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  1. I occasionally seen no supplements but its very rare. Probably best to look out for sales and then see if that fits your budget.
  2. Yeah. Very steep. I haven't fully committed to the booking i.e paid the deposit yet.. We probably going to let the booking expire and do it later in life.
  3. I put a cabin on hold today. Allows me time to think about it. However, its pricey.
  4. I haven't paid the deposit yet. I need to talk to Pete about it further. I just wanted to get my hands on a cabin and put it on hold for couple of days to think.
  5. Okay. I have a booking on the ship for the 29 day itinerary out of Vancouver to Papette in Oceanview cabin. I couldn't stretch the budget to balcony (but marked it I take an upgrade if offered (haha). It mean we probably have to cancel our Melbourne to Singapore cruise as we won't be able to do both. Regards Sarah
  6. I just got off the phone with Princess. They put aside certain cabins for the Australian market so there is stuff available for us. I haven't made a booking yet. As I wondering whether do do the Vancouver to Hawaii leg and then do 10 days.
  7. only 5.47 am here in Australia. Princess office doesn’t open to 9 am. i can’t do much about it at moment as on a train at moment.
  8. Well I can’t even access the booking as not showing for me to book on website. I didn’t get the email and Princess office for Australia doesn’t open up until 9 am despite being Elite. I hope they have keep some cabins offline for the Australian market.
  9. Nice work. Not sure whether we will proceed with booking tommorrow. Lot to factors to weigh up.
  10. There a really good itinerary in January 2020 that visits Norfolk Island and some south pacific islands. I got my eye on that one and a potential alternative cruise.
  11. The time release 9 am PDT is like 2 am our time. I might just book a couple of cruises on the new ships coming down here if I miss out on a cabin on our preferred date.
  12. I have checked them out from Melbourne, Australia and its about $1,200 AUD return. Its also a 9 hour flight so there is that to factor. Not sure from LA or flying distance. I really want a balcony for this cruise. But I think I might have to go in the belly of the ship as I need to factor in 2 airfares as well. My partner would be happy in an inside cabin. But I might make him eat beans on toast for few months (just kidding, maybe no takeaway) so I can have the balcony experience. Haha.
  13. Now why can't Princess do a couple these itineraries. Especially the top one.
  14. Chez - I'm going to book a cabin on that cruise today for 2021. If its the same one your thinking off.
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