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  1. Yes so true, I just read that 43 new cases detected in FP bringing the total to 50 now. https://www.tahiti-infos.com/43-nouveaux-cas-de-Covid-19-des-analyses-toujours-en-cours_a193349.html I’m not cruising until the end of May2021 but have been following the boards and media to see how reopening with the testing protocols put in place are faring. This is not looking good but I am still hopeful as well.
  2. Petoonya, I am so sorry to hear that. I feel for you with so much work you have put into your excursions, I was just reading through your post full of great info. I’m a planner too- I hope everything works out for you. jaxbandit - My husband and I just booked today for 5/31 10day. Maybe we could book some excisions together based on Petoonya’s recommendations? I so mentally need to have something to look forward to. stephanie
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