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  1. I’m in the same boat (ship?) as you there as I’m a relatively frequent solo cruiser, but it’s kind of two separate issues. Anyone booking a sail away rate, whether it’s solo or not, won’t get any perks nor the insider double points. I do agree with your point though, and wish NCL would offer double points for double payment to solos, at least on non-studio rooms. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. As they say, “you get what you pay for.” If you want to get a great deal and just get yourself on the ship, the sail away rate is typically amazing by comparison. But if you want the rewards, your price is going up. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I can only speak for studios on Breakaway and Escape, but to answer your questions: - None of the cabins exit directly into the lounge, but in hallways just like any other cabin. There are then doors at the end of the hall to either stairs into the lounge or the lounge itself. Noise was not an issue in any of the studio cabins I stayed in. Check out the deck plans for each ship and this will make more sense. - Escape and Breakaway do not have USB ports, and you’ll need a converter for European sockets. - Yes you can order room service, same as other cabins. And same as other cabins you’ll be charged a room service fee for any orders besides the “door hanger menu” breakfast Any other questions, feel free to ask! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. There is not, the only seating besides the bed is a pull-out vanity stool. I think the argument in favor is that you have the studio lounge at your disposal, which on my 3 solo trips in the studios is typically quiet and has nice seating for reading (or doing my sudoku and crossword puzzles) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. 84 days until it Dawns on me that I should start packing for my cruise to Bermuda! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. It doesn’t have Sitka as a port, but I sailed Celebrity Solstice in 2016 to Alaska and it was fantastic. The ports were great, but the ship’s working relationship with the Corning Glass Blowing workshop and their onboard demonstrations was perfect entertainment with the glory of Alaska as a backdrop. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. It's like they assign a Revenue Management Intern to read Cruise Critic and write book reports about what they learn or something!
  8. Whenever the fine folks at the CruiseNEXT desk tell you it is, provided you visit them by 9:00pm on Embarkation Day
  9. I either use it for mimosas or wait until I'm drunk enough to not care about the taste or quality!
  10. You recently crossed 13,000 posts and I can honestly say that in my time on CC all the ones I've read have been incredibly informative, so thank you for that!
  11. A few random observations from last August: - Check out the Harpoon brewery during your two days in the seaport - If you're driving, drop someone off with the luggage at the terminal entrance before going to park, otherwise you're hauling your bags down the block with you - Forgetting you put your golf divot tool in your carry-on will get you taken aside for not-random-at-all additional screening - Unless you plan to have one of the earlier check-in times, finding somewhere to sit in the waiting area can be a challenge. We checked in around 10:30a and were standing for about an hour. - As someone else said, the main dining room is open for lunch, and was pretty quiet but very good. We ended up with seats by the window and got to watch people boarding and all the food and luggage being loaded
  12. In lieu of an organized tour, I'd research some places of personal interest in Hamilton. The entire downtown area is relatively small, it's only 3-4 blocks from the ferry dock to the top of the hill and City Hall and the well-curated National Art Gallery. The day we went to Hamilton it had rained all morning so it was incredibly hot and humid and the gallery provided not only terrific local art as well as a great comparative art exhibit, but much needed air-conditioned bliss for an hour!
  13. I was on Escape in March and Skyline was definitely the late night spot. The type of floor it has, combined with how they arrange the seating, leaves plenty of room on the de facto dance floor. It certainly did the job as a night club for the week.
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