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  1. There are about 15 GS and 6 OS available for our sailing in a little less than a month. I’m in an panoramic ocean view suite. Bidding on both. I’m at the lowest bid, but still crossing my fingers.
  2. I booked at 19.99. Worth it to me for the Voom. It’s not a huge price difference.
  3. Well it may have been the smoke coming off the back of my treadmill workout earlier that day. I was flying 😉 Everything is back to usable in the gym at least. Haven’t checked the sauna area.
  4. Small fire in the women’s sauna this evening. They extinguished it quickly, but spa and gym are not usable to to smoke for a while.
  5. If I book my next cruise on board will I receive the OBC for both Next Cruise and the WOW sale? My OBC would jump from $300 to $600 and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Thanks.
  6. I was so close to mentioning this as tongue in cheek. But I was done going round in circles.
  7. Yup. They are calling it an IT issue. They did offer the OS for over $1,000 extra. I’m done trying. This is a live and learn situation unfortunately.
  8. They did, it said Suite X. But there was an issue when I called. She somehow froze my account, her words not mine. And I had to call an hour later. I called back and paid, he sent me the email. They had documented all of it. They just said it was never available to begin with.
  9. Well... just as I thought. They didn’t do the upgrade, in fact they claim there never was one. Which I doubt, I saw it for the entire day being offered. We gave up a good room to upgrade and now we have been put in a balcony X category. Who knows where that’ll be. I complained and told them they owe be above just a refund of what I paid to upgrade. They offered me a bottle of wine. We don’t drink. I counted on double points, a nice room for our anniversary. I know it’s still a cruise, but man.... They do have 1 Owner suite left, but they wouldn’t offer it. He said I could maybe do a pier upgrade. Ugh..
  10. So I had a balcony guarantee booked originally on Mariner for the July 26th sailing. But then 2 weeks ago I saw a deal on a suite guarantee, most likely JS, and I called to upgrade. I know it can take a bit for room assignments to happen, that’s not why I’m worried. My set sail, and my cruise docs still say balconyX. I have the email that shows I was upgraded to the suite guarantee however. I hate calling RCI, it is usually frustrating. So my question is does it seem normal for it to show that, or do I need to call?
  11. I would agree with you as this is usually the case. However the past 5 cruises I’ve gotten with the KSF promo I’ve saved a TON! The cruise I’m booking is for next October so it hasn’t had the promo yet. This will sadly be our last application of the promo. She will turn 13 on day 2 of the cruise.
  12. They are actual paper certificates. My main question is I would like to book my next cruise while on board in September. But I don’t know if I can apply the gift certificates to it since I’m not clear if I’m booked directly with RCI which it states I must do.
  13. We acquired $2,000 in RCI gift cards as a perk for taking a later Delta flight. I read the instructions on how we can use them, but I’m not 100% clear on rules. Can I use them for a new booking at next cruise? Or do they not count as booking direct with RCI?
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