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  1. I wasn’t 100% sure we weren’t. But with my job I have to find people to work my hours. Too much hassle when I’m not 100% sure. Figured next year at least I know with much more certainty I’ll go.
  2. Thanks. On the phone now, they apparently had not even started it.
  3. As of this morning, no. It’s still the 2020 November reservation.
  4. I did the lift and shift via the online form this past Thursday. Received the email right after saying it was received and processing. But it says I should hear back via email within 72 hrs. It’s been 5 days now waiting with no response. What has yalls wait time been? This is for a Nov. 4th cruise. And I’m trying to avoid paying final payment. Hoping they did in fact cancel before it comes out.
  5. Yes!! If I booked the same room for this year or nexts it would be over $1,000 more.
  6. And yes!!! There is one just a few days later next year. On Oasis still, I think.
  7. I have the 4 Day Oasis November 4th booked. I got a HECK of a deal on it when it released a while back. ($850 total in a OV balcony). I know no one knows. I get that. But what is the likelihood this thing will sail. I feel it’s probably not high. So getting to my question. I have until July 30th to lift and shift to next years 4 day correct?? I am currently booked with a friend. I want to go ahead and pull the plug. But she’s not unfortunately. So I wanted to be sure of the deadline I need to give her to decide. Second question. Will all of my pre-cruise purchases be refunded or moved to the next sailing? I bought the drink package at the 40% off a few months ago. Thanks.
  8. Thank you! I had a feeling. I’m a do it on my own excursion person. But this one seemed a good fit for us. I might have to rethink our plans.
  9. It’s a TA OBC. So thank you for the response, but unfortunately it cannot be used until we board.
  10. Not sure if this is where to ask it. But, how likely is it for the excursions to sell out before set sail? We have a $1,500 OBC for our Med cruise in May. Which doesn’t “activate” until we board. We have a Star Class room, so no extras are needed to be purchased. We are looking at the Rome tour that includes the Coliseum and the Vatican.
  11. I thought when I booked last year I was on the first sailing(May 23rd)but I’m not positive on that. Now there is an added 5 day May 4th then nothing from the 9-16? I looked and couldn’t find a charter. Anyone know what that week gap is for?
  12. Just for my clarification. I have an October booked for this year. I have been waiting to cancel because I don’t want to loose my $750 deposit on our CL. If I rebook for next October will I keep my $750 towards the new booking? It would be a different ship, but same length and itinerary.
  13. Thanks for the info. Most likely only the 2 of them would use it. My Mom and I would eat in the restaurant. Good to know though for an expectation standpoint.
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