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  1. Currently no travel into Norway allowed. Not likely for March or April.

    Norway has introduced the strictest entry rules since March 2020. As a general rule, only foreigners residing in Norway can enter Norway. The government will re-assess whether to extend the measures Monday 15 February.

    My best guess is that travel restrictions will be extended into at least May.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Mcnicm20 said:

    Evidently this sailing is not cancelled yet.

    If you’re booked at a current coastal sailing it will probably not be cancelled - currently Hurtigruten is serving five out of eleven sailings until end of June.

    The reason for sailing is primarily to serve passengers, cars and goods along the coast.

    More unlikely that you’re are able to travel into Norway and join your voyage - when and which ship?

  3. 8 hours ago, GottaKnowWhen said:

    my questions which are a) is my itinerary in 2022 still going to sail? b) if you switch to a ship with smaller cabins, what compensation might I receive? c) will you please send me a full refund?

    The problem is that they, like other companies in the leisure industry, lack the capacity to answer the many inquiries and that they certainly do not currently know the answers to your questions.


    Right now,  Hurtigruten sails with 5 out of 11 departures on the coastal route - hardly because there are many guests but because they are obliged to operate the route with local passengers, cars and goods.

    Expeditions' voyages from Bergen are primarily targeted at foreign tourists and when Norway will again allow overseas tourists without quarantine is an open question.  The pandemic is under control in Norway but vaccinations are very slow.


    You were originally booked on MS Otto Svendrup.  It seems that she is now sailing from Hamburg.  The alternative might be MS Trollfjord - the same size ship and in fact larger cabins.  I do not know which cabin category you have ordered - cabins on Hurtigruten's individual ships are generally quite different. 


     You can request a refund from this link https://www.hurtigruten.com/contact-us/feedback/

  4. I have not visited Iceland by ship but been in Iceland several times. 
    Iceland is primarily nature experiences - a diverse and distinctive nature.  It often requires long driving distances.

    Golden Circle with Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss is a must - and then there is the thermal bath the Blue Lagoon. In addition many other beautiful places.
    Personally, I would choose a Scandinavian Cruise - Norwegian fjords or Baltic Sea with St Petersburg from, for example, Copenhagen or Southampton.
    Fly Icelandair via Keflavik to either Copenhagen or Southampton and make a stop over in Reykjavik on the way out or the return trip - rent a car and arrange a round trip - a trip along the coast of Iceland will require 6 to 8 days but it is possible to see most of the important sights in Iceland with 4 nights.

  5. 1 hour ago, GottaKnowWhen said:

    Our booking is supposed to be on MS Otto Sverdrup for 27 March 2022 Bergen-North Cape - Bergen White Winter Expedition.

    in March 2022 MS Otto Sverdrup is scheduled for Norwegian Coast voyages out of Hamburg. Cannot find any of the original planned Expedition voyages out of Bergen

  6. I checked their Norwegian website and it is somewhat deficient regarding expedition voyages with MS Trollfjord from Bergen.  
    Immediately, all expedition voyages from Bergen are canceled until September 21, 2021 but then absolutely no information.  
    And there are certainly far fewer employees at work answering emails.

  7. In general you’ll find differences from all cruise lines  when sailing in Europe versus Caribbean.


    In particularly MSC and Costa are very ‘Italian’ and a lot of Italian speaking guest when sailing in Europe. Also Aida, TUI, and Haag-Lloyd more German. I have no experience with P&O

    US cruise lines as RCCL, Celebrity, HAL and others are much more ‘US like’ when sailing in Europe. 

    Even as an European I do prefer the US cruise lines in Europe rather than the ‘local cruise line’ . Personally I’m avoiding  MSC and Costa in Europe.



  8. 16 minutes ago, Kjjd4 said:

    Do that all take the Euro, or will I need several forms of currency?

    Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish Kronar

    Helsinki, Finland - Euro

    St. Petersburg, Russia. - Rubles - US$ or Euro can be used.

    Tallin, Estonia - Euro

    Gdynia, Poland - Zloty - might be possible with Euro

    Kiel, Germany - Euro


    For Denmark and Sweden I’ll suggest a Credit Card with pin/chip - or Apple Pay / Google Pay on you mobile phone - can be used in most shops and for any purchase - Sweden and Denmark are almost cashless. I have not used cash myself for the last three years.

    You can use Euro in department stores and maybe restaurants but in general Euro is no generally accepted.

  9. 3 hours ago, SelectSys said:

    True, but they also were incredibly unlucky with all the problems with their fleet of 787's and 737-MAX's.  Then came COVID and it was more than anyone could take without really deep pockets or state support.

    Correct,  but the airline was run like a tech company for years, focused exclusively on market share over profitability,

    Norwegian Air was denied bailout by Norway.  only a small percentage of Norwegian’s transatlantic flights have been from Norway, 

  10. 5 minutes ago, SelectSys said:

    With all of the extra aircraft on the used market it is possible that someone will try again.

    Probably someone will try again when the market returns to normal, but hardly Norwegian Air.  They never managed to make a profit in that market.

  11. ICE Class or Polar Class is not unambiguous and depends on how and where the ship are classified 

    Ice class / Polar Class refers to a notation assigned by a classification society or a national authority to denote the additional level of strengthening as well as other arrangements that enable a ship to navigate through sea ice -  there is a difference between the classification of an icebreaker and an expedition ship.

    The classification determines at what times of the year and in how thick ice the ships can sail.

    Examples of classification societies: Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and others.

    Hurtigruten ships sailing in Antartica or the Arctic are all classified to sail in these waters but under different conditions depending on which class they are certified in - for example, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen are Polar Class - PC 6 - Summer / autumn operation  in medium first-year ice, which may include old ice inclusions.


