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  1. Have to wait on confirmation on that one. Just because it appears on a TA site, doesn't mean it's correct. Celebrity is balcony and above only.
  2. I doubt if a DP is included in Anthems pricing. Celebrity is better pricing if a DP is required
  3. give us a clue then. Is it the 1st one or the Eskimo house
  4. It does look like Celebrity is the better priced 8 night is only £400 more for Drinks, Grats and wi fi
  5. Any word on Jewel. It goes on sale tomorrow
  6. 26th October 2019 Indy Transatlantic. Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
  7. Might try and book both and change 1 later. The Canary I one is good but not sure if it will go. I dont think the Norwegian one will as they hardly have anyone vaccinated
  8. Celebrity Silhouette is £1450 and that includes drinks, grats and wi fi I think we will be fine as prices will be competitive. P&O, 'X' and Msc are lall touting for our ££
  9. I reckon £1200 to £1400 pp for the 8 night
  10. I was going to book both 8 nighters as a b2b but might just book 1 to see if anything else gets added. I think they will try and do as much as possible to bring in revenue
  11. That would be better. I've never been to Lisbon
  12. With the maintenance on the Oasis class, it means 1 big ship per year in Europe. The med has very limited ports that can hold ships that size. Odyssey was scheduled to sail from Rome and Anthem from Southampton. Along with Harmony from Barcelona that's 3 new/big ships in Europe. I'm sure Indy will be back soon in Southampton, once a decent level of normal returns.
  13. 7 night cruise with an overnight in Gib Should give Michael a call. He is Welsh, so he might know that.
  14. Lets go. I would do that Or even Anthem to Gib
  15. Thanks for posting, Ken It doesn't include Uk but I suppose that will be added once they go on sale.
  16. Can't compare a non covid cruise to present times. That just doesn't work.
  17. That isn't bad. I didn't realise that was all inclusive. I can't see Anthem being that though, so hopefully a bit cheaper. Although space is limited, so is cruisers
  18. prices.jpg.db42e9ce9d754a1401a424463d390eaf.jpg (1200×453) (invisioncic.com) Hopefully cheaper than Celebrity
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