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  1. Welcome back - certainly hope for ‘normal time’ by 2022 - Denmark population should be fully vaccinated by then and hopefully the pandemic history.
  2. Assuming port is Oceankaj - quite remote location and no wine shops nearby. If you start your cruis in Copenhagen you’ll probably arrive at least a day early - there might be better options nearby your hotel.
  3. Might very well be that the Cruise Line is blocking use of VPN or that particular VPN is not working properly at the cruise ship. My recommendation is to use VPN - might not be that critical at a cruise ship however VPN should always be used for security reasons at public WiFi. If OP has a specific cruise line in mind ask at that cruise line forum.
  4. Depending on your requirement for bandwidth- I have successfully worked from a cruise ship using VPN - primary email and SAP applications. Sometime the problem has been WiFi accessibility in the Cabin - and from time to time not network not reliable - but if no tight deadlines and requirement of high bandwidth certainly doable.
  5. if anyone ask me “are you finish” I always answer “no- I’m Danish”
  6. Your friend should definitely be able to help with your post stay in Copenhagen. unfortunately my English is not good enough to ‘interpret the following .. I can only say that we really enjoyed the balcony at our 12 night TA crossing.
  7. Thank you - excellent cruise - you should have nice and warm weather at least until the day after the stop in the Azores. I’ll be happy to help with you day in Skagerrak and your (hopefully) post cruise stay in Copenhagen!
  8. Checked itinerary for April 9 - Day 8 is Ponta Delgada, Azores and day 11 is Brest, France. Should be possible to enjoy sun at the balcony to at least day 9. Temperature in Brest in April is ranging between 43°F and 56°F.
  9. I assume that the Atlantic crossing will be south of the Azores towards Spain and then heading North towards Copenhagen. I did an Atlantic crossing March last year and were using the balcony each day until we reached Spain - if balcony make sure to get a cabin at the starboard side - facing south when crossing the Atlantic. Temperature in Copenhagen in April is more like 50F - but at the majority of the cruise it will be 75 to 80F. Day 9 at sea.
  10. Sailing the fjords are very smooth - but where does the cruise start. The answer very much depends on from which port your cruise is starting - Also time of the year. North Sea can be quite rough even during summer but in general not very different from an Alaska cruise.
  11. Norway in a Nutshell is a much more active tour than a cruise - Train from Oslo to Myrdal - change to Flåm train - boat trips on the fjords, bus and overnight stay in the area before continuing to Bergen by bus or train. You can buy a ‘Norway in Nutshell’ package by most people are booking train, hotel, bus and boat trips separately. Flåm is primarily know from the train and possible a bike back downhill from Myrdal - from a cruise perspective Geiranger is much better - long scenic sailing and then multiple view points with an amazing views - several bus options in Geiranger for the view points. Ålesund is a very picturesque city. I’ll suggest the cruise from Amsterdam - Geiranger is a worthy substitute for Flåm. You must be up early to enjoy the scenic sailing through the fjords into Geiranger. As I mentioned in another post (other subject) Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes in combination with the train ride Oslo to Bergen might be an alternative. A different experience.
  12. Norway in a Nutshell is not just the train from Oslo to Bergen - also the detour to Flåm. Plan boat trip through Nærøyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden and stay overnight in either Flåm, Myrdal or Gudevangen before continuing to Bergen. You might consider to combine the train and stay in a Bergen with 7 night voyage with Hurtigruten (or Havila Kystruten) from Bergen to Kirkenes and fly back to Oslo from Kirkenes. Just note that Hurtigruten is very different from a ‘normal’ cruise - 34 short stops (one longer stop each day) along the Norwegian coast including Geiranger fjord. The voyage along the coast is very beautiful and during summer you’ll have Midnight sun at North Cape.
  13. @MDTrip - I’m not Capt_BJ but in order to provide a qualified answer please provide full Itinerary of your 7 day cruise - Flåm is not the only port of interesse at a Norwegian Fjord Cruise - However important that some of the deep fjord ports like Geiranger and/or Olden are included - Oslo is not normally included in a Norwegian fjord cruise. Difficult to directly compare Norway in a Nutshell and a cruise.
  14. I take the train from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia, it takes 1h10min - getting from the station to the cruise port can be difficult by taxi/bus if there are many travelers to the cruise. It is a 10-minute walk from the station to the port. Shuttle bus inside port.
  15. I can not remember ever making a reservation without getting an email notification immediately. My best guess is that you have not completed the reservation. Check with the cruise line.
  16. I’m used to stay at Marriott Berlin at Potsdamer Platz - my alternative is Radisson Blu Berlin. Have you considered how to travel from Berlin to Amsterdam? - train might take a bit longer (6h30 min with direct InterCity Train) - but no transport to/from airports (flight is 1h20 minutes + transport) If train you should consider a hotel close to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Cruise terminal in Amsterdam is next to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Train services in Germany are very reliable.
  17. Nyhavn 71 is located right next to the harbor and at the ‘quieter end’ of Nyhavn, but still close to Skuespilhuset (theater) and outdoor restaurant. Admiral hotel could also be an option - quieter neighborhood next to Amalienborg (royal palace). A/C is not common in Denmark and often not necessary. I think all hotel have elevators.
  18. SAS is my preferred airline - a bit biased as I live in Copenhagen. The fleet is new - Airbus A350 aircraft on 'overseas routes' - three classes - economy, plus and business. Good comfort and decent service. I have always found that the 'final total price' for SAS was reasonable - depending on class and amount of luggage. Have a nice regularity and I have never in the more than 30 years I have frequently flown SAS on vacation or business experienced any problems that have not been solved fully satisfactorily. Only airline with non-stop service from ORD to CPH.
  19. Yes, possible. Depending on arrival and check-in / departure times. I have no expierence with MSC. Distance from Kiel to Warnemünde is 210 km (130 Miles) - it will take 2h30min by car - anticipated taxi cost is €350 to €450 depending on time of the day and week day. (and number of people). Train / bus might be too difficult - 4h:20 minutes by train/bus - 4 to 5 changes.
  20. Here examples of Royal Caribbean Family Suite and ‘connecting staterooms’
  21. There is still uncertainty regarding the final time of delivery of the first Havila ship from the ship yard in Turkey. Once the company has taken delivery of the first ship, Havila Capella, the ship will sail to Norway and it will then take some time to get the necessary certificates in place before the ship can start In passenger traffic along the coast. The company plans the first round trip between Bergen and Kirkenes to depart from Bergen on September 26, 2021. Uncertainty related to the first departure will be clarified no later than September 1st. At that time, the company also expects to be able to disclose the expected time for delivery of the second ship, Havila Castor. Delivery time is now expected to be 6-8 weeks after delivery of Havila Capella.
  22. You cannot compare prices at UK or US web - price at the UK site is very likely including gratitude and taxes while the US price is exclusive gratitude and taxes which you have to pay additional - my experience with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean prices at the web are exact the same for all regions once cruise, gratitude and all taxes are paid. Alternative is to check prices at various TRavel Agents - but again make sure you know exactly what the price does cover. And you can also use A US based Travel Agent.
  23. Correct - but still sunrise at 3:33 am. Yes, very beautiful in the sunset but does require a cruise start in Stockholm - probably not the case for this cruise - ending in Stockholm.
  24. An early morning indeed, but don’t miss the sailing through the archipelago- very beautiful. You must be on the upper deck just before sunrise. Will be a beautiful morning.
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