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  1. CU64

    To bid moveup or not to bid......

    Would not stay or pay for Aqua. PERIOD. YES, possible bad locations especially A2. i think BLU is way overrated & a reason to charge more money. My experience in CC is always good, even priority seating. Would rather spend money on Specialty Restaurants. I buy pass to Persian Gardens for length of trip.
  2. CU64

    Concierge class? Is it worth it?

    Totally agree about Blu
  3. Cheese was a suggestion for protein if eating fruits & vegetables. The body needs salt. The FDA steared everyone wrong for 20 years with that pyramid where fat was practically removed from diet & replaced with sugar & carbohydrates, resulting in Type 2 diabetes epidemic. Common sense would be good.
  4. Fruits and vegetables always work as well as cheeses. Salt will not be a problem unless you eat processed & packaged foods. Stick with fish and a main menu meat. Docs often warn against salt but refrain from saying stay off sugar!!!
  5. CU64

    Elite perks eliminated???

    We were on this cruise & I did not read the invite on the left side. Sushi night, we went up to Sywalkers. Directed to Club Fusion. When asked why the change, “too many.” Big difference in ambiance from Skywalkers to Club Fusion, for ME. Did not go back. Another indication of either corporate overall change in policy, and/or the tacky/cheapness I observed on this cruise.
  6. Last week on Emerald, requested twins in balcony as we would sleep better on 12 day cruise. DH hated being up against the wall. Offered to switch but no. Asked cabin steward next day to push beds together but keep the twin sheets configuration. Little more work for him but he was happy to do it. Tipped him 5 just that day. Worked well.
  7. CU64

    RT Los Angles to Alaska April 27

    Never seen it before on any cruise line. Never mentioned it to cabin steward as he was great in every way. Thanks for the information.
  8. Embarkation easy, arrived 1:30. minisuite ready but shocked to see grey rings inside toilet. Suspected some plumbing issue without replacing toilet. 8 days in, grey rings got less dark. Balcony railing severely chipped & nicked, looked like other ones down the line were better. These two details signaled a general tackiness with food, service, cheapness, on Emerald. Great table mates of 6 after first night. We all agreed. Three sent back their inedible, rubber lobster. Three Elite & 3 Platinum, all sensible accommodating travelers. Best dinner, stuffed trout....New dish, served at 7 for 5:30 seating. So many things to mention, it would start to sound petty. Alaska and ports still great, as was Glacier Bay.
  9. CU64

    You Loose your Promo Accepting an Upsell

    Anyone who has traveled as often as this poster should know by now to get a paper trail. Sorry he is now disappointed; hard lesson learned. FYI you can purchase a single week pass to thermal suite for 99-129 for 7 days, more for 12. Suite cost not even close. As for CC, that convenience may be worth the Suite cost 4 you. We are on same cruise, booked directly with Princess 2 years ago for Captains Circle price and NO Perks or OBC ......Reading about others who have “tons” of perks, we have to be reminded that those may have come with a “price.” 🙁
  10. CU64

    Where does Regal dock in New York?

    Went out of Red Hook Sept 2017, Boarding QM2. Stayed in Brooklyn 2 nights prior. Brooklyn Heights & Promenade are great.....check out NU Hotel, Hilton, TripAdvisor hotel reviews. Red Hook about 15 min by taxi or car. Brooklyn 45-60 min from JFK by car.
  11. Your stated costs for CC in a mini are only that low when ship is not full...I learned from Celebrity Aqua Class with Blu restaurant, which IS in a separate dining room, that sitting at a table for 2, with the food just ok.....a big hype for “healthier” food. Much prefer traditional dining with table for 6. The cost for CC on Princess is 1K more than my minisuite & does not even compare to BLU on Celebrity. There are plenty of other ways to eat on the ship that can offer convenience; we prefer to indulge in other venues.
  12. CU64

    A Ruby Pedicure

    Buy her a day pass for the Thermal Suite or better yet, for the week. Prefer that over a pedicure. Those hot stone beds are wonderful.
  13. CU64

    1 last question - help me decide

    They put those Suites in the worst locations. Why would anyone get them for the money??? Just for a Suite? Better off getting 2 balconies if you need Family room or a good minisuite for 2, IMHO.
  14. Terminal 5 JetBlu from LAX last Sept, 2017, was terrific. Easy off plane, got luggage, had car ordered there in 10 minutes to Brooklyn.
  15. CU64

    Happy hour on golden princess

    Thank you. How silly of them to remove one venue that gets people together.