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  1. Don't forget to look at flight schedules - flying in and out of different airports in Europe as well as the cost of flying from South to North in Europe will also add to the costs of the trip.

    Maybe you can find cruises out of Amsterdam, Southampton or another port in central Europe.

  2. My suggestion is 14 nights Celebrity Millennium, Indonesia & Malaysia Cruise (January 4 and 18)

    We did that cruise last year - see review at gemsofsoutheastasia.blogspot.dk


    itinerary - 14 nights Indonesia & Malaysia Cruise (January 2013)

    Singapore and SkyPark, Celebrity Millennium Cruise

    Singapore and departure

    Two days at Sea / Crossing the Line Ceremony

    Lombok Island

    Komodo National Park / Dragon Adventure/ Kampung Komodo Village

    Two days at Bali / Benoa, Bali

    Two days at Sea

    Malaysia, Port Klang / Kuala Lumpur

    Malaysia, Penang Island

    Thailand, Patong, Phuket Island

    One day at Sea

    Singapore / Singapore City

  3. We are flying in to Quito on 7/17, arriving around 10PM. Is the shuttle service to the hotel the price per person or per car? Do you have a ballpark figure of what the taxi fare should be? Do you know if they accept credit cards, dollars, or only local currency?


    Taxi is US$ 25 (cash) while a shuttle is US$ 50 (pre-paid)

    The yellow airport taxis are registered and safe.

  4. The most common credit card in Copenhagen is VISA, but you should have no problem with Master Card and American Express as well.

    Most places will add a 3% surcharge on foreign card transactions.

    ATMs/cash machines will accept those cards. Bring your PIN code.


    Rosenborg Castle and Canal tours both accept credit cards



    Rosenborg Castle is DKK 90,00 p.p.


    Canal Tours - my recommendation is Netto Bådene - both Nettp Bådene and DFDS does offer the same 1 hour guided tour

    Netto Bådene from HOLMENS CHURCH or Nyhavn is DKK 40,00 p.p.

    DFDS from Gammel Strand or Nyhavn is DKK 75,00 p.p.


    Public busses does not accept credit cards

    2 zones DKK 24,00 p.p.

    3 Zones DKK 36,00 p.p.


    depending on where your ship does dock Rosenborg and the Canal Tours are within walking distance.

  5. There is a door between the staterooms, that allows for easy flow between them.


    Connecting staterooms are popular for large families and others traveling together, because they allow you to create a bigger space. You can keep the connecting door open or close for privacy.

    The people in your party can move between the rooms without going outside into the hallway. If you're traveling with kids, they can have their own sleeping area and restroom.

    It can be convenient during the day to keep the doors open, essentially creating a two room stateroom. Also the balcony divider can be opened.


    Watch short video:


  6. My question is, can I purchase NoK from an ATM in Copenhagen? If not, can I get a good exchange rate at a bank or money change office in the airport or city?

    I would rather not purchase Nok in the US prior to the trip, since the exchange rate is not very good.

    Not possible to get NOK fro ATM's in Denmark. Exchange from USD will require a change to DKK first and then to NOK.

    Check if you can get USD exchanged to NOK at the cruise ship or it might still be better to purchase the NOK in US

  7. Sorry I´m to late at the party, I have just returned for 6 days of festival and hasn´t got time to look at these boards.

    Anyway there are some mistakes in Hallasm post.

    there is a huge bridge work between Østerport and Hellerup.


    So you have to take S-train line C towards Klampenborg from Østerport at XX:15, XX:35 and XX:55, you then have 10 minutes to change train at Klampenborg.


    You will end in Helsingør 58 minutes later.

    Normally it takes 46 minutes to do the trip.

    Thank you so much Danish viking for the correction - forgot that the bridge work wasn't finished before July 20.

  8. Please tell us more about your visit to Christiana. Did you go on your own or did you take a tour? How you get there via public transit?

    Public transportation to Christiania is easy - tak metro to Christianshans Station - the a 250 m walk down Prinsessegade to Christiania.


    Here is some more inspiration

    Copenhagen Canal Tours (canal boats)


    Royal Copenhagen Tour (Walking tour)


    Tivoli Garden


    Copenhagen Harbour Buses (alternative to canal tours)


  9. Watching your videos, I saw what appears to be the seven sisters waterfalls. From your sail-in & out of Geiranger, do you feel that you saw much of the scenery that a cruise on the M.S. Geirangerfjord would provide?


    I am leaning toward a private driving tour that takes in both Dalsnibba & Eagles Nest viewpoints vs. a bus/boat tour. We are in port from 7am-3pm which will be lessened in actuality due to tendering.


    Hallasm & others- any input will be much appreciated!

    Yes - seven sisters waterfalls - cruise ship is passing vary close - so i will recommend Dalsnibba & Eagles Nest rather than a boat tour.


    By mistake I added the same video twice in my previous post - her is the Storfjord and Geiranger Fjord, Norwegian Fjords Cruise video:


  10. Constellation will dock Friday 18 July from 10AM to 6PM at LANGELINIEKAJ


    From Østerport there will be trains to Helsingør (North bound) every 20 minutes at .12, .32 and .52

    Departure times from Helsingør is .10, .30 and .50

    It will take you 1 h 6 min from Østerport to Helsingør

    Walking distances:

    From Langeliniekaj to Østerport station - 0,7 km, 12 minutes by walk

    From Helsingør station to Kronborg slot 1,4 km, - 25 minutes by walk


    That will allow for a bit more than three hours at the castle.

    Prices for the train

    Standard ticket is DKK 108,00 one way (9 zones)


    You can buy a 4 zone Multi ride ticket (Klippekort) with 10 tickets klip which is a total of 40 zones, for kr. 250,- at the station.

    Then you have to use 5 tickets (klip / 20 zones) for out bound and 5 tickets (klip / 20 zones) going back - you can travel 2 people at the same Klippekort.


    For Kronborg information and prices please visit: http://www.kronborg.dk/english/

    I do not know of any combined train/entrance fee discount at a lower price.

  11. I have not done both, yet - unfortunately - but here you will find two videos, where you can discover some of the the differences -however, might not show all the beautiful sceneries.


    Cruising the Magnificent Fjords of Norway


    Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska


  12. Tickets for Flåm Railway including reservation can now be bought online at visitflam.com - Link to booking.


    On busy days with several ships in Flåm the trains will be sold out.

    You can check ship arrivals for Flåm (Aurland Habour) for 2014 and 2015

    Here you can also see if ship is docked or tendering.


    Additional information at aurlandhavn.no/cruise/ with links to map of harbour area and maps showing walks in Flåm



  13. My favorites RCCL photos are my RCCl cruise videos - here are some examples:

    Cruising the Magnificent Fjords of Norway



    Vision of the Seas, Baltic Cruise June 2012



    Highlights - 7 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise, January 2012.



    Serenade of the Seas, February 2012


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