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  1. 1 hour ago, A&L_Ont said:


    Safe travels to the ship. MMMM, Oreos and milk,  I’m getting hungry. 


    Does she even acknowledge that you are leaving?  Lucy is an outside cat so the suitcases don’t set her off, but folks with dogs say it’s bad.  I figure cats be like, “whatever”.

    She was an adopted feral so she is pretty independent.  As long as her food and water bowls are full, she is oblivious.  She likes to meander as well.

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  2. Saling 8/25 to 9/1/19. My 15 year old sons passport expires in December ‘19.   He turns 16 in January.  I don’t want to renew a child passport and would want to wait till he turns 16 to get an adult one.   We are on Rccl going to St Martin, St Thomas and Coco cay.  I think we should be ok with the 3 month till expiration passport.   Am I correct?

  3. During our last European cruise, I obtained enough euros for a cab to our pre-boarding hotel and dinner from my local bank. When we ran-out of euros, we hit the ATM at a BANK in the visiting city. It is also written the the ATM machines by baggage pick up locations have a better rate.

  4. Invest in an inexpensive travel handbag with zippers and safety clips to prevent theft. QVC has a brand called travelon. Scottvest is a travel apparel site that has many of choices for men. My husband was targeted by a pick pocket in the Vatican but was wearing Scottvest travel shorts with hidden pockets so his wallet was safe!👍 We saw police in Barcelona apprehending pickpockets by just taking the stollen wallets and letting the criminals go free. We are not sure if the wallets ever get reunited with their owners. Have you and your partner carry two different credit cards. If one is stollen you still have access to money.


    Travel smart and safe!

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