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  1. Has anyone toured St Petersburg on their own without a guide? We are 4 Australians and would rather get our own visas and tour St Petersburg at our own leisure. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about this.

    Once you have your own Visa for St. Petersburg ,not a problem. Follow the advise of scubacruiserx2

    Most people just want to avoid the hassle of getting their own visa. Easier if part of an organised tour.

  2. None of the previous 7 nights Baltic cruises from Copenhagen or Stockholm did stop in Visby - and it does not make sense to replace Visby with Skagen at a Baltic cruise from those ports.


    However, still one RCCL cruise stop at Visby:

    11 Nights Ultimate Scandinavia-Russia Cruise from Copenhagen

    JUNE 17, 2015, serenade of the Seas

    Ports of Call:

    Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin (Rostock), Germany; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Visby, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm, Sweden

  3. I can only answer 1 and 5

    1. You can check in together.

    3. should be possible

    5. No, you possible can but go to either the entrance to any restaurant or use a tablet or smart phone - Royal iQ is easy to use - there are also tablets available in public areas. Some restaurants like Grande and Americon Icon Grill you can simply show up without reservation.

    Unfortunately I have not been traveling with kids.

  4. I were at the November 2 Maiden Voyage and will be back again January 11 - I'm really looking forward to my Caribbean Quantum experience.


    I still have a flip phone!!:o I think I would be toast on Quantum unless my kids are with me!!!!:o

    Do not need your kids - on my January 11 sailing, I will really go 'dynamic dining' and not make any reservations prior to the cruise.

    When onboard I might make few reservations at the more popular restaurants. (Silk, Wonderland and maybe Jamie's Italien) But can be done at the entrance to a restaurant.

  5. Do you have a suggestion for a good spot to meet up? I was thinking of the Holiday Inn Resort but upon review of the google street view maps the Holiday Inn looks to be too far away.


    As I remember, there were taxi's waiting at the Tawewong Road at the pier - but why not ask the car company/driver to suggest a meeting place.


    I'll be there in january on the mariner of the seas. We'll be there for 2days. Anyone have any idea wat time the tenders run till

    Tenders will sail periodically during the entire night.

  6. Skagen is known as “the land of light” is a very popular village and holiday resort located in the northernmost part of Denmark on the north tip of Jutland. Skagen is one the most attractive holiday resort in Denmark and it is one the best places to visit in Denmark.

    Read more at:







  7. I know this will be repeated many times but it doesn't seem to sink in - you don't have to have ANY reservations. The only advantage is perhaps slightly less wait time. If there are some places/times available that are convenient book the first couple of nights - after that just wing it. You don't even know if you'll like the food to go back a second time. So, again, don't stress over restaurant reservations.


    Fully agree with Biker19 - I did some reservations before the cruise, but ended up changing all of them. Wait until you are at the cruise, however some restaurants might be more popular than others: Restaurants where I found it a bit difficult to get a table were: Silk, Wonderland and Jamie's Italian.

    Others like Grande, American Icon Grill and Chic were not a problem at all - some waiting time because of table for two - but if you are OK with bigger table with a group no waiting.

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