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  1. I have made som new short videos from Celebrity Xpedition

    Click on links below - you can find the full review and all videos from our November 10, 2013 Galapagos blog at traveltogalapagos.info.


    I have also made some short videos from our Celebrity Xpedition Pre- and Post- Stay in Quito - See full review here: quito-2013.blogspot.com - click on link to see video:

    • (Center of the World)
    • Next to JW Marriott
    • Day tour from Quito
    • Day tour from Quito
    • - Lunch at the Cotopaxi tour

  2. We found the weather in November very pleassant - did have light rain Friday morning - other days clear skies and 20C (68F) to 25C (77F).

    Pre- /post-cruise we did stay in Quito - here is a link to my Quito Review.

    3 days prior and 4 days after - city tour as well as Otavalo Market and Cotopaxi Volcano.

    We did choose to stay in Quito due to the relative long traveling from Denmark.

    If November 2014 you better have to make your reservation now - selling out fast.

  3. If you are looking for extra safety, amenities, stability, and more options for visits, panga rides and snorkeling, larger ships may be the ideal way to visit the Galapagos. The Galapagos National Park sets a limit on ships to 100 passengers and on-land tours to 16 people per group.

    Celebrity Xpedition does have 92 to 96 guest - for tours the guest will be made up in groups of 16 - each group with a professional naturalist as a guide.


    The bigger ships does offer more spacious and often more comfortable standards in service and accommodations, for example, most have a buffet style breakfast and lunch, with dinner served in a more formal atmosphere.

    Often, there will be greater variety in choosing when to disembark for the islands and when to snorkel. Also access to internet along with intercom system announcing the day's schedule in advance. The cabins are spacious and the size of the boat provides for less rocking.

    See my review at traveltogalapagos.info with links to pictures and videos. see galapagosexpedition.info for travel preparation tips .

  4. Not a lot of help on this one - I have been sailing with DFDS few times to/from Copenhagen/Oslo - primarily to avoid driving.


    DFDS is docking in the same are as the cruise ships, but not walking distance - location is Dampfærgevej 30, 2100 København Ø


    You can check-in from 09:00 and need to be onboard at 16:15 - don't know if it's possible to store luggage - try to contact travel.sales@dfds.com.


    Crossing can be rough but not necessarily. think that DFDS ships might be 'more sensitive' to rough sea than cruise ships.

    I have no experience with Commode cabin? in general not the same level of service as at cruise lines.

    Personally I would take a flight.from CPH to OSL

  5. Public transportation from hotel/airport to cruise port will depend on cruise ship and time - please let us know.

    Ftom Hotel/airport into Copenhagen there are two options - either the train to Central Station - Station at airport is level -1 at terminal 3 (next to the Hilton Hotel)

    There is also a metro line into Kongens Nytorv (central place in Copenhagen)). The metro station is located at level +1 just nest to the Hilton.

    You need a three zone ticket from airport to Copenhagen

  6. Questions well answerd ny sddsddean - just some comments.


    Even Geiranger tendering and the Flåm train are both wheelchair friendly outside 'rush hours'.


    A cruise from Copenhagen might be a good choice - short distances - and for a two week a B-to-B Baltic and Norwegian fjords cruise will be a good option.


    I did bring my 93 year old Mother in Law last eyar - and several peopel in wheelchair as well.

  7. Can anyone help-

    I am wondering if it ld be possible to do the Flam train at 0835 and come straight back down on the 0939 arriving in Flam at 1035 and then do the boat trip to Gudvangen and return by bus from thee.

    It fits with the cruise ship timetable but am I trying to do too much? Also is the bus /boat trip worth it?

    If anyone has done the boat/bus trip and can help i'd love to hear from you.

    Thanks for all your help


    When is arrival? - Answer to question about 8:35 departure depends on time of arrival, docked or tendered, and other ships the same day.

    09.45 will be back in Flåm at 11:55 - depending on departure there might still be time for a fjord boat trip. Very short distances.

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