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  1. I don't think so. Australia as not been through winter. Wouldn't surprise me if they say no cruising until 2021.
  2. Still waiting for vaccine for SARS 1 and MERS and Aids. There might never be a vaccine. I don't think people should be pinning everything thing on a vaccine.
  3. I think it all depend on how Australia goes through the winter months and whether we have a spike in COVID cases (or deaths).
  4. If crew are going to occupy cabins above decks I would hope that they look were possible to put them on one floor. I not really concerned about the hanky panky aspect (as that is an HR issue for the ship to sort out if it occurs and then the cruiseline can ban that passenger for life as well.) more the opening and closing and sometimes slamming doors when staff are starting work and coming home from their shifts. (I know passengers slam doors too).
  5. Probably not the end of cruising. However, you might see a few players get out of the business and cruiselines reduce the number of cruises to avoid having to offer cheap as chips cabins.
  6. What if you booked and paid for your cruise prior to the pandemic. Not that I'm in this boat. But I have relatives who booked a very expensive holiday paid for it months ago (like 28K) and waiting for a refund.
  7. Would not surprise me if cruiselines have a cash flow problem. So dragging the chain on refunds.
  8. I doubt that either NZ or Australia will be open for cruising for anyone except citizens or residents of those countries. Though I can't see cruising happening in this region in 2020. And certainly not until their is some clear answers about what really happened on the Ruby Princess. We can't even get out of lock down out of our state at the moment. Australia hasn't gone through its winter months yet.
  9. I would hope not. People lose jobs. Passengers will have little hope at getting their money back as they become bottom of the food chain as unsecured creditors.
  10. Hmm. Sometimes. I have gotten some reasonable bargains about six weeks out from flight day.
  11. I would not be booking any cruises into far into the future or being incited by any TA to pay a cruise fully up front in the future (no matter how cheap it might look) until there is much more certainty about the viability of cruising in the future.
  12. That would be also my minimum requirements. A loo. Shower would make me happier as well. But not many Hiltons in the bush haha
  13. I might have to consider *shuddering* camping here as a possible travel habit if pricing its too high. Pete will be in seventh heaven. I will need a lot of gin to survive.
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