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  1. Canada/New England on Oasis will be different, 6 night on June 21st 4 night on May 6th
  2. I see on social media Brilliance will take over from Serenade in Copenhagen. It will also do the sailings from Boston. Wonder whats going to Amsterdam
  3. Anthem and Indy in Southampton. Just wonder when they will follow Princess and do a 12 British Isles round trip. They virtually sail full all summer
  4. Big spend for a few extra passengers.
  5. I thought Oasis couldn't fit under the bridge. I'm on the Ta from Southampton Nov '20. I was hoping to do a B2B
  6. bigeck

    Bermuda Port Webcam

    Watched Anthem leave a few days ago
  7. I agree. I was on the Ta and everyone had a good time. Crew didn't seem stressed. Probably to the low numbers. A lot of cleaning going on and staff training. I always eat in the windjammer at night and it did seem busier than other cruises. I have to say the choice at night was excellent as was the quality of the food.
  8. I was trying to find what the first cruise for Anthem will be after the 2020 November Ta to New York. Hoping for a Caribbean one as we will the in Bermuda for 3 days on the Ta
  9. I did. The Fll tyo Gatwick is now Wamos. If they are a bit of Pullmantur, that will mean Tui and then Royal. That's probably why most of the Navigator Ta cruise is on that flight. I do know a lot have changed and elected to drive to Orlando to gat a Norwegian flight
  10. I've flown Norwegian a lot. Never had a problem Meals are pretty good and as Little Britain says, on time. I'm flying home from Orlando to Gatwick after Navigator Ta. However, the flight from Fll on that day is contracted to Wazzo, whoever they are. I'll drive up to Orlando. Just be carefull when booking the flight is operated by Norwegian Air
  11. That's the burgers with crunchy bits. Must be bones
  12. Thanks for info. Will remember that for next year
  13. Whats Red Tide John. I'm now on Navigator Ta instead of Symphony
  14. Maybe they aren't really Pinnacle either