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  1. Same carrier or not 50 min is a very short time and lots of things could go wrong on the way.


    Sure, but if purchasing a ticket including a stop, the airline would not sell it and then let the passengers behind - also checked luggage - I guess that many of the passages at the STO flight, are at the JFK connection also!

    - so I would absolutely have NO problem with the 50 minutes in TXL flying AirBerlin.

    I did arrive late once from Copenhagen and made the flight - and I was certainly not the only one passage for that transfer:)

  2. I agree with hotel ca. Buy the refurbished online. It comes with a new back cover and battery. It is basically brand new.

    But will those units support future firmware versions for as long as a new iPad?

    - I do have an iPad 1 with firmware 5 (no more firmware upgrades available) - hence not supporting the newest apps.

  3. Getting ready to book return flight from Stockholm to US. One option is Stockholm to JFK. We would have a change over Stockholm to Berlin with only a 50 min layover before boarding to JFK. Is this doable?? I am leery but supposedly Berlin is a small airport where this short layover is fairly common. Any thoughts ??

    If both legs are the same ticket and same carrier/alliance not a problem at all- assuming it is AirBerlin.

  4. You bring the equipment in a bag and leave at the beach before the tour, at the islands. You just wear the swim suit under your clothing.

    You can leave all you belonging at the beach when snorkelling - there will only be you and the people from the Xpedition at the beach - nobody else.

    Xpedition will take care of everything - just relax and enjoy- no worries.

    Just ask questions...

    Here is a short vide on Xpedition dry and wet landings.


  5. As someone new to this forum and yet to embark on my first cruise, I have to say that I have noticed (And I mean this in a friendly, light hearted way)... That People on here seem to obsessed with food! There seem to be more threads about food and drink than anything else.

    Well, probably. After your cruise with Anthem in june next year, you might realize, that the quality of the restaurants and meals are an important part of a cruise. But as per Colegma, it's a new concept and important to schedule activities including dining.

  6. I wonder if a ship's excursion would have had the same issue about getting you back to the boat?

    I am afraid that it would have been the same - it's due to the way visa to St. Petersburg is working - no room for flexibility - but maybe there are someone with similar experiences at a ship excursion, who can give a better answer.

  7. Henry

    I can not quite recall me your description of a cruise - of course I can see that there has been a change since my first 1996 Sovereign of the Seas cruise, but not quite as bad as described.

    The problem is that competition is increasing and the level of service is one of the areas for savings.

    But I still believe that Royal deliver an acceptable product.

  8. Its about 65 miles (105 km) between Heathrow Airport to Southampton .

    Here are two least expensive options:

    The cheapest option are the National Express scheduled buses. Coaches depart from outside the passenger terminals or the bus station situated between Terminals 1 and 3. The coaches do not go to the cruise terminals. You will need a taxi between Southampton Bus Station and one of Southampton's four cruise terminals. Link to more information.


    The other option is the door to door shared service between hotels in Heathrow and the cruise terminal -the Southampton Cruise Bus Shuttles. The only pick up at Heathrow hotels, and not Heathrow terminals. Link to more information.


    See price at the links - here you can also find more options

  9. For my first cruise I couldn't get ports enough - so I booked a 7 night cruise with a port of call every day - I did find it a bit too hectic - so all other cruises have been with 2 or more sea days. Time to relax as well!

  10. Thank you for your list of restaruants. It is not easy picking which one to go to since you don't know your time schedule or what to expect as far as menu. I wonder if it is the same menu every night or what was listed was just a sample? I see you are cruising in November and I hope you can post your opinions when you return. Also I think a lot of people don't really know they have to make reservations and still think there is a main dining room.


    Same menu with a choices of 6 to 8 dishes - the link provided by rakes5 in post #8 is good.


    Unfortunately 1.11. is january 11 - so still some month go - however considering the November 2nd AT cruise as well.

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