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  1. In early July I read that the Voyager's cruises were being cancelled. Anyone know if RCI will keep her in Asia or return her back to the US for another undisclosed, yet to be announced itinerary ?
  2. RCI has been fairly consistent in putting out cancellations and other types of notifications of that nature the first week of each month. Last week ( first week of July) we saw four happening. If there's going to be changes in September for cruises out of NJ and NY as an example I'd expect them to get the notifications out the first week of August. Of course, the Test Cruises for Bayonne begin on August 22nd. If there's any issues as a result then those affected will find out after the CDC gives the OK or cancel order for the Oasis to do two months worth of sailings from there.
  3. Well ..it's all about the $. If they can get people to still book and the cruise gets cancelled then they'll offer them a future cruise credit, a lift and shift or a refund. All except the refund means that you'll have to book something in 2022. Tonight Royal announced four of their ships having their itinerary getting cancelled in the upcoming months, NONE were from the US. The Oasis was NOT one of them, so not to worry right now. However, as time and logistics play a big part in this cruise beginning on September 5th, the CDC will have to certify them after their Test Cruise being held on Au
  4. Make that the 22nd of August for the Oasis Test Cruise from Bayonne, assuming that Cape Liberty has given them the OK. Then they have to wait for the CDC to give them approval after the test cruise. (hoping that no one is or shows a positive reading) Don't forget it still has to be capacity controlled too. Then the ship will need to stock provisions for the passenger occupancy whatever it turns out to be. Talk has been the first cruise to be September 5th. Second week is September 12th. As it draws closer I'm sure there will be more to read up on.
  5. Yes on the Oasis test cruises beginning 8/22-8/28
  6. Plus HBE4, yes snow drifts. You know what its like getting off the ship in sneakers in NJ in the Winter then wading into 4 foot snow drifts to get your trunk open to get a shovel and snow brush. No, we weren't at the port but at a hotel about five miles from Cape Liberty this time.
  7. An Oasis class ship under a better Master of the Ship would be my choice, Biker.
  8. Ahhh yes, when I think of Quantum Class I remember being on the Anthem out of Bayonne N J four winters ago, namely late January. We left port at the usual time and was told by the Captain after the muster that we could feel a little motion about 2:00am, but not to worry because we'd all be asleep. Well, let me tell you we were on the ride to hell getting caught in one of the named Atlantic winter storms that make all the news accounts world wide. The ship couldn't use the stabilizers because one wasn't working. Cut to the chase when we were leaving St. Kitts to head back north the Captain sai
  9. And the income generated whether the ship(s) sail or not. Can you believe that there are over ONE MILLION cruisers who have been displaced since RCI stopped their regualrr schedules in March 2020 to the current sailings.
  10. Give it a little more thought, why would RCI put another ship crew together, be certain about vaccinations for them, get loaded with food, other provisions and supplies in Miami just to accommodate guests who are/were booked in September and part of October on the Oasis? She was supposed to start that Bahamas/ Port Canaveral itinerary in mid May. And again today, sitting off the coast of the Bahamas. Only the Master of the Oasis knows for sure where he's going and not going, and sworn to secrecy from Miami. And yes, LorraineP, you said it, having so many available cabins isn't a very positive
  11. We're "all in the same boat" so to speak EllieinNJ. Damed if we do and damed if we don't. We're all hoping its going to sail in September and October. We did final payment so we wouldn't loose it but the waiting continues. The announcements seem to happen at the beginning of the month when the cancellations occur.
  12. Yikeeeessss....that comes from way back in February? It most likely has changed from what was known and said four months ago. Glad you made it known Yorkvillain. Not time to bring the luggage down from the attic yet. As i've mentioned these cancellation notifications seem to come out the first week of the month to become effective in the next three months. I'm beginning to side with one of the posters saying why bring the Oasis up to Bayonne for just September and October sailings?
  13. "We" too.. we're supposed to be on it too with friends and family.
  14. Just read on a different sight that the Celebrity Millenium has 600 fully VACCINATED passengers on board that sailed from St. Marteen. As fate would have it 2 PASSENGERS have tested positive for the virus and are quarantined. Wait till this hits the media let alone the stringent CDC regulations that were followed. Oh man...can we ever get a break !
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