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  1. Ship: Constellation Cabin: 2134 Deck: 2 Class: eg., OV Area/Location: Midship Bed Location / View: Wall-facing, away from Window Quiet? No Porthole View: Good Porthole Size: Standard Wind a Problem? No Soot a Problem? No Problems / Comments: We were on a port intensive cruise. The opening for the Pilot boat was just below our window, so we were awoken each morning with clanging and banging, with opening the door for the pilot. It was typically 2-3 hours prior to docking, so quite early. The gangway was also at this location, when we docked on this side. We didn't find it a huge problem, and enjoyed watching the pilot leave in the evening (front row seats!) It was nice to come back to the ship and only have to go up 1 flight to our room. It was convenient to the dining room, Martini Bar and Cellar Master bar. There was lots of storage in this room, but some of it was tucked away in odd places.
  2. We went to a talk at the Rick Steves Travel Center over the weekend. The speaker's advice for crowds was to be polite and gently use your elbows to get through the crowds. On one crowded airport adventure, we got behind the guy who was pushing his way through and rode in his wake to get there.
  3. I can see how most people would find that funny! I think the donkeys were especially, um, regular on the day we were there. But there were also 5 ships in port, and we were the early arrival/departure. There were still a lot of folks going up when we were going down.
  4. I dress a little nicer in Europe, skirts capris slacks, rather than shorts. Nice t-shirts or blouses. I also throw a "pashmina" type shawl in my day pack, just in case. Good walking shoes are essential, and if that means white tennis shoes, don't worry about it! Whatever you wear in a church, would be fine for anything else. I usually take a "fancy" necklace for evening dinners where I want to look a little nicer. We use a money belt for cash and credit cards, and have a small backpack for water, camera, tour books, pashmina, sweater if we think it will be chilly. But mostly, be clean and polite and have a fabulous trip!
  5. We walked down also, great views from the steps! The steps are wide (it takes 2 steps to clear a step) and exposed pebble concrete. Note, donkeys do not wear diapers! so the steps can get slick. We were there on a clear, sunny day and saw several people slip. It isn't a problem, just something to be aware of. Once at the bottom, they made us sanitize our hands before getting on the ship. We joked that we were head-to-toe donkey poo, but we had clean hands! My husband still calls my foot wear from that day "Your Donkey-Poo Shoes!" It was one of our favorite "cultural experiences!"
  6. Just remember to have dry hands when you are opening the plastic case. Wet hands = activating the whole package of soap! Eeeck!
  7. We've done this, and it was a relaxing ride, fairly easy if you are not overburdened with luggage!
  8. Thanks JerseyShoreGirl, I enjoyed your review and have gathered a lot of hints from it. Can't wait to hear about your (potential) Fjord cruise!
  9. Ship- Explorer Deck - 12 Stateroom# - 1810 StateroomCategory – Spacious Panoramic Ocean View: 1L Starboard orPort Side – Starboard No Balcony QuietStateroom? –Quiet. There was a deck above with lounge chairs. On a sunnier itinerary, there might be chair noise during the day. We did hear people walking around Was staterooma connecting stateroom? - No Was wind aproblem? - No Any specificproblems with this cabin? – There was a large support pole right in front of the full length mirror. It wasn’t in the way in the room, but rather odd. Any othercomments? – This cabin is high up in the front of the ship. It has very large windows and was great for our Pacific Northwest cruise. We were able to see the scenery and watch whales from our cabin. It was also a very large cabin and had a good deal of storage space.
  10. Hi, Thanks for a great report. I'm just starting to research our cruise for next year, so loving all the information!
  11. We had the same experience on our recent Caribbean cruise...they did say you only needed the blue form if you went over your customs limits, but no clue where to get the form in that case...we did not go over. They just glanced at our Passports and off we went. We didn't have to show our DL in port either, just a quick glance at our ship's card.
  12. The picture came from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005WKRACE/ref=s9_acsd_simh_hd_bw_b8pYk3v_cr_x__w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=JBEE19S5HJP6EZE51S0M&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=07c9aa2f-e1c0-5c63-ba61-0c02d4fad176&pf_rd_i=8090936011 but I found mine at Joann's Fabric. Its a bead storage container. My only concern with the smoked salt is how smokey it smells, it might invade the other salts in the holder.
  13. Life of crime averted! I got my new salt box And I found a travel one too! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  14. I am the queen of packing light. ....but for my recent 7 day Caribbean cruise, it was cheaper to check an extra bag with the airline at $25 with extra clothes than to pay $35 to get a few things washed.
  15. Thanks for the great review so far. We are doing the same trip next year, but the other way around. And we have the same type of room (on the Port side of the ship.) I guess you could say we are going to be the mirror image! Can't wait to hear more!
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