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  1. Some good advice by pkay414. But very much depending on traveling west or east and the time of arrival. Flying west is much easier then flying east.

    If travel west and arriving afternoon/evening stay awake as long as possible.

    Flying east and arriving in the morning you might need to get some sleep during the day. In general, adapt to the time zone as quick as possible.

  2. As our ship was in Bergen the day before Flam, we bought our tickets for the 11.05 train at Bergen railway station. When we docked at Flam there was no need to rush off and we headed up to the station about 40 minutes before departure.The inspector at the end of the platform checked our tickets and then we walked onto the platform to join a queue of about 20 other people.Just before 11.00, the barrier was opened and we were free to get on any carriage that did not have a reserved sticker.


    Will work, except if trains are sold out on busy days.

  3. Do you have to validate the tickets / que if you do it this way? Or if you buy the tickets at Bergen train station?

    Yes - tickets bought at NSB or at the web are open tickets with no reservation - need to be validate at arrival in Flåm.

    Looks like you can buy tickets including reservation at Flåm Railway web - see link in previous post

  4. One suggestion that has been made here is to buy your Flamsbana tickets at another Norwegian railway station before you reach Flam, if your ship's itinerary makes that possible. Apparently, this avoids the queues at Flam and the (very real) risk of sold out trains.


    We would have done this if our group had not opted instead to make a group booking.

    Buying a ticket at another NSB stations doesn't work - this will be an open ticket with no seat reservation - tickets need to be validated in Flåm.

    Only way for reservation is a group arrangement for a minimum of 10 people.

  5. From a Dane to another Dane in English!

    Que for flåmsbanen will depend on the number of ships at the day, but my advies is to be early - normally long queus and sold out trains - do not buy tickets in advance at the web. These tickets has to be validated using the same queue as buying tickets for the train.

    God tur!


  6. For transportation you have two options - Shuttle service ($50) or yellow taxi ($25)

    Marriott has some corporations with VIP LINK Transfer Service - link to Vip Link


    The airport taxis are registered and safe. The New Mariscal Sucre International Airport Cooperative is the official provider of taxi services at the airport. It operates 24/365 and may be identified by its hallmark "Taxi Servicios".


    For your inspiration some links to my Galapagos preparations, Stay in Quito as well as Galapagos review - click on links for the reviews:

    - Quito; Pre- and Post- Xpedition Cruise Tour

    - traveltogalapagos.info - extensive Galapagos review

    - Planning our cruise to Galapagos - tips for the planning

  7. This is want you can do during your visit:

    Great shopping in Aarhus



    Den Gamle By - Open-Air Museum



    ARoS Aarhus Art Museum



    The Viking Museum



    Brief history:

    Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark. The principal port of Denmark, Aarhus is on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the geographical centre of Denmark. Aarhus is the seat of the council of Aarhus municipality with 323,893 inhabitants.


    The bishopric of Aarhus dates back to at least 948, and archaeological findings date back some 1,300 years to Viking times. The city itself is presumably older than 770 AD, making Aarhus the oldest big city in Scandinavia


    During the Middle Ages the city was called Arus, and in Icelandic chronicles, it was known as Áróss. It is a compound of the two words ār, genitive of ā ("river") and ōss (mouth). The name originates from the city's location around the mouth of the stream Aarhus River - Å being the Danish word for a small river.

  8. how much did it cost to hire a car? It has its attractions as you are in charge and not hanging about waiting for others. What about finding your way around, what about knowing what you are looking at (tours have guides), how easy is the driving, etc, etc.


    lots of questions I know, but you posed the suggestion :D

    Price will be USD 100 to 120 - depending on time and type of car.

    You need to do some reading but this ia an easy job - Thingvellir National Park, Geysir and Gullfoss - This is what you will see! Sure - a guide will tell you a lot about Iceland and the history

    Not that many roads in Iceland and easy to find you way and easy to drive - good roads and few cars.

  9. We were in St. Petersburg May 28

    We arrived into SPB a bit late and the ship was cleared one hour late.

    Immigration was smooth - a line of 10 to 15 people when we went ashore (not at peak hour).

    Our tour went well and we only met happy people - as happy you can be when heavy rain!

    I did not sense any differencse from our last visit in SPB in 2012 (except for the weather).


    The following day in Helsinki, Finland the arrival and clearance of the ship was also running late.

  10. Clarification:


    Since ship arrives from Hel in morning and leaves in the evening, you have choice of staying in SPB for 10 hours (return by same ship, you keep your cabin), 34 hours or 58 hours (in last two cases, St Peter line arranges hotel for you at additional cost)


    110 Euro cost included one Breakfast buffet which was not worth the money but saves precious time as one can do it before disembarkation.


    Still without visa?

  11. My reading of Hal's post is that their ferry "bus shuttle service" allowed them up to 72 hours in SPB, all visa-free :)

    No - this is not 72 hours in St. Petersburg- might well be at bit more than the RCCl tour. This is an overnight ferry from Helsinki to St Petersburg - shuttle to Issac square and back, and then overnight ferry back to Helsinki. So total of two nights.

  12. Different options are offered for DIY - ST PETER LINE does offer a bus shuttle service at a ticket’s price of EUR 25€ (example in this thread).

    As an other example: Royal Caribbean does offer 'Walk Along Nevsky Prospect with Shopping' for USD 39.

    I do not really see the difference between the ST PETER LINE "bus shuttle service" and RCCL 'Walk Along Nevsky Prospect with Shopping'.

    Both tours are considered 'organized tour' and both will give you some time on your own.

  13. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get thru Russian immigration without a visa?

    In accordance to the legislation of Russian Federation (RF Government Resolution №397), foreign tourists travelling on ferries or cruise lines without visa may arrive to the Russian Federation without Russian visa for the period of 72 hours being part of organised excursion group.

    All passengers travelling visa free have to reserve sightseeing program in St. Petersburg in advance.

    Different options are offered for DIY - ST PETER LINE does offer a bus shuttle service at a ticket’s price of EUR 25€ (example in this thread).

    As an other example: Royal Caribbean does offer 'Walk Along Nevsky Prospect with Shopping' for USD 39.

    Both examples are still considered ' sightseeing program'

  14. Looks like you have made a good job with the busses.:)

    You should be able to do theround trip for a total of DKK 186.00 for the four of you

    - a bit less than the DKK 680 for a rental car.

    1 adult, 1 senior, 1 child below 16 years and one free child below 12 years

    - Rønne to Hammershus - 4 zones

    - Hammershus to Østerlars - 3 zones

    - Østerlars to Rønne - 4 zones

    Total of 11 zones for adult

    1 x One Zone multi-ride ticket (klippekort) DKK 85,00 + 1 x one zone ticket DKK 13,00

    Total of 22 zones for Child and senior

    1 x two zone multi-ride ticket (klippekort) DKK 85,00 + 1 x one zone ticket DKK 13,00 - two people can travel at the same 'klippekort'

    The 'klippekort' for Adult and Child/Senior is same price but two different tickets.

    You might want to visit Bornholms Velkomstcenter, Ndr. Kystvej 3, Rønne at arrival (next to the harbour) - her you can also buy tickets and get advise - tickets can also be bought at the bus.

  15. The price is also depending on time - one ticket will be valid for a certain time.

    The 'klippekort' will be the most economical solution - more people can travel on the same cart - let me know where you want to travel and timing, then I can try to calculate a price.

    A rental car will be DKK 500 to 700 and much more flexible

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