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  1. Thanks for the input. They actually have gotten and recovered from COVID. Some lingering symptoms of just being tired but nothing major thankfully. I may hold off till before final payment. But like many in March I figured all would be fine(ish) by July easily. I know sailing will resume and travel but, it’s as I’m sure a bunch of you feel, never ending. No end in sight and that can start to feel overwhelming and hopeless. As crazy as it sounds. I know we are blessed to be alive, have the money to travel, pay bills...etc. I know. It just sucks.
  2. I am about 90% sure my European cruise mid May is a no go. So lift and shift to 2022 assuming we are happy with the ship choice(waiting till November 9th release). or... Is there a chance it may sail in September??? I know we are guessing, but I just want others thoughts. I’m taking my Mom and In Laws for the first time to Europe. It took a bit to convince my MIL to go, and I worry if I delay to 2022 she will back out. My FIL really wants to go. I guess I wonder if it will even make sense to sail in Europe for a very short time.
  3. We will just be D+ 1 cruise quicker. We still would have made it in 2021.
  4. I didn’t read every page. Did they ever clarify existing bookings counting? I have 6 for 2021. Already booked.
  5. I wasn’t 100% sure we weren’t. But with my job I have to find people to work my hours. Too much hassle when I’m not 100% sure. Figured next year at least I know with much more certainty I’ll go.
  6. Thanks. On the phone now, they apparently had not even started it.
  7. As of this morning, no. It’s still the 2020 November reservation.
  8. I did the lift and shift via the online form this past Thursday. Received the email right after saying it was received and processing. But it says I should hear back via email within 72 hrs. It’s been 5 days now waiting with no response. What has yalls wait time been? This is for a Nov. 4th cruise. And I’m trying to avoid paying final payment. Hoping they did in fact cancel before it comes out.
  9. Yes!! If I booked the same room for this year or nexts it would be over $1,000 more.
  10. And yes!!! There is one just a few days later next year. On Oasis still, I think.
  11. I have the 4 Day Oasis November 4th booked. I got a HECK of a deal on it when it released a while back. ($850 total in a OV balcony). I know no one knows. I get that. But what is the likelihood this thing will sail. I feel it’s probably not high. So getting to my question. I have until July 30th to lift and shift to next years 4 day correct?? I am currently booked with a friend. I want to go ahead and pull the plug. But she’s not unfortunately. So I wanted to be sure of the deadline I need to give her to decide. Second question. Will all of my pre-cruise purchases be refunded or moved to
  12. Thank you! I had a feeling. I’m a do it on my own excursion person. But this one seemed a good fit for us. I might have to rethink our plans.
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