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  1. Citizens from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (and few other countries) does not need a visa if staying less than two weeks - passport validity at least 6 months.

    When entering Vietnam by cruise ship Visa will be provided onboard for a charge.

  2. I had a TSA lock cut off of my luggage at Cancun airport. They said only USA agents had master keys.


    TSA is US only - the TSA approved luggage lock does only work within the US.


    Although ther is a note from TSA, it does not say at what location the cases were searched, so our cases could have been unlocked and accessible to baggage handling staff all along the route.


    The Notes does only say that the luggage was subject for inspection by TSA. But in general there is a reason for the inspection - normally verifications from X-ray check. And for all inspections I know the reason - electronics or multiple magazines.

    My suitcases have always been locked - so I expect nobody else to have can get into the luggage without breaking the locks.

  3. My suitcases does have a TSA approved build-in lock - so they can't be cut off by security. I alway check-in locked suitcases.

    However suitcases have been opened several times for inspection by TSA in airports for international flights - I have not experienced checks at ports before cruises and why should the luggage be checked at return?

    A note was left by TSA inside the luggage and no mess - my suitcases are always neatly packed and almost no sign of TSA inspection.

  4. Just off Quantum Dec 1-12th cruise, and the use of the Royal IQ app was free for my family and I. I don't know why, lol. But when we went to purchase it, it said $0.00. Fine with us! :p

    Did you use messages? - or just the reservation and calendar function?

  5. Previously we enjoyed one glass and had the rest the next night but food service was so slow we drank the bottle:eek:

    I suggested to an officer that it would speed things up if the C&A coupons were delivered to the guest's cabin , the guest could just take the coupon to whichever restaurant they were going to ,hand into the greeter and that would start the ball rolling.

    Of course the coupons needed to be signed for ia the room steward, like we used to do for the C&A booklets. :). The officer ( Martin ) suggested himself that they were loaded onto sea pass cards.

    Excellent idea - hope RCCL read your post and suggestion!

  6. This is an excellent topic for a thread.

    My Time Dining worked, while Dynamic Dining doesn't.

    Might be, that there is a lot of 'no show' - At my cruise there were a lot of empty tables in the restaurants even when there was no available seating- I believe the problem is, that a lot of guests are making reservations in advance, before they really know the program of the day.

    At my Quantum Maiden TA cruise I did not make any reservations in advance - made the reservation using Royal iQ or at the entrance to one of the restaurants during the day - and for my Quantum cruise in January, I will not make any reservations in advance either!! Again only make reservations at the day - there is sufficient space in the restaurants.

    To me is should be similar to NCL free style - except for the reservation hype.

  7. I have been a big fan of My Time Dining, and found that Dynamic Dining was not that different - 4 different complimentary venues for a 7 to 8 night cruise is fine - My first Quantum cruise was 8 nights so that was OK - my next cruise in January is 12 nights - then it will be preferably if the menu did change during the cruise.

    - three nights in the four complimentary restaurants with the same menu card might bee too much. I'll wait and see.

    I'll make it dynamic and do no reservation before the cruise.

  8. We did a ship tour at Lombok - and were several hours delayed. Not a problem wit a tour arranged by the ship but certainly for a private tour.

    I will not recommend at private tour at Lombok for the same reason.

    A shotr video from our Island Tour:


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