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  1. Thanks for your posts, quite interesting.
  2. Share with us some of what you just scanned NavArch64, i'm sure we'd all like to get a better idea on what you found is ahead for RCCL.
  3. Would you be able to post how to find the Florida Departures Board etc. thanks.
  4. We haven't....yet. Is that what you'd recommend to located the motel (s) I just submitted those three words you mentioned and comes back with over 8,000 topics. Not what i'm looking to do.
  5. Looking for a one night pre-cruise stay at a comfortable motel in Ft. Lauderdale. Not looking for top of the line, and not the lowest either, a place with comfortable beds and decent amenities with either an one sight restaurant or some close by in walking distance for middle to senior age folks. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  6. Both Mr. Bayley and Mr. Fain were worth the listen. What do you suppose they meant when they said ships will eventually have to start out sailing with half the passengers. MEANING? If Family A booked a year and a half ago and Family B booked a year ago and Family C booked 6 months ago, will Family A be the one to definitely get onboard, and possibly Family B but Family C doesn't have a snowball in hell of a chance to get accepted when Final Payment is due? I hope RCI and other Cruise Lines are working on such a plan to let people know just how this is all going to work out with how they plan to decide who will be able to continue to be on a particular sailing in the next few months and even longer.
  7. Absolutely ! SAS Transportation was THE best, economical and most reliable way. We used them as well.
  8. So, do you have any advice on my other questions I posted?
  9. WHAT!!! omg..6:45-6:45...! wow...I don't think I'd want to do that. I'd get sonked from the Conscierge Club from 4:30-8:00pm. (happy hour) I'm interested to see what timer MTD actually will start once they run out of Bayonne in a couple of months. Thanks for your post Ourusualbeach.
  10. Oasis leaving out of NJ in two months. Now, which dining options work best to be able to see the first shows of the evening on board the Oasis. Traditional at 5:30 or My Time dining at 6:00pm? To obtain My Time Dining, say for 6:00pm is it easier to contact C&A and have them book it for you? Is that the way to go? What do you fellow cruisers recommend? I just went on the Dining sight and read to book it on the ship. Can't it be done earlier and easier?
  11. How about the size of the hump cabins on Voyager and Freedom class ships? Are they the same size as those not on the hump? Example would be Cat.2D's. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  12. So, does that mean the balcony size is smaller to compensate for the square footage?
  13. One more question to the group. Are the "hump" cabins actually smaller or the same as the other balcony cabins on the Oasis, Voyager and Freedom class ships?
  14. We're looking for pros and cons for booking on Deck 6 on Oasis Class ships for two adults where a lot of the activity is on that deck and most likely a high noise level. If its NOT advisable how about deck 7 or 8. Thanks in advance to those who reply.
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