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  1. We were on the Bliss Panama Canal cruise and they had daily specials. I was also told they did that because it was a 15 day cruise. I do wish they did it more often, but I can always find something I like in the Haven.
  2. We had Virginia as our concierge on our B2B before Christmas. She was probably the best we ever had, so friendly and helpful. John
  3. Thanks everyone for your opinions!! Decisions, decisions...... Really appreciate all of you!
  4. Thanks all for your responses. Having trouble deciding rather to do this deck or go for an owners suite instead... I am definitely doing one or the other!
  5. We are considering booking an Aqua Theatre suite on deck 11 on the Oasis. How bad is the noise is this suite? I know they have things going on often in the Aqua Theatre, so I wondered is this is a problem. Also curious how late shows run in the Aqua Theatre. TIA for any information, John
  6. Thank you for your answer Paul Bogle! That may help me decide to give Vibe a try!! John
  7. Is it necessary for both people in cabin buy Vibe passes or can just one? My wife has no interest in going to Vibe. Thanks. John
  8. Really looking forward to hearing more!! You make your reviews feel like we are right in the middle of it!! John
  9. I won't be too upset if you and your friends drink it all..... They can stock up before I get there!! Nice to see you are enjoying this cruise. After the last one was cancelled, you deserve it!! Nice to hear La Cucina was good again. It was always one of my favorites, but the last couple of cruise's not so much.
  10. Your review is definitely getting me excited for our December B2B's!! Keep the Haven fully stocked at the bar if you would please😁😁 John
  11. This has been in their contract for several years. When oil prices were around $100 a barrel, they didn't charge the supplement. I don't think I would worry too much. I guess it's possible but I don't think any cruise line wants to be the first to do it. John
  12. I am certainly not an expert, but I think beings all airline tickets are electronic anymore all you would need would be your confirmation number when you get to the airport. No need for printing anymore. John
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