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  1. I haven't done a gty on World Cruise. But done plenty of Gty on other cruises. I guess the main question you need to ask yourself is would you be happy with the worst cabin in the category.
  2. I looked at the itineraries. Few nice ones, then I looked at the price and though nope. I wait and watch to see if they drop.
  3. To send the names of the people involved that work for Cathay Pacific that were involved in the protests. I think this is going to get a lot worse. Some of the footage today, the escalation of violence has increased. An independent Hong Kong really ended in 1997. However, its only really dawned now on the people of Hong Kong, that China is only ever about one system, one Government. And the two system approach was a fairytale.
  4. Edited. Saw your response above. Bummer. Stewart Island would have been the highlight for me if we went on this cruise. Not many ships stop there.
  5. I live in Dunedin for my teenage years. Been back a couple of times, last time in February. A lot had change, then not much had changed.
  6. Thank you and thanks Coral for your prompt response.
  7. Thanks for clarifying Coral. I was waiting a response from you as your always on the ball with the Princess releases. Have you seen any of the schedules yet?
  8. Thanks for the information.I must admit I've yet to read an article. Only articles that would probably interest me are early sneak peeks of upcoming cruise schedules.
  9. Germany asked me to turn my laptop on when going through Security. Took so long and my connecting Paris flight was calling .. You cannot rush the Germans cause if you do they take twice as long.
  10. We staying at Heritage Hotel in Auckland in December. Also have stayed at Hotel Grand Windsor.
  11. If its a unique itinerary i.e only offer its once a year or occassionally then you be lucky to get a cabin. If its a well used cruise route which many cruiselines do then you can easily find some bargains (more so outside peak times i.e school holidays, xmas, Easter).
  12. That why I need to go on the little ship. They will not be with us forever unless you want to pay $$$$$$$$$$
  13. I travelled solo several times on Princess. They have solo gatherings. However, I never attended them.
  14. Just finished paying the deposit on the cruise. Little ship here I come.
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