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  1. A very different restaurant is the beautiful, unique and wonderful restaurant inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

    A sumptuous decor, with beautiful colorful glass and a fantastic menu. Staff is the right mix of eccentric and entertaining.


    Serving starts with a menu card that allows a choice between dishes from - Sun, Ice, Fire, Water, Earth and Dreams - each with a selection of small and shareable dishes.


    It can highly be recommended to sit back and let the staff choose, based on what kind of food you prefer: fish, seafood, vegetables, meat, or a combination of them all.

    The food is served on small plates, and are shareable dishes.

    Remember to leave room for the amazing desserts.


    Video from the restaurant:



  2. Thanks for the information! I guess I just need to wait and see when the entertainment schedule comes out - supposedly in the next few weeks. This "Dynamic" cruising is a big change from what I'm used too, I'm still not sure if it's a good change or a bad one.

    For me it's a good one - used to MTD

    My advise is - do not spend too much time during reservation prior to the cruise - I have done all my reservations onboard - got the dinner time i wantet +/- 15 minutes - Yesterday I vas 30 minutes early and got my table when we arrived. (2 pax)

  3. I'm also a fan of Dynamic Dining
    I'm on Quantum of the Seas right now, and I have not had any problems with reservations or wait lines so far.
    I have not made reservations prior to the cruise - but made either at the day or for the next day (both dining and shows)
    Schedule so far with no problems:
    Day 1 - Jamie's Italian
    Day 2 - Wonderland
    Day 3 - Chic
    Day 4 - Silk
    Day 5 - Grande
    No further reservations so far
    I found that making the reservation at the entrance of the restaurants during the day, offered more flexibility than the Royal iQ - probably the app is not updated when reservations are cancelled.
  4. So far two Quantum cruises and different schedules - they might even change when onboard. Currently at Quantum (Today Laberdee, Haiti)

    I did not reserve shows and dinner prior to the cruise for the same reason

    At this cruise (12 nt. Southern Caribbean)

    Day 1 - 6pm

    Daý 2 - 4:30 pm

    Day 3 - 8 pm

    Please not the the show is 2½ hour (including a short break)

    You should be able to see the show schedule for your cruise in the cruise planner

  5. I had booked 8 nights of our 12 and felt good. Couldn't book acceptable times for the other 4 nights. So decided we would wing it on board.

    Don't woory - easy to change or make reservations on board - either using Royal iQ or at the entrance of any restaurant.

    I'm on my seconed Quantum cruise now and I decided not to make booking in advance. Looks like there are more options when booking at the entrance of the restaurant than using the Royal iQ.

    I decided not to book because I didn't knew the ship schedule - so I book when I have the Cruise Compas of the day. So far I have got the restaurants and times I wanted.

  6. SailinC2C - thank you for posting the number of passengers.

    I have done some testing (http://www.speedtest.net) - excellent speed - I have streamed TV and surfing the net without any problems, even in my cabin.

    Much faster than my internet at home!!

    January 11 in Royal esplanade

    ping 219 ms, download 23.29 Mbps upload 26.37 Mbps

    January 12 in my cabin (sea day)

    ping 228 ms, download 13.40 Mbps upload 3.07 Mbps

    January 14 at my balkony - docked

    ping 203 ms, download 18.34 Mbps upload 12.27 Mbps

  7. I'm really interested in any changes that you report since your last Quantum cruise in Nov.


    I will make a comprehensive review of my finding at the end of the cruise

    So far I'll consider this as a 'Royal Caribbean Cruise' at a nice new ship


    Last time internet was free not working well - this time it's free and working very well. Have had no connection problems so far and have been able to stream Danish Television (great)

    Royal iQ App is also working much better - last cruise it was a 'beta version' with a lot of upgrades/changes during the cruise.

    I did not have issues with Dynamic Dining at my first cruise and to me it's working fine as well for this cruise.

    Still only one sea day - More to be experienced...


    If you happen to hear it can you post the number of guests onboard? Thanks.

    I will.

  8. I know that you cannot get your sea pass until your room is ready. My question is, Can you get alcoholic beverages while waiting for your room to get ready? I am thinking no because you do not have your sea pass card, but I thought I would ask.


    You would use your Set Sail Pass for any drink purchase.

    Actually we could buy alcoholic beverages, while waiting for our room to get ready. Scooner Bar did use the SetSail Pass - they were quite busy Sunday morning before we got our rooms.

  9. How was traffic getting to port and the left turn from the North? Just wondering how far ahead we need to order our taxi to make our 11:45 boarding time.

    Might very well depend of what day it is the week - our boarding was a Sunday - very smooth and fast traffic just until the entrance of the harbour . then it took 15 minuts for the very last mile.

  10. Glad to hear things are great so far. Is the internet free this sailing?

    Yes - the internet is free for everyone - The captain did announce the free internet during the muster drill - well received! And so far the speed is excellent.


    Can I ask what your boarding time was on your set sail pass? The earliest time I could get on line is 1245 and that was group "A". I have never gone so late to a port before. Do you think it would be an issue showing up earlier?

    RCCL want you to show up at the defined time, but we were early and no problems with boarding early.

    We were Group B - boarding 12:15 - we did arrive 11 and the group didn't mean anything - no signs of groups. We did wait few minutes for an agent and we were at the ship before noon. Very smooth boarding process.

  11. Just about to sail away from Cape Liberty. Quantum 12 nights Southern Caribbean Cruise

    This is my second Quantum cruise - I were at the Quantum Trans Atlantic Maiden voyage and now back two months later.

    So far a very positive experience. We arrived at 11am - checked-in the luggage and was through security and boarding process in 15 minutes - very smooth process.


    I will write review during the cruise as well as posting video postcards at my blog http://quantumcaribbean.blogspot.com/


    So I will compare my experiences with my first cruise and this 12 nights Southern Caribbean Cruise.

    The captain just announced that internet will be free at this cruise


    Stay tuned. You are also welcome with specific questions

  12. This is an old thread. I think the OP did the Baltic cruise already in September 2014.

    You are right - roll call for Thomson Spirit Baltic Flavours Cruise Sept 15th 2014.

    Strange that the first reply to the thread was yesterday. I'm reading this forum regularly and hasn't seen that threat!

  13. So even if a venue shows not available to reserve at that time, there might be space if you will share a table with others? Interesting. Sharing is not a problem.

    At least my experience - the restaurants available for reservation prior to the cruise was quite different form the actual day at the cruise.

    We did all reservations at the day using Royal iQ


    Only restaurants I saw fully booked was Silk, Wonderland and Jamie's Italien

    Free tables at Grande, American Icon Grill and Chic.


    We had tried the buffet once and it was awful.


    I suggest not to eat in American Icon. We took our first bite of our entrees and left.


    As for the specialty restaurants, as the week went on, it was difficult to impossible to get reservations for Jamie Oliver or Wonderland.

    I do agree for the buffet - while we did have dinner twice at American Icon Grill with no complaints.

    Better to reserve Jamie Oliver or Wonderland in advance.

  14. I did make my reservations on a day to day basis. 7 or 7:30 might be busy but not impossible.

    A table for two is more difficult, but if you want to share table, not a problem.

    Some restaurants are more popular then others: Silk, Wonderland and Jamie's Italian, while Grande, Chick and American Icon Grill are less crowded.


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