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  1. I originally said September 2021 and then when I posted it (whether it was this thread or another) I thought I was being really conservative. Maybe not.
  2. I say if they don't get a start by late 2021 there will be some real pain for the cruiselines and probably impact the smaller lines first. I suspect that only cruiselines will operate regionally i.e that they do regional cruises taking passengers from that region. Similar to what Morrison was barking about yesterday when he mentioned about only being able to travel to certain countries and cross off Europe and USA until 2022. I suspect if they follows through with this then that would not allow for passengers from these regions to cruise downunder either. So learn to love travelling locally, NZ or South Pacific for awhile. Though its going to make it very crowded in some spots.
  3. I'm getting them too. I delete them.
  4. Hard Pass. Too many rules and regulations. I know they probably trying to cover themselves. Probably lawyers and insurance constraints re public liability. But I'm just going to wait it out for now.
  5. Yes they are refundable (well they were prior to COVID) or if you cancel your cruise they put them back on your profile for you to use again. I didn't get mine refunded when our cruise in August was cancelled. I just asked them to put them on my profile as I probably knew I would use them again. They only $100 per passenger. But you can only buy them on a cruise.
  6. Get some FCC when your on your next Princess cruise. I've got none left now. But I might do a shortie cruise to get some more. If I know cruising going back to normal before I do my cruise booked in 2022.
  7. I thought they only ever offered the drinks packages on cruises of more than 7 days.
  8. 107-Day World Cruise - Roundtrip Sydney Roundtrip from Sydney, Australia | Wednesday, May 18, 2022 Showing both interior and oceanview as sold out.
  9. oKAY i just logged onto the website. Pricing showing for me. hmmm I might have a look at Xmas time. Very slow though.
  10. I phoned Princess direct. Got straight through. Guy was happy to hear that I was booking a cruise. I guess its been rough on them with every person ringing about cancellation or refund. He applied my future cruise credits while on the phone. Much quicker to book direct than wait for TA to get back to you with a booking. Especially today when they have a long list of cruises to book for people. And I bet they would be prioritising the WC bookings. Interesting thing that I found new as they now suggest you take out travel insurance. Well no need for me at the moment as cruise is secured with FCC. So loss is minimal. I will only take it out when I pay it off in full. Even though I'm Elite I never get that email from Princess.
  11. I have several washable masks. I just don't like them period. Hard to wear, hard to breathe in them, hard to walk in them with glasses. I'm not totally convinced that they healthy. I'm in Regional Victoria so hopefully they drop that mandate soon. Regional Victoria should have never been lumped in with blanket approach because of Metro Melbourne problems. We had hardly any cases were I am.
  12. I hate the masks. I wear one if required. However, I wonder how healthy they are. You breathing out moisture onto a mask that covering your face. Thank god I work from home at the moment and hardly go out (solely cause I hate the mask). Hopefully, they get rid of them soon.
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