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  1. Since you are from FL i didn't notice your comment on driving at the left.


    At Faroe Islands you can drive at all roads ad in Iceland your rental company will let you know where not to drive - for a day excursion you will noy get to those areas anyway.

    Automatic transmission cars is not a problem - last time in Iceland I got automatic transmission without asking ,


    Thought it migh be good to get some inspiration for day trips from Reykjavik- depending on time available.

    Links to some short videos from my last visit to Iceland


    Golden Circle (day trip)

  2. This thread is also about a passenger being forced off before the port before because they don't have a visa for Russia, with a suggestion about staying on without getting off at SPB.

    Not correct - you do not need a Russian visa in order to visit SPB on a cruise!

    "Cruise ship passengers can currently visit St Petersburg on visa-waiver scheme provided the stop in the port of call doesn't exceed 72 hours and tourists stay overnight on board the cruise ship. Cruise passengers may disembark from the ship without a tourist visa if they participate on tours organized by cruise companies or licensed tour operators.

  3. I would think that would have worked but maybe not for the Russian authorities :confused:


    Too bad they were shuffled around ..not my idea of a good cruise experience

    This is not Russian authorities, but more likely due to Schengen visa rules.

    Not 100% sure but it might be, that they needs to have a multi entry Schengen visa since the cruise ship leaves and re-enters the Schengen zone by stopping in Saint Petersburg.

  4. Hi

    Doable with public transportation - here is an example:

    Ronne to Hammershus - 50 minutes - 10:15 to 11:05

    Hammershus to Gudjem - 42 minutes - 12:57 to 13:39

    Gudjem to Oskerlars - 17 minutes - 14:38 to 14:44

    Oskerlars to Ronne - 26 minutes - 15:34 - 16:00


    I'll be happy to assist, but then I need to know when to start and finish in Rønne and time at each locations. Send email if you need additional help.

    Below the link to the bus schedules - but in order to find locations you need the correct spelling for Rønne and Østerlars

    'Afg' is departure - 'Ank' is arrival


  5. I have read on the boards that you can ask the train conductor to stop at certain points on the return if you want to hike back to Flam.

    Assuming this is still true, can you still do this when your trip is on a cruise excursion? We would be interested in a 3 to 4 mile hike and would not rejoin a train.

    True - Here is a link to the time table - for stations marked with an x you just ask the conductor.


  6. I did Komodo January 2013 - great experience to meet the dragons and also the visit to Kampung Komodo and Pink Beach by boat (only accessible by boat)

    Both were ship tours. Pink Beach wasn't any special - no dragons, dolphins, penguins or seals - a boat trip and a beach.

    If $189 is a sailing Pink Beach only for snorkelling it a bit expensive - if kampung Komodo is included price is fine.


    I have included link to two videos from my trip:

    Dragon Adventure



    and Kampung Komodo


  7. I am sure that English would be sufficient for most cruise ports, but we like to learn a few phrases of a local language, to help with travel as well as to try to be good global citizens. Do the cruise lines have a few phrases in the daily newsletter or offer quick workshops with phrases? We are going with Royal Caribbean.

    Not so sure if local phrases will make a different - but very different in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Russian languages.

  8. Temperature difficult to predict - just like Northamptonshire, UK - ranging from 10C to 25C - if sunshine you can sit by the pool, but bring jumpers / jackets in the evening.

    For money you will be able to use either EUR or USD in ports including SPB - and how much money do you really need in SPB - all inclusive in tours and nothing to buy.


    Some inspirations - click on link to watch the short videos:

    Copenhagen on you own:


    Tallinn on your own


    Ship Tours in St Petersburg


  9. If you have book this excursion, the place where they drop you off, are there any attractions nearby?


    Not really - I would not be able to spend 6 hours in that area.

    We did the RCCL 'Bangkok on you own' tour back in 2009. The primary reason was to visit Wat Phra Kaew


    From Laem Chabang it did drive two hours by bus to Central World Plaza shopping mall where we were dropped off.

    From here we took the BTS Sky Train from the station Siam to Saphan Tak Sin located next to chao phraya river


    From the Saphan Tak Sin ferry pier we took a river boat to the 'Tha Tian Market' and walked from here to Wat Phra Kaew.


    We did have plenty of time to visit Wat Phra Kaew. but did not visit other sights - except for the river cruise.

  10. Here are some short video from my March 1st, 2014 Celebrity Reflection Cruise from Miami - embedded using the new Youtube feature. More videos will follow


    Tour of Celebrity reflection:



    Celebrity Reflection Cabin 1257 (Consierge Class)



    Miami Sail Away, Celebrity Reflection


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