  6. Not sure if it will help with MyNCL, but see if the 3 reservations can be linked if not already. That may help. Any one with experience on this topic please feel free to comment/correct. :)
  7. I think that is a good idea. There is a pull down bed w/a ladder. In my signature is a review of our trip on the star w/pictures. I do have some of the smaller room somewhere in the review. Have a great cruise!!:)
  8. Well, we sailed on the Jewel for our daughter's 16th birthday. I purchased it for her & the note read your never to old for Sponge Bob. When we arrived back from dinner, her bed as made up with the blanket & pillowcase. (That was when she first saw it.) She loved it. One night we came back to the room & the blanket was a peacock towel animal. :) The funny thing is she is now 18 & still uses both the pillowcase & uses the blanket while watching tv. One of her favorite items in the kit was the flameless candle. It is "clap-on clap-off" operated. She has it on her desk by her bed. :D
  9. We sailed the Star to Bermuda this past July & we had a great time. In my signature is my long winded review with many pictures, if your interested. I would say go for it!:)
  10. The same thing happened to me on our July cruise to Bermuda. I had posted in my review about my adventures in trying to obtain one. Someone who was sailing the Star a month after I did offered to purchase one for me on her cruise. When she cruised they did have them back in stock & did obtain one for me. We e-mailed & she shipped the ship to me & I had sent her a check. I had offered to mail her a ck before she sailed, but she said just to wait until after she sailed, just in case they didn't have any when she sailed. You may want to go to a roll call that is in the future & explain your situation & maybe you can find someone willing to purchase one for you. Good luck! :)
  11. I am not sure if there is anywhere you can find them, but in my signature is the link to my review of the Star from July & I posted the FSD & all the inserts. The ones from the Jewel from last year were similar. Hope this helps a little :)
  12. We were on the Star in July & also had a great time & loved Bermuda :)
  13. Hopefully they find a replacement vendor & just not replace them. :( I love my glasses! This was originally from a CC article:
  14. Nice! Mine are all the same some from last year on the Jewel & my most recent one is from the Star. Maybe next year the Gem will have a different one :)
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