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  1. Oh no. They never backtrack. Management (not just Cunard) never backtrack. That would imply they had got something wrong. They just announce a further change and claim it as another improvement. Best example was a former employer of mine. All staff appraisals were on a scale of 1-5. It was then decided to simplify this to 1-4. Within weeks it was clear that this wasn’t flexible enough but we couldn’t go go back to 1-5 so the solution was 1, 2+, 2, 3 and 4. See? Much better, isn’t it.
  2. Odd. This was the same reason they gave when they insisted there was no demand for single cabins. There was no need for the extra expense. Then, what was the first major change to each of the ships just a few years later? Retrofitting single cabins into spaces not designed for, or with the utilities for accommodations. At a much higher cost than getting it right first time. Had they made a mistake? Of course not. They simply decided to improve the choices available to solo passengers.🙄 And the same reason that Queen Victoria cabins were built without drawers. "The customers don't want them." "There's no need for them." Even by the Maiden Voyage, when they finally talked to some real passengers, or the passengers talked to them (loudly), they knew they had to then spend months with shoreside workers aboard, living in passenger cabins, retrofitting drawers into every cabin on the ship. A mistake? No, just another improvement for those ever demanding passengers.
  3. They are both directly above the stabilisers. That "ramp" is the aft starboard stabiliser extended. Presumably required for access to some part of the stabiliser mechanism.
  4. Not absolutely certain, but I think you're right. This certainly looks like a non-opening partition.
  5. The last time I read this (a couple of years ago, I admit) It said something along the lines of, "While we reserve the right to limit passengers to one bottle of wine, we do not intend to enforce it as a matter of routine."
  6. I should have a couple more but I've been quiet recently as I'm trying to recover from three, yes THREE!, hard disk failures
  7. Could this be Cooktown QLD?
  8. Always remember the first trip on QM2 when I was bewildered by a workshop manual for a Land Rover! I mean, just what you need in the middle of the Atlantic.😄
  9. Well Done! I wonder if I can find anything similar for the other places where I don't have 'port' photos.
  10. Don't have any pictures of this port on the list but a couple from a shore excursion might provide some clues. If anyone has done this tour they might recognise the provided suits. We hadn't booked an excursion at this port but were advised that this was the one port on the cruise where we really should do a tour because there was nothing else to do here. Well, we could have gone to the dump to watch the bears scavenging (didn't sound too bad to me). Unfortunately we missed the highlight of the week's festivities. If we'd been here on a Wednesday we could have watched the traffic light change.
  11. Doh! @bluemarble That's probably the best way to list the George V dock.
  12. I thought they were much closer together than they are. A quick look at Google Maps shows that George V, Greenwich and Surrey Docks are about the same distance apart as the NY ports. And Tower Bridge is further away still! It's only a game. We can make any rules we like.🙂 The Surrey Docks were a complex of ten or twelve individual docks. @exlondoner do you know if there was a collective name for the George V, Royal Albert and Royal Victoria Docks?
  13. Boudicca it is. I can’t tell them apart either and certainly not at that resolution.
  14. No problem. The only confusion is not knowing if the Sea Goddesses went into the city or not, although they do seem capable.
  15. Somehow I'd missed this port on the list.
  16. Hi Starboardhome, While Mormugao is certainly the port used by the current fleet we discussed this a while back: so I think it was decided at that point to leave them both on the list.
  17. Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember reading about that too. The ship’s obvious, and not a million miles from ‘home’. I think she’s taken a short trip across the river to Bayonne, New Jersey.
  18. I'm sure I remember seeing them in the shop window on Balmoral. Just at the top of the spiral staircase.
  19. It is indeed. And it is/was the Crown Odyssey of Royal Cruise Line Now I’m really impressed! You’ve done 99% of the hard work here. If I’m standing at the Lofoten Seafood Centre in Mortsund, and that is the ship between those rocks, what village (on the list) is she anchored off? Just noticed that there are two places on the list very close by, and the cruise pier for one is actually closer to the others and probably also behind the rocks in the photo. Does this one pic cross off two places on the list?
  20. Arctic Circle - Yes Norway - Yes Greenland - No Holsteinsgborg - No No? - Yes 😄 I can't match the photo either, and I know where to start! It was taken nearly 30 years ago. I'm not sure but I think that may be the ship at anchor in the distance through that V in the rocks. Skarsvag - No No? - Correct, it's not. It looks very dull and overcast and I've had to tweek the pic to brighten it, but I remember it as a bright sunny day. My memory is not what it was. (It must have gone looking for my sensitive judgement) Norway -Yes Kristiansund - No, I'm afraid not. That's not bad going. More than 50% right.😄 It's the same ship in both photos. (if that is the ship between the rocks). The cruise line is defunct but the ship is still sailing. I've been on it three times in the last few years. So, two ports in Norway. One, north of the arctic circle and one not.
  21. I have finally dug out and scanned prints of a couple more ports on the list. I'm afraid the "red shed" picture is the best I could do for this port and I'll be amazed if anyone can identify it. I've only included it to tick-off another port.
  22. That was my thinking too. But it hasn’t helped me either.
  23. Well Done. Horta, it is. Somehow I had missed this on the list earlier. I've also spotted another couple of ports that I may be able to find scannable prints of.
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