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  1. Book it and then sail solo. Just don’t tell them she isn’t coming. Say she’s arriving later. Or, I will wear a mask and be your new wife. 😂😂
  2. I would GUESS you would need to talk to your room steward about bed arrangements. And you’ll need a cabin that can actually accommodate four people.
  3. All specialty coffees, milk shakes, coffee drinks with liquors in them, bottle Powerade type drinks, bottled tea, soda by the glass, bottled water, smoothies etc are all included and not limited. They also do not count toward the 15 alcohol drinks in your 24 hour period. We have never come across a drink on Carnival that was over the price limit. Now, NCL on the other hand 🥴
  4. Rent a cabana at HMC. Get off early, stay til the last tender. Worth every penny.
  5. My sister and I are both gold. She has 26 days, I have 44. She currently has WAY better offers than I do. Like five day sailings for $600 total for 2 with $500 OBC. MNone of my rates are even close to that.
  6. The Deal Closer from Alchemy. It’s like a chocolate martini on steroids. I also am partial to a raspberry lemon drop m the rocks.
  7. I think when you or your kid are n the entertainment industry, you need a much thicker skin than to be hurt by a forum thread title. My daughter is an actor and performer. She has been both loved and DRAGGED by critics. Literally one critic said she was “unladylike and clearly didn’t understand or relate to her character at all” whereas the other one said she was charming and genuine and made you love her from the first line she spoke. For the same performance! It’s just the way it is. Some people will love you, others will hate you. You really can’t take it personally.
  8. Can someone point me to the new menus. I have tried searching and googling with no luck.
  9. My husband and I got different codes. His was a good deal, mine was $300 more pp on a 7 day cruise.
  10. Sorry, I didn’t mean literally but he got the first offer as soon as anyone else was posting about it. He’s then gotten an email weekly since then. I just got my first one the other day. No matter as we don’t really want to do anymore bookings until after they actually start sailing.
  11. Last year I went on a 4 day with Carnival with two friends in a balcony. Got Cheers for that trip, two of us got the Key West Trolley tour thru Carnival. Otherwise, I don’t think any of us spent any other money. Year before, so 2019, DH and I went on that same cruise also balcony cabin, bought some drinks otherwise don’t think we spent any extra. Following week, we did a 7 day, got Cheers, did one or two excursions through Carnival. DH has been getting this offer for forever, I just started getting it after my Feb 2021 cruise got cancelled. I wonder if one could utilize this offer on a cruise where you rebooked for FCC. Probably so. Should have thought of that before I requested a refund.
  12. Yeah, this is why I filed for a refund this time around. I had rebooked my June cruise to Feb 1st, thinking with the optimism of spring that cruising would be sorted by fall. At this point, I can’t plan as far ahead as I feel like I would need to, nor do I want my money tied up for that long.
  13. That is what I was told yes. I don’t recall other info. Sorry.
  14. I thank you for your service. But to clarify, my son’s PTSD is not from combat. He is medically unable to serve though he would have loved to.
  15. Funny enough, when traveling with my son and his dog, we avoid pet friendly hotels for that same reason.
  16. I know someone who got an invite. She is not Pinnacle and didn’t volunteer. Nor did she accept.
  17. I totally get what you are saying and I have a “thing” about ESAs. (I don’t approve of them in public places.) However my son has PTSD from some previous trauma and has a service dog. (And that is why I don’t like ESAs. The dog has been attacked twice by supposed ESAs, once was a bite that broke the skin.) So do many ex-military people. They don’t look like they need a dog but they do. There are also medical alert dogs who are very highly trained. This is just an FYI. Not all service dogs are guide dogs. My son’s dog has perfect behavior in his vest. Take it off and he’s a big goof ball, but when he goes to “work” he is 100% focused.
  18. Well, and that is wrong anyway. I’m booked on a cruise in Feb and I got the Cheers offer. Didn’t take it because I am not booking anything until cruises are actually sailing again. But it wasn’t to get me back. I sailed twice this past winter and three times the winter of 2019. No idea what their system is, but it’s not just going to people who haven’t sailed in a while. It is frustrating that sales are not just offered across the board. However, just so you know, the “free” cheers code was actually quite a bit more than other rates on the cruises I looked at just out of curiosity. So it might be free, but the cruise price goes up when you add that code.
  19. Can you give me some info on how you know that Horizon and Breeze will be first? I am “supposed” to sail Feb 1st on Conquest. I don’t expect that to happen but I’d like to have more info about this. thanks
  20. I have joined the group of just wishing they’d get it over with and announce. My cruise supposedly leaves Miami on Feb 1st. I am NOT holding my breath. I had thought that perhaps bookings were closed to keep capacity down but my optimism has faded.
  21. What basic instructions? I live in MN. Over the entire summer, I saw a total of three people not wearing a mask and one of them was on oxygen. Our local stores have expanded their pick up areas by 400% because of so many people ordering online. My son works retail and on Black Friday their store was dead. No community events happened, the vast majority of churches are doing online only services, we went to a wedding that had a very strict enforcement of the rules, my best friend went to a wedding with the same rule set up, everyone followed them. BUT our numbers are still going up. Minnesotans are a very compliant group of people as a whole. There is a farmer mentality of whatever has to be done is just the way it is. And yet, even with a very large majority following the rules, our numbers are increasing.
  22. What does that mean? Has the port announced it will be closed?
  23. I am glad you are optimistic. I’m supposed to sail Feb 1st. I’ve been optimistic up until this last cancelation but now I am highly skeptical. Hopefully I am wrong and we both can have a cocktail and win some ships!
  24. Carnival cancelled through March now? I have a cruise scheduled for Feb 1st out of Miami. Yeah, I will be shocked if that happens. But I haven’t seen through March yet. Thankfully I have a house down in FL so will be there anyway and the friend flying down for the cruise can just stay with me.
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