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  1. We've been in a couple of cabins with connecting and there was a little extra noise from next door and the occasional "trying" of the door.
  2. I just want to see the latest guidance so I can start the timer for when it's totally changed or contradicted by new guidance,
  3. We've been in a JS and a GS but we aren't drinkers so the lounge doesn't mean much for us. In the theater we like to be down near the front and not in the balcony where the reserved seating is. It's the same thing with the skating rink as we can usually get what we think are better seats. In general, we don't really make use of the perks so it's not something we look at unless there is a very good price. We don't mind being in an inside or balcony but if there's a JS or GS at a good price we might go for it as the extra space can be very welcome.
  4. On our cruise many years ago we went to Dawe's Glacier and it was great. The ship stopped and started turning in a circle so we could see everything without having to walk around to different sides of the ship. I don't usually link to anything of mine but I did a montage of our Alaska cruise in 2012 and there included some of the glacier pictures.
  5. Our choice is between itinerary and departure port since I'm still working. I only get so much time off that we plan according to how many vacation days I may have available. If I'm looking at only a week long cruise, we'll drive down to Galveston and cruise on Liberty of the Seas. If I plan far enough out, I can go on longer cruises and we can fly somewhere and take a longer cruise to places we haven't been.
  6. I had the light rash and itching about 2 weeks after mine along with a little warmth while the wife hasn't had any reaction. Our 2nd round will be the first week of March. Both us us are on the Moderna vaccine. Our local county health department has been doing a great job of getting everyone vaccinated.
  7. If the herd immunity happens in April as they say then most definitely later this year.
  8. If I correctly recall what I learned in my business laws classes (got A's), negligence is never waivable. Last hotel I stayed in was the Sleep Inn and Suites in Galveston, not quite a Holiday Inn but not bad.
  9. Today was the first near routine day we've had since Saturday. Our power went out at 9:30 pm Sunday night and wasn't restored until 11:45 pm Wednesday night. We went 74 hours without power. Fortunately our house is very tight so the coldest it got inside was about 50 in the bedrooms. The living room never dropped below 59 and never got higher than 63. Wednesday morning I ended up having to involve our electric utility board representative to get anything done. Even then the repair crew only restored power to a portion of the affected homes and had to come back and finish the job.
  10. We're going to wait until sailing start up is more certain. I really don't want to have to go through all of the lift and shift or refund shenanigans. We have enough to worry about right now.
  11. Don't think a guilty plea will help the civil suit, admission of guilt or not.
  12. Will be interesting if they start enforcing the "show up" time. In the past we've been given a time but we've usually shown up very early and we've boarded early with no problem. I can see that enforcing the time may cause some issues but I can also see where not enforcing it may cause the same issues until people start get used to showing up at the assigned time. My hope is that people will show some patience with the new procedures that will likely be needed.
  13. Last time I cruised was when they had a bunch of men below deck with oars.
  14. My wife and I are typically RC cruisers but of course there are places that they don't really go much or have a route that doesn't really work for us. Because of this, we're thinking about the 35 day cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific out of San Diego in February 2022. We've cruised for 19 days before but this is almost twice that. If this has been offered before and you've taken it, how enjoyable was it? Thanks
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