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  1. We booked Tahiti for Dec 2022 back in April. We thought the risk was too high for 2021 even though the prices were great. The price of our cruise has since gone up by $500. We would like to book a non-stop to Scotland on UA for July, but they won't commit to letting us cancel without paying redeposit fees.
  2. The UA web site is confusing and contradictory. We are booking travel to the UK for July and are using AA miles instead of UA because AA policy is clear and friendlier.
  3. Don't rush into paying the redeposit fees. American eliminated them this week, and competitive pressure may force United to do the same.
  4. It has been my assumption that Princess could not contest a refund after the dispute was considered resolved. The cruise line had an opportunity to object, and it either agreed to the refund or did not respond. We filed five disputes, and the bank marked all of them as resolved long before the deadline for a response from Princess. The bank then issued a check for the credit balance in the account. We received 100% of our money back even though we were expecting part of it as FCC. If there is any attempt to recharge us, I will immediately contest it as an unauthorized charge. If I thought this
  5. In mid-March, we cancelled a 28-night cruise that started in late May. At the time, we had a 50% cancellation penalty, which should have been an FCC. In May, we started credit card disputes because we had neither the FCC nor refunds. By mid-June, we had 100% of our money back through disputes that had been resolved. Two days ago, our Princess accounts showed the FCC. What is likely to happen next? Can Princess claw back refunds received through a credit card dispute? Will the FCC be cancelled at some point?
  6. We were booked on a 28-night cruise departing May 30. We cancelled on Mar 15, when our cancellation penalty was 50% that should have been refunded as FCC. We started the CC dispute process through Chase on May 1 for the final payment, which could be done online. That was resolved in about two weeks. We then disputed the deposit and two shore excursions, which required a call but no other documentation. The shore-ex resolved in a week, and the deposit resolved in about four weeks. We ended up with all of our money back and no FCC.
  7. We disputed charges for shore excursions that we cancelled. Princess provides no documentation when you cancel shore ex. The dispute was resolved in our favor in nine days.
  8. We cancelled at about 75 days--a month before Princess cancelled. We had a 28-night cruise with a 50% penalty. Our TA had documentation to us in less than 24 hours showing the amount of the penalty. Nothing from Princess after more than two months. We successfully disputed the most recent credit card charges and have now filed a dispute on the remainder.
  9. I filed a dispute with Chase online on May 1. Today I received a notice that it has been resolved in my favor. I have not yet disputed the charges, such as the deposit, that were too old to dispute online. I was hoping to avoid a phone call and thought a dispute might prompt Princess to look at the entire account.
  10. It is up to the bank. At this point, I only know that it allowed me to submit an online dispute yesterday for a Jan 17 charge.
  11. We will see. We made final payment in mid-January for a May 30 cruise.
  12. Check with the bank that issued your credit card to be sure. In some cases, the 60 days don't start until the service was supposed to be delivered. In other words, you may have until 60 days after your sail date (or even the end of the cruise) to dispute the charge. Chase let me submit an online dispute for charges that were about 100 days old.
  13. Congratulations. We were supposed to be on the 28-night version of that cruise. We cancelled on March 15. Neither our refund nor FCC has posted. Princess was saying 30 business days when we cancelled so I waited for six weeks plus a few days and then filed the dispute with Chase last night. I should have followed your more aggressive schedule.
  14. We usually buy insurance through insuremytrip. We have successfully transferred it from one trip to another when plans changed and there have been claims or penalties from the original trip. We are not sure what will be possible in our current situation, where 50% of our cruise fare will become FCC. The insurance cost more than $500 per person so we are trying to salvage it. Insuremytrip is basically your agent, and they do try to resolve issues with the insurance companies.
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