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  1. As stated above, if you do happen to be able to book it from Cozumel, make sure it's ship sponsored. When we went a few years ago, it was a very long day and we barely made it back. There was a wreck behind us on the return trip and several people didn't make the ship. And take your seasick pills before boarding the ferry. It's quite the experience.
  2. Could be they're just holding some back since they've been sailing at reduced capacity. I'd keep checking in case they open them up for more capacity.
  3. Because with no one cruising, they weren't working at max capacity.
  4. You would think with all the down time they could have taken some customer service training.
  5. That's one thing that really bothers me about refunds when you used a credit card to pay for something (not just cruise related). They charge you the next day but then it takes a while for the refund to show up. Never understood this. ?????
  6. P+ also include 2 keychains per person instead of 1.
  7. Is lobster a vegetable? I usually get 4 tails. My big night.
  8. Get a couple of key chains. You can never have enough of those..... 🙂
  9. When we sent several years ago we took the Royal Caribbean tour. At the palace, we were pretty much left to our own after a brief tour. I enjoyed it. The engineering to get the water operating in the fountains was incredible.
  10. Hang your clothes in the bathroom and run the hot water in the shower. Just do it in time to take it out in time for it to dry before you wear it.
  11. On cam..... https://www.galveston.com/webcams/cruisecam/
  12. You can wear a dress if you want. I might stare a little but as long as it's tasteful you should be ok 🙂
  13. I'm looking for the cupcake eating class.... 🙂
  14. As someone stated earlier, we like it dark when we sleep and it makes it easier to sleep in. When we sailed Alaska, we made sure we had an inside cabin because it wasn't dark very long.
  15. When we did our Galveston to Venice cruise (B2B), we got round trip tickets from Venice to Houston. The round trip price was less than the one way from Venice to Houston. Just didn't show up for the return flight to Venice.
  16. I don't like the way the survey is set up. In the past, survey's have not allowed for any comments if I've scored them above a certain level. I've wanted to comment on things even at the higher score. Anyone have a different experience with them?
  17. We had 2 good experiences when we booked on board. For one cruise we were looking at a junior suite and it had a good price on it (we found it while using the onboard computers in the library). When we got to the Next Cruise rep, the final price she got us was about 30% less. The next time we were looking at a junior suite and for less than $600 extra we got a grand suite. My advice would be to at least talk to them even if you don't end up booking one.
  18. We're booking 2 for Liberty and 1 for Allure out of Galveston. Jan 2022, April, 2022, and Dec 2022. Looking at possibly another in May 2022 on Grandeur. We have some catching up to do.
  19. You'll mostly be sailing forward (bow first) with the possibility of aft/port/starboard sailing while entering or exiting mystery ports. It's part of the new RCI game, get on the ship and wake up in a surprise port somewhere. And it will be cheating if you use google maps to try and determine in advance.
  20. In my opinion, RCI's IT department and management seem to be lacking in several areas. Their phone app for android is still only getting 3.8 stars and it's been out a while. I tried it once and ended up uninstalling it because it never worked correctly (there website has also been hit and miss at times). Add to this all of the issues like you've mentioned and it's pretty messed up. I know some will say that this is an unprecedented time and it is to a certain degree but the problem is that it's exacerbated some issues that existed prior to Covid. I'm just glad a lot of people are scheduling all of these cruises. Once I see that things have calmed down some, my wife and I will cruise again. However, I'm not scheduling anything until I see a significant decrease in the number of complaints. I don't currently have the time or temperament to work through these issues, even with a TA.
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