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  1. Stocks are jumping due to CDC news of ending cruise ban
  2. I booked 6 in the past few weeks. Anthem on 4th June is a good price. Jewel 16th May as well
  3. I agree. I booked 6 in the past few weeks Either going to get 100% or 125% back. Double points is an extra incentive
  4. Possible if Jewel doesn't sail. Can't see it going over for a few sailings to come back again. It's supposed to get a dry dock before the dry dock but will have to wait and see
  5. No need for that tone. I'm not about to give you a lesson on here how it works. If Uk the system was that bad, why have we got dingy's overloaded with people trying to get in. Maybe, like you, they are misinformed with the system and don't realise it's in a whackadoodle state. On the other hand, you might want to move here and try it. Only then you can criticize.
  6. Sorry. Looks like it's too dull (Don't see how). Passengers excluded of course. It's almost full, so an Aft against a broom cupboard, Adventure wins. That's 2 Ta's on Anthem cancelled, so I still haven't been on a Q Class. Just booked Adventure from Southampton to Miami on 14th October as a back up in case Empress is cancelled.
  7. Thanks. That will be ideal if my Empress is cancelled
  8. Since VW took them over the Skoda jokes have disappeared Like the heated rear window is for keeping your hands warm when you push it.
  9. Then I'll buy more and sell over $100.
  10. I couldn't see it going above 50. Suppose I'll stick to my day job. Everything is upside down just now.
  11. I'm on Montreal to San Juan. Really looking forward to the ports. I think that will be it for Montreal though if it's the end
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