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  1. But with Princess out of Oz you get the tipping included in your fare and X is on top. Also Princess is in AUD.
  2. Celebrity is nice. However, pricey and then you have to factor in the whole USD. I cruised Celebrity twice before but never out of Oz.
  3. My last cruise was with Carnival and next one with Carnival as Princess not offering the options. And Celebrity pricing for cruises out of Melbourne is ridiculously expensive. I also have enjoyed my Carnival cruises too.
  4. I was looking at the Princess Schedule for cruising out of Australia for May to August 2019 and there is virtually nothing. Not much on offer in Asia and going to have to look at Japan if wanted to cruise during this period. Sad face.
  5. icat2000

    Majestic Princess--the good, the OK and the bad

    You think Princess would know by know to stock up on the wine when there are a lot of NZ and Australian passengers. I remember being on a transatlantic once where they was 500 NZ and Australians on board and they didn't have enough wine on board either. Totally, under catered for the demographics.
  6. icat2000

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Mick - bet me too it. Haha
  7. icat2000

    Regal Princess 2020-21 Australia Season

    Yes more ships the merrier down under. Ruby will be nice to sail on her again if based in Melbourne.
  8. icat2000

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Ya another option. Please let the pricing be more realistic than what Celebrity opened with. Also I wonder whether it be based out of Melbourne with the departure of the Golden Princess.
  9. icat2000

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Those double Jack Daniels and coke add up a round.
  10. icat2000

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Got our cabin allocation. We had booked guaranteed balcony cabin and we got allocated Stateroom / Cat: 8174 / 8K - extended balcony cabin. Thanks Carnival. Must have seen our booze bill from last cruise with them and thought better keep those sloshes near the bar on the pool deck haha. Though we also spent some money at the spa and casino.
  11. Very expensive. Really puts a dampen on it. I put it on my watch list. But no need to pay OTT to sail out of Melbourne for same same ports.
  12. Have a fabulous time Bob.
  13. It take an extra 4 days to get up to PNG and back plus the normal stops. I guess for their first time around they wanted to test the market. I wish they would have made some runs up to Perth and back out of Melbourne.
  14. Wish they had told us the port stops.
  15. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance.