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  1. We were off the Anthem yesterday. We (DH and I) has the drink package. Hubs met someone at the bar celebrating a birthday, and a fellow Eagles fan. Was told he could not buy him a drink. He said he didn't want to use the package he would actually sign for the bill on the drink and was told it could not be done. Thought that was interesting.
  2. we got off yesterday. Was a great week, however, this was our 27th cruise and was the worst debarkation we have ever seen and we wee on Anthem last year in March. There were only 5 customs agents working the windows, and one of those was only taking people who used porters so they didn't have to wait in line. The ship made several announcements that the gangway was closed due to congestion in the terminal. Our luggage was #27 and we were "scheduled" to be off at 7:50. At the time our number was called, the debarkation line for the gangway was back to Two Seventy and lopped back around to Jamie's. We did not get off the ship until almost 945am and through customs until another half hour later. A really bad taste in our mouth at the end of an otherwise great trip. I know that the customs agents are the responsibility of the port authority and not RCCL but they did not do a great job controlling the chaos on the ship. Hoping this was a one time issue as we would like to sail her again but more problems like this at customs. Looking forward to your reviews!
  3. bcs819

    Anthem of the Seas man overboard

    We were on the ship, and actually on deck 15 when he jumped. We did not see it but the area was packed full of people who did. The weather was exceptional and there was not a chair to be found anywhere. Interested to see what info comes out, it would have taken a significant effort to jump from where he was.
  4. ok, so my whole first day disappeared when I tried to post :( Will try again later!
  5. Hello, Everyone! We are a married couple from Philadelphia, over 20 cruises, most on Carnival. We have not sailed Royal in over a decade so I consider us new again ! If you want the quick version
  6. thanks. everyone! I feel so dumb - it's all completed - I just like waiting to the end to print it so I don't forget it. First RCCL cruise in over a decade so now I know!
  7. Help! I completed all of our information, and it says complete in all sections but the option to print it disappeared. I knew it had to be done at least 3 days ahead but didn't realize it had to be printed that far out, too. We are sailing tomorrow on Anthem. How much of a hassle will this be and what do we need to do when we get there?
  8. Depending on your airline, you can pay for priority boarding (or some version of it) - this usually involves a baggage perk as well. Make sure you arrive at the airport plenty early, check in at a counter, tell the gate agent you are getting on a cruise and watch them put the stickers on your luggage - you should be fine. The port is ridiculously close to the airport. It will be stressful, but as long as your flight is on time you should be fine.
  9. Is this on Anthem yet? We are sailing on her on 3/19 and are very disappointed that this being implemented without more notice. We booked this trip relatively last minute, and did a full cost analysis before booking this trip.
  10. bcs819

    On board Anthem March 12-19

    The deckplan on the RCI site says there is a new 24 hour grill available in Windjammer. I have read other places that is not accurate. Since my CruisePlanner still says Dynamic Dining, I don't want to wander around looking for a 24 hour grill if it isn't there? Also, there is another thread about a room service charge - is that in effect on this cruise?
  11. bcs819

    On board Anthem March 12-19

    we are boarding sunday. How many comedians are there and how often? How early do we have to go down for tender tickets for Coco Cay? Thank you!
  12. We are sailing on 3/19 on Anthem and booked late January 2017. Our TA had it on 24 hour hold for us...
  13. bcs819

    Is Johnny Rockets worth it?

    I would say no. If you want to try it, that's one thing. If you want an amazing burger, I didn't find it to be so.
  14. we are on this sailing as well, puzzle break is no longer available to be booked online. It was specifically marked when I was in cruise planner this morning. Not sure about the breakfast.