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  1. I think the problem is that if you have a vaccine, you can still carry the virus and infect those that choose not to vaccinate. I got my first dose last week, but if someone else cruises unvaccinated, I can still carry it home. But by 2022, my loved ones will.be vaccinated so it won't be a moral.issue for me. Not sure what the situation for the non US ports and vaccination is....
  2. Picture it...last night of our honeymoon cruise, Princess ship, 2005. We saw a lady win $1200. We sit 2 machines down from her and play. Win 1100. Now there is a wait to get paid because they are helping the lady so we pop across the aisle. Black and White double jackpot machine. 5000 hit. Now the martinis are flowing and I am playing nickel machines. 600, 800, they keep coming. Hubby has to pour me into bed! He has to go back to the casino because he had about 1000 in chip from craps! That was by far the most profitable casino cruise night ever. On the way home, we found out the waitress (we
  3. We love the Jewel and the Gem! We usually stay deck 10 aft. It's quiet, but close to everything (except the spa). We like the more intimate feel of the smaller ships.
  4. We had 3/37/21 booked through the casino, moved it to 3/30/22 and got comped a better room so you may luck out.
  5. Bad translations of the dailies...we met some German friends on our last cruise...apparently when bean bag toss was translated it equated to "ball sack throw"...we had to do some explaining!
  6. Got email yesterday, refund today for 4/9 cruise our of NYC
  7. I feel like it wouldn't be unreasonable to refund shortly after what was supposed to be the last day of the cancelled cruises...we were supposed to cruise 4/9-4/19, it was cancelled in March and we had to wait almost 2 weeks before we could even request a refund.Holding the money beyond the cruise date seems unfair, and I won't be rebooking until my postponed surgery is done (who knows when hospitals will be back to non critical levels) so an FCC is useless. The prices for next year's possible cruise went up 1200 pp since the beginning of March. I know this pandemic was not something the lines
  8. We did it, it was fun. It was definitely different that typical escape rooms on land. Lots of papers and prices. I did get to unlock the box for our team 🙂 the one thing I didn't like that wasn't enforced was waiting in line behind several young kids that just tried different number combinations to try to open the box-I'm talking 10-12 tries each. We won some shirts and water bottles.
  9. Google maps shows the nearest store to be 3 miles from your hotel. Not sure how different the pricing would be for what you are looking for.
  10. The buffet on other ships (I would assume Joy would be same) has a few Crystal light type dispenser drinks with the juices...Mango peach was one I think.
  11. Prices are getting pretty out of hand. A 10 day with Norfolk as one of the ports (zzzz) is over 5 K for an Oceanview. We booked a cabin for our friends for 2300 a few months ago...
  12. With all due respect, you paid for extra amenities on the ship and I am paying for extra amenities (villa and private area) on the island. If you want access to the Villa area, I would think you need to pay for it. Of course, we have rarely made it to GSC so it may not even matter!
  13. Toward the end of the cruise, they start cranking out the corn and ham pizza you know it's time to go home...
  14. Wow. The ncl red blend was well under the $15 mark last February. I get that it's only $2 more per glass with the package, but to jump the total 5-6 for a glass...thanks Ncl, I'm sure it's for my convenience.
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