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  1. I just got off the Star Legend on July 18th. We had one sea day and three "cruising" days - Kenai Fjord, Tracy Arm/Endicott Arm, Misty Fjord, and the last day which wasn't billed as a sea day but essentially was as we sailed through the Inside Passage to Vancouver. There are no excursions except the expedition tours (kayak or zodiac) on the 3 cruising days and none on the sea days, obviously. Zodiac tours ran about 3-4 times during the day (1.5 hours each) and there were morning and afternoon kayaking sessions (2.5 hours each). We did two of the kayak tours (Kenai and Tracy Arm) and they were the highlights of our trip. On sea days we spent hours sitting on deck or in the Yacht Club watching the beautiful scenery go by and chatting with our shipmates. The only port we could've lived without was Icy Point. Although I was happy to support the native community that runs the excursions and the facilities on the island, we weren't sure our "bear search" was that good. We understood that sightings are not guaranteed, but there was more time on a bus than walking the boardwalk looking for bears. And if that's my biggest complaint after 12 days in an amazing place, I'm pretty lucky. However, if there had been no option to get off the ship and do something for 5/12 days, I would not have been very happy, so @milepig, I get where you're coming from.
  2. This just happened to us. We waited until what we thought was the last minute (less than three weeks before sailing) and, on June 12th, booked the cabin we wanted, which was on sale for $1,999pp so no past cruiser discount. Three days later, on June 15th, that category (probably the other cabins at that level we didn't book 😞 ) was advertised for $200pp less than what we paid. I immediately called my TA who called Windstar and they offered nothing. I wasn't asking for a price adjustment, just something to recognize that we were talking about 3 days and that this is our 4th Windstar cruise. I know it's not 20, but geez, I thought maybe they'd throw in laundry or a little OBC to keep a previous customer happy. I emailed Guest Services (only for post-cruise issues apparently), was shunted to Reservations Management, and told they would contact my TA, which they have yet to do. Of course ,we did get a good deal, and I'm thrilled we're going, but even today they told my TA (she called them) that the ship was sold out and I went online and saw then offering availability in three separate price categories. Won't keep me from sailing Windstar but it's left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, I'm sure the beauty of Alaska will more than compensate!
  3. Regarding elevators...if stairs are an issue, getting on and off the tenders may be difficult. On all our Windstar cruises, we've had to use the metal staircases to access the tenders.
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