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  1. I get 6 but no cruises from October to April Now we can get into Us, who knows. Might try and book another
  2. I got 2 blocks on b2b on Anthem last month. I was 8pts from a block. 8 night solo in a suite was 48. Second leg was also 8 nights in a suite. That gave me 96 for the 2 cruises.
  3. It was 270 that made the show. Without the screens etc. the show would just be normal
  4. Obviously differs from ship to ship. They offered it to me Anthem last week and the week before. Go night 1 and please myself when I used the free one. I went to CK for 16 nights
  5. Speaking to some crew on board, they reckon it will be between 1000 and 1500. With the schools back it might be less. Watch school holidays would be my advice
  6. As posted, different areas has different dates. They said it was due to cancelling Northern Europe cruises they have jumped on this one and the next one. Last week was 1200 inc. 200 kids. This cruise we have 1510 inc. 310 kids. 100 didn't make it and we have 1380 crew. Glad I'm getting off on Monday
  7. It was closed last week and this week. 1600 on board this week but they need upwards of 2000. 2400 next week including 800 under 18's I like the windjammer at night but closes a 3pm
  8. Too much false info on here. Better reading reports from people who have actually cruised.
  9. I believe they have a Eurofins set up at Asda in Swansea. At the back near the car wash. @little britainmay confirm this
  10. I got an email and booked the Norton House Hotel in Edinburgh. I got 2.30 on Thursday. I'm driving down after it. I'll stop for the night around Birmingham then head down to Southampton on Friday. Download the TrustOne App for the result. Sampling Stations for Covid-19 Testing - Eurofins Scientific
  11. I believe it's an internet glitch. Still available on other sites There was talk of Harmony moving to Southampton, but who knows nowadays.
  12. Hi Hope you are well. I'm on the 7th & 15th August B2B. Just got a royal up from a Js to a Gs for the 7th. Looking forward to getting cruising again
  13. Email just now regarding tests for under 18's Important Updates about Testing RequirementsWe can't wait for you to join us on your upcoming Anthem of the Seas® cruise. As you get ready, we have updates to share regarding our testing & shore excursion requirements. Importantly, all guests age 2-17 are now required to present a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 on boarding day – this is in addition to all guests over 18 and is a change to the protocols which we shared with you previously. Lastly, all travel parties that wish to go ashore must purchase a local tour through Royal Caribbean.Please note, all other health protocols remain unchanged. The following information is only for guests departing from Southampton on Anthem of the Seas. Below please review additional details regarding our new testing requirements.
  14. Just place an order. Deliveroo or uber eats will bring it
  15. QR code almost worked in Scotland. Took me to my app but couldn't find the menu
  16. I agree Clicks make them money. Any headline will do. True or false
  17. Probably have to do Test to Fly test at the airport. All airports have facility's for testing.
  18. I take it they mean check in. I'm on the 7th cruise as well. I'm leaving Fife on Thursday to drive down. I' plan to stay in Birmingham and book a test at the Airport on Friday morning before travelling down to Southampton. My other option is Edinburgh Airport on Thursday afternoon. I'll wait to see what Royal send out before I decide as it might change after July 19th
  19. I still can't understand why they have flights from Birmingham and Manchester. Especially, when the ship is sailing at reduced numbers. Makes sense to fill planes to the covid capacity. I'm flying from Manchester but even Gatwick wouldn't be a problem
  20. I think once you put your code in, local places will show up
  21. Download the TrustOne app and click Royal Caribbean. Thats where to put the details and book when you get an email from Royal about 30 days out
  22. I'm leaving Edinburgh on 5th Aug and I'll stay the night in Birmingham. Birmingham Airport has a Eurofins, so I'll book that for Friday morning before heading down to Southampton for the cruise on the 7th. As for the 15th cruise, I'll be tested on board
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