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  1. Hello, has anyone heard of a day pass at the Spa on the ships?
  2. Lordy, I have never seen 2 or 3 price drops and we sail a lot. May I ask what type of cabins are you booking to then get these price drops?
  3. This happened to us on the sunrise and when we tried to book something else. Everything was filled.
  4. We are doing the Panorama cruise in april as a Casino Premiere. We have been on the Vista already. I would do the new ship with new ports.
  5. We have seen dolphins on a lot of our cruises all in different areas of the Caribbean. They play in the ships wake around dinner time. That just seems to be when we see them. We have seen sea turtles from our balcony while in port.
  6. My hubby and I took 3 Getaways this past Spring and summer. The first was on The Paradise it was awesome. Lots of games, gifts and welcoming casino staff. The next was the first Sunrise cruise from New York and it was a little less in drawings but treats and gifts. The last one was on the Horizon 3 weeks ago and it was still nice but they only had like 2 drawings. I did win the slot tourney. I thought I got to pick either cash or a seat on another ship. I just got the money and was very happy. It helped to stop the bleeding. We just had our first invite to a Premier so we booked the new Panorama for April. Woo hoo.! We have never sailed from LA. I thought maybe the Casino was cutting back at the end. Who knows.
  7. Thanks to all for the help. I am getting so excited.
  8. Thanks Thank you bird. I have been reading your review. Raiderduck I can’t wait to hear from you.
  9. We are interested in taking a cruise to Alaska in either June,July,August. Where is the best place to see whales and wildlife. Also are any of these month good for this?
  10. I would love to know what people mean by a lot of money. I know it’s really not my business but it’s so hard seeing these comments and my and my hubbys offers are terrible. It’s seems like Carnivals offers are not that great. The problem is what I think is a lot of money might not be to another person. I do know many are complaining that they have been with Carnival for a long time and are not getting the offers.
  11. We just got off the Pride my hubby and I were thinking of purchasing a Thomas Kincade painting. It was around $1,300. Something was not feeling right to me. I asked for time and got on the internet and the painting was done by Artisians. Not by the artist. I went back and asked the man and he gave me such a run around that I knew he was full of it. So be careful.
  12. First cruise was Royal Caribbean in 2007. We are now Platinum with NCL and still gold with carnival. We have also taken more Carnival cruises. Carnival point system stinks if you are someone that books suites. We book Haven on NCL so we get a extra point. Which when you are spending all that extra money I think is correct. Anyway we booked our first cruise with Carnival 2011 and after taking one or two a year with Carnival I’m still gold. So I agree with you 💯.
  13. Our cruises are paid off. I purchased $350.00 in cruise cash. It’s still pending but it shows up Carnival Cruise Lines. So it shouldn’t be a problem.
  14. Oh pls send more. We are sailing the 23 rd I can’t wait.
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