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  1. Not sure how old your granddaughter is. The new advert on social media has changed
  2. My mistake. My neighbour lives in Cyprus half of the year and was having to come home to Uk to fly back but now he can leave from Cyprus. Criteria is changing all the time.
  3. 2 vaccine peeps don't have young sprogs
  4. I was hoping he would change to my cruise. I can put a word in
  5. My next door neighbour is on your Jewel cruise and in the Royal Suite
  6. The criteria for these cruises are changing as time goes in. Anthem is now 2 vaccines and under 18 needs a test. However, ship shore excursions only. Jewel is now allowing people to get there on there own. My neighbour lives in Cyprus half of the year and was having to come home to Uk to fly back but now he can leave from Cyprus.
  7. As you said earlier, some slip through the net
  8. Someone on a fb group said they were told they couldn't. I couldn't see why flying to Uk first would be a problem. They might have been flying from Dublin as well. As long as you have 2 jabs, don't see a problem
  9. Thats the point. The cruisers are from Uk and Cypriots can't book. I have friends who tried and was told Uk citizens only
  10. Good luck. Keep an eye on the rules on quarantine. At the moment it's 10 days in a hotel at your cost. Hopefully these will be relaxed by then, but I wouldn't put money on it. England has a very low number now and laws have been relaxed. It all depends on all the young invincibles who don't care
  11. If they wouldn't allow someone from Belfast to book. I'm not sure why they would allow someone to book from Us. I was under the impression these cruises are for Uk residents only. They added flights so everyone would be in the same bubble.
  12. Good news Anthem is in the Med on its way to Limassol. To drop off crew I read somewhere A lot of movement in the Med with all cruise lines
  13. I think that will happen. Kept together in a bubble. If people do get they're own flights, they will get tested at port and maybe not be able to board. Even although I will have both vaccines, I still need a test 24 hours before I board Anthem in August
  14. You might get a L&S. Hurry up and you might be able to keep your aft balcony lol
  15. Thanks. I shouldn't be long getting long times. Did it say what terminal you leave from. I was going to book parking
  16. Until it comes from a government statement, everything is hear say. I hope it's true though
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