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  1. Why :confused: Most of the World uses Android devices ;)
  2. Golden Rule in well designed Public Places especially Nursing Homes is change the Carpet / Tile colour any where there is a change in the floor .
  3. Well finally found what must be the best range of Tablet / Transformer Pads / Vivo Tab for travelling in 10.1 " . and using Android or Windows O/S Made by ASUS .
  4. Hi BobK in NJ & HeatherB1958 I assume "jockeying" and "jiggling" means putting the device in diagonally through the door and it lays flat once inside the Safe ?? Thanks for your help , as the main thing to lock up will be a small notebook with good security etc with our really important info on it . The search is on :cool: ILuvCruisin' . Great Images keep the good work up :) Joy
  5. Thanks They certainly do some strange things at RCL . :o Will be buying a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 in the near future now I have found a program that works on Windows XP that converts Video . ***.avi's to Samsungs . ***.MP4 ( H264 ). How deep are these Safes and are there bigger ones in some of the larger Cabins :confused: .
  6. Does any one know what size laptop / notebook / IPad will fit inside these safes ??? Joy .
  7. Hi Just been scanning the seas ;) and noticed that QOS has a gap in cruises between Tue 21/07/15 Shanghai Baoshan / China and Thu 13/08/15 Shanghai Baoshan / China Any of you guys got any ideas on where she/he is going/doing . :confused: Thanks in advance Joy .
  8. Make sure you take water and a plastic bag with you LOL ;) .
  9. . Still room for a Water Slide Simulator next to the Hot Dog Truck :p .
  10. As my GP always says " Don't stick you fingers into any orifice above you shoulders unless you know they are 110% clean " . :cool:
  11. So whats the point of your post ????? . I know, you are trying to tell us you live in a Police State.
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