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  1. The Ta this year wasn't mentioned. I'm on Anthem Ta in November and Norwegian has cancelled flights. Only 7 flights from NY to London for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after the ship arrives. Not looking good. Although it might dock somewhere else and give NY a miss. Ok, I'm dreaming.
  2. Its going to Gibraltar Sorry, didnt notice the date on post
  3. One of the best port stops in Europe
  4. Off topic, but interesting. Just saw on social media that Jewel will be going in for a brief re-fit on the 15th Feb That might mean the Ta will leave from Galveston on the 22nd March
  5. Thats my thoughts as well. Cant see it going to Galveston only to pick us up. Wonder where its being relocated to. San Juan hopefully
  6. As I said on fb, I just booked the Ta. Managed to get an Aft Balcony
  7. From the Ta fb roll call Just got an email from RCC saying Jewel is not coming to the Caribbean and is being replaced by Liberty. I was booked on an 8 day cruise from the 14th of March until the 22nd. That is changed to Liberty a 7 day western Caribbean cruise which arrives back in Galveston on the 21st. When I called RCC to check on the Trans Atlantic Galveston to Barcelona it no longer is in there system. The Jewel is not coming to the Caribbean this fall at all. It appears they are going to use Liberty for the fall Caribbean cruises since she is already there. My reservations still show in the planner but they will change shortly
  8. I'm sure cruising will get back to normal. A year is being optimistic to say the least, more like 5 years. I won't sell, but if it drops again I might buy some more. It will take as long as it takes to get back to over $100
  9. This on Market watch says buy https://investorplace.com/2020/06/ride-out-the-choppy-seas-and-buy-royal-caribbean-rcl-stock/?mod=mw_quote_news
  10. Explorer is on its way to Gibraltar. Arrival is in June 22. Wonder if it might do some Med cruises as Costa are starting soon
  11. Not really. Some here in Scotland can't go home as we are still limited to 5 mile travel
  12. That could be phase 2. Might help with social distancing. After all, it's sometimes like a zoo in the DL
  13. Next step will be to kick D's out DL and make them use the drinks on the card only. DL will become CL and will be for D+ & P CL will become a SL for suite's only. Just my opinion though
  14. Iona is doing sea trials off Denmark. Maybe Odyssey will speed up now
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