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  1. I did. The Fll tyo Gatwick is now Wamos. If they are a bit of Pullmantur, that will mean Tui and then Royal. That's probably why most of the Navigator Ta cruise is on that flight. I do know a lot have changed and elected to drive to Orlando to gat a Norwegian flight
  2. I've flown Norwegian a lot. Never had a problem Meals are pretty good and as Little Britain says, on time. I'm flying home from Orlando to Gatwick after Navigator Ta. However, the flight from Fll on that day is contracted to Wazzo, whoever they are. I'll drive up to Orlando. Just be carefull when booking the flight is operated by Norwegian Air
  3. That's the burgers with crunchy bits. Must be bones
  4. Thanks for info. Will remember that for next year
  5. Whats Red Tide John. I'm now on Navigator Ta instead of Symphony
  6. Maybe they aren't really Pinnacle either
  7. I got my days wrong. Hope you enjoyed it. Sail away is also nice Sent from my G8141 using Forums mobile app
  8. Get up early tomorrow for the sail in to Kotor. One of the best
  9. According to Rick. No reserved seating last night
  10. Just thinking. On Indy Ta Nov 2014, the cruise after it was a charter. Turned out it was a lifestyle cruise. Staff were asked to stay and work or take a holiday if they didn't want to People on the cruise helped and worked to make up staff numbers. Maybe some on here was on that cruise as well (Ta I mean)
  11. bigeck

    Extra tips

    Anyway, I should get a rebate on my stateroom tips. I'm tidy and need the basic. When walking down the corridor and glancing in some other rooms it's like a bombsite.
  12. British Isles is the same. While Royal done it a few times from Amsterdam, Princess has been doing it for about 10 years. 12 night from Southampton sails almost full all summer.
  13. Wonder what ship you will be getting.
  14. I though t you would do a review as well. I remember reading your Barcelona review
  15. So glad you had a good time in Edinburgh. Often wonder how tourists will see what I see everyday and take for granted. I posted a couple of pics from my garden of you leaving on your roll call page. Weather was good