    This is the Hurtigruten ships where I could find an Ice Class classification 

     MS Roald Amundsen - Ice Class PC-6
     MS Fridtjof Nansen - Ice Class PC-6

     MS Fram - Ice Class 1B
     MS Spitsbergen - Ice Class 1C


  12. The Norwegian Air that we will see when the Corona crisis has subsided will be much more modest if it survives the crisis.  It will focus on the Scandinavian core business and handle an European network of routes - based in the Nordic countries.
    Long-distance routes are a chapter over.  No cheap direct routes to/from the United States.  Farewell to the great ambitions of London's airports.

  13. 48 minutes ago, MG.OCEANMAN said:

    I have looked but so far have failed to find a specific ROLL CALL for our trip

    Hurtigruten Roll Calls are in ‘All Other Ocean Cruise Lines Roll Calls’ - traditionally Hurtigruten guests with few exceptions have not been very active on CC and the few Roll Calls have quite a few participants.  
    But you should create one - so far MS Maud Roll calls for April 13, May 25 and July 4.

  14. It’s my understanding that Hurtigruten is using Jet2 from UK to Norway.

    All Jet2 flights are cancelled until end of March.

    Coastal Ships are currently sailing according to schedule - (MS Nordlys might not be sailing).

    However, I do not believe it will be possible to travel from UK to Norway for Holiday before April at the earliest.

    Check again with your TA.

  15. 1 hour ago, comcox said:

    On the U.S. website it was still allowing reservations for April 13th this morning-

    Both  April 13 and 27 available at NO and UK web - but I do not believe Hurtigruten will be able to operate already by April - or you’ll be able to fly into UK in April.


  16. Excellent suggestions - I’ll like to add my favorites 


    Rosenborg Castle

    A castle in the center of Copenhagen.  The castle was originally built as a gazebo by Christian IV 1606-1607 in a newly laid out park, Kongens Have, outside Copenhagen's ramparts - later extended to a magnificent castle which was the residence of the kings until 1710. It is built in Dutch Renaissance style.

    Today it is a cultural history museum, The Danish Kings' “Chronological Collection”, which tells the history of the Danish kings through 300 years from Christian IV around 1600 to Frederik VII's death in 1863 and exhibits the Danish crown regalia and crown jewels as well as Denmark's throne.


    Amalienborg Castle (Residence of the Queen and Crown Prince)

    Amalienborg Castle, which surrounds the beautiful square with the equestrian statue of Frederik V from 1771, consists of four identical mansions.  Moltke's Palace, (Christian VII's Palace, guest palace), Levetzau's Palace, (Christian VIII's Palace, guest house for Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte), Christian IX's Palace (Queen's residence) and Brockdorff's Palace (Frederik VIII's Palace, Crown Prince's residence)  - here you will also find Amalienborg Museum.  At the museum you experience the history of the royal family.


    The Royal Life Guard change

    Amalienborg is also known for the Royal Guards.  Every day you can experience the guards change. The Guards march from Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen to end at Amalienborg, where the change of guard takes place at  12:00.


  17. I do agere with @wowzz

    I think cruises in Europe, especially in the EU, will be very difficult for us in 2021. With the current number of approved vaccines and the number of doses available, only a limited part of the population in EU  will have been vaccinated this summer.  At the same time, we are beginning to see various more infectious mutations and perhaps more aggressive mutations will also occur.
    There may be some cruises operating within the borders of individual countries such as the UK, but I expect most countries will keep their border closed to cruise ships from other countries.  It will in all probability be cruises under difficult conditions.
    Personally, I will not book a cruise in Europe until I know the possibilities of traveling including requirement for a ‘vaccine passport’.
    Hopefully the situation regarding approved as well as the number of available doses of vaccine will improve during the spring, but whether it will be enough to get a significant part of the population in the EU vaccinated I doubt.

  18. Prices and savings vary and this also applies to expedition cruises - I have seen up to 30% savings on Antarctic cruises on the Norway web compared to US or AU

     But there are also offers their other web’s - special offers and if the cruise includes air travel.
     My call is - check prices on local as well as Norway web but remember that terms and conditions can vary based on country.

    Hope we soon will be able to travel again without too many restrictions.

  19. 18 minutes ago, comcox said:

    But Jonikal is from Florida so he would be under U.S. rules.

    Not necessarily.

    Hurtigruten has had very large differences in prices depending on whether you bought the voyage from an US agent or you booked the trip on their Norwegian web and paid in NOK. Therefore, many have bought voyages on the Norwegian web but that means that the terms and conditions follow the Norwegian ones.  The same goes for other travel agents and cruise lines.

  20. 1 hour ago, comcox said:

    According to their cancellation policy,

    Cancellation  policy depends on the country in which you purchased your voyage. in Norway the rules are different.  Rules can also depend on when the trip was purchased and when it should be completed.

  21. Thanks for the more detailed descriptions.  This makes it easier to make recommendations.

     I usually buy my tickets at vy.no - the possibility of changes or refunds depends on the type of ticket.  If you buy ‘Flex Refundable’ you can get your ticket refunded for any reason.  They should also be able to purchase cancellation insurance.

     Tickets can be purchased no earlier than 90 days before the trip.  You can possibly use the vy app for purchases and as a ticket.


    Regarding flights to Reykjavik, you can either travel from Bergen (BGO) via Oslo (OSL) or Copenhagen (CPH) to Reykjavik (KEF).  It should be possible to travel the same day - alternatively an overnight stay either at Oslo or Copenhagen Airport.


    Excellent  with the additional days in Reykjavik- enhance the possibility to see the Lights. Good chances for Northern Lights in September.

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