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  1. Negative comments aside, most passengers I met onboard were having a whale of a time and didn't let these glitches affect their mood. I tell you, when we were partying in the music hall to great live music, or watching that fantastic show Starwater in Two70, everyone was very happy. Seems to me that some people are very easily disappointed! Geez, some people on here take life too seriously! Again, MOST passengers enjoyed this cruise, that was abundantly clear while onboard. And Royal providing an extra $300 and free Internet was a very fair acknowledgment of the glitches, none of which prevented anyone having a great time, if they wanted to.

    I do fully agree with podgeandrodge. Also, for me Dynamic Dining was not that differebt from My Time Dining - except more restaurants to choose from.

    Grande was almost like MDR and Silk was a nice surpiice. Also Jamie's Italin and Chops Grill were excellent choices.

  2. Hallasm much appreciated , it needs lot of time on one own vacation to think about others. Everyone in this forum group will benefited some way... Which is the best restaurant you recommend ?


    There are two restaurants I can recommend - Jamie's Italian and Silk - Grande and American Icon Grill were like the Main Dining Rooms.

    Fo me Dynamic Dining is working almost as My Time Dining. Apart from the problems reserving tables prior to the cruise I found it OK while onboard.

    I will be back at Quantum in January.

  3. Well, Well - not everything worked as well as expected.

    Despite of the experienced problems I did have an enjoyable cruise and I can also see a future for dynamic dining once RCL has learned from the experiences.

    I'm booked at the Quantum cruise January 10, 2015 is is really looking forward to that cruise.

    By then I will report my findings/expertness compared with the TA maiden voyage.

  4. Here is a video with a short review from the Quantum of the seas Transatlantic Maiden Voyage from Southampton to New York (Cape Liberty), November 2 to 10, 2014.




    Timing for the video:

    00:14 Departure from Southampton

    00:45 Superior Ocean View State Room w/Balcony

    01:22 Large Interior Stateroom w/Virtual Balcony

    01:30 Royal Esplanade

    01:42 the VIA

    01:52 Two70, Vistarama and RoboShow

    02:50 Royal Theatre

    03:18 A selection of Restaurants

    04:08 Bionic Bar

    04:20 Music Hall

    04:32 Emergency stop at the Azores

    04:50 North Star

    05:10 Pool Areas and Solarium

    05:27 SeaPlex and Bumper Cars at sea

    06:07 RipCord by iFly and FlowRider

    06:47 Arrival in New York (Cape Liberty)

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