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  1. Well, they told me that they will be issuing a refund for one cabin. However, the refund for the second cabin will be delayed. Their system showed that I indicated a FCC for one cabin and a refund for the second cabin. I'm not sure how they mixed that up. The rep said he made a note in the system. The first cabin's refund should be coming "shortly." The time-period for the refund for the second cabin will start over - so another 30-90 days. Thanks so much for all your help.
  2. Hi everyone, I know this topic has been discussed. I'm writing because I can't find the phone number for the "higher ups." My March 21 cruise was cancelled by RC. Upon receiving their email offering the 125% FCC or refund, I requested the refund. I took a screen-shot picture of the "confirmation" that said I relinquished the FCC and my refund would be issued. I never received an email confirming. Then today, I received an email saying here is your FCC as promised. Does anyone have a phone number of someone they found helpful in the resolving this issue? Thanks,
  3. Hi Everyone, The SOS 3/21 RC doesn't seem really active. I'm sure lots of people are still going, but I just don't "feel" the usual excitement/anticipation on the RC. Anyone here going?
  4. Thank you all for the great suggestions. We'll probably eat in the Solarium. I don't see a lunch menu; however, I'm guessing it's easy to find something there to eat. Cheers and Happy Cruising!
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. We’ll be cruising on Symphony for spring break. Anticipating a full ship!
  6. Hi, There are so many choices! Just wondering where is your fav spot to eat for lunch and what do you order?
  7. Hi, I sailed on the Horizon out of Trieste, Italy in the summer. I'm from Miami - just to give you reference. Our expectations were VERY LOW so we were very pleasantly surprised. I've cruised RCCL, NCL, and Carnival. I thought the Pullmantaur cruise was just fine. No, you will not have the water slides, etc., however, we used it as transportation from port to port - more of a hotel, than as a cruise experience. You probably won't find seating on sea days, but we plopped ourselves at the pool bar and people watched. Very entertaining! We didn't go to any of the shows. Instead we stayed in the casino. They have a great little band. It was fine. We sang karaoke and drank the night away in anticipation of our next port/destination. The service was excellent throughout the ship. The waiters in the casino would bring our drinks before we ordered. They knew our names and our preferences. The wine was already on the table in the MDR when we sat. The rooms are huge by today's standards. So that was a plus. I do have to say that the food and service in the MDR was excellent. We traveled with vegans and they made every effort to accommodate them - and surpassed their expectations. I would definitely cruise with them again.
  8. Hi, My DH, DS 14, and DD 17, and myself are currently booked for Spring Break on SOS in March. We have the 8:00 pm dinner seating. I know they will both want to go to the kids area, especially for the first night. They are both athletic and outgoing. They'll want to make friends. I want them to have dinner with us - not necessarily every night but more often than not. I saw a Cruise Compass for the kids for SOS (someone posted in their review) but it was not the same itinerary so I'm not sure if the events/night time will be the same. I'm most concerned that there will be activities that they will miss out on if we keep the 8:00 seating. On the other hand, 5:30 is also very early for us to eat dinner. If we change to My Time Dining, will we miss out on having the experience of the same server/table every night? Feeling like I'm between a rock and hard place. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Hi, We are also taking the cruise from Trieste in July on the Horizon. We are also from Florida. I can't find much information about what to expect once on board - like theme nights, names of shows, menus of restaurants. I did see some menus but they were quite blurry and had prices. It was a bit confusing. Does anyone have information? Thanks in advance!
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