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  1. I fully understand your dilemma and desire not to pay for a voyage that in all probability does not take place.
    The answer may very well depend on when you booked the voyage and in which country? 
    Many Hurtigruten expedition voyages have been canceled but not those departing from the UK - but the verdict you state yourself will the current closure lead to cancellations - personally I doubt that trips in April can be completed.

  2. The new time of arrival in Bergen is 2:45pm.

    Distance to airport is about 10 miles. Normally it will take 30 minutes to leave the ship and collect luggage. You can purchase transfer through Hurtigruten - can be purchased onboard - alternative is taxi.

    The train from Bergen to Oslo as suggested by Clo is a very nice option.

    Hurtigruten is different from ‘traditional’ cruises. Many short stops along the route - one longer stop (about 3 hours) each day. Just ask all your questions.

    How many days and early/late September? September is good time for Northern Lights.

    you can get some inspiration at my northern Lights Cruise


  3. 6 hours ago, jrmende63 said:

    Comwell Copenhagen Portside so I can see the ship come into port.

    It will not be possible to see ship arriving from the hotel - The hotel is at Orientkaj- 3 km from the cruise terminal at Oceankaj.

    6 hours ago, jrmende63 said:

    Would it be hard  to get to any of these breweries? Especially, Mikkeller and Friends? Via the train/ subway?

    You can take the Metro - need a change to M3 at Østerport Station.

  4. 1 hour ago, Bgwest said:

    Try as I may, I just cannot get my arms around getting to and from the Copenhagen cruise terminal. 

    Your Airbnb is just next to Copenhagen Central - you can either take S-train or regional train to Østerport Station and the bus from there to Oceankaj - or you can take Metro M4 to Orientkaj and then bus to Oceankaj - or walk from Orientkaj to Oceankaj - 2.7 km (1.7 miles) 

    Just note that there is no bus service currently available - bus service 25 and 27 will resume to Oceankaj once cruise season is starting.

  5. 8 hours ago, jrmende63 said:

    am beer lover and of sour beers especially. 

    For a beer lover, you have come to the right place.  Copenhagen is full of breweries, including lots of independent microbreweries that have entered the scene in recent years. This is a list with the most popularitet Beer breweries and bars. a kind of ranking, but tastes are different:

    Mikkeller & Friends, Stefansgade 35, 2200 Copenhagen

    Taphouse, Lavendelstræde 15, 1462 Copenhagen 

    Brus, Guldbergsgade 29 F, 2200 Copenhagen

    Mikkeller Bar, Viktoriagade 8 B-C, 1655 Copenhagen 

    Fermentoren, Halmtorvet 29 C, 1700 Copenhagen

    Koelschip, ‪Stefansgade 35, 2200 Copenhagen‬

    Nørrebro Bryghus, Ryesgade 3, 220 Copenhagen

    Vesterbro Bryghus, Vesterbrogade 2B, 1620 Copenhagen

  6. 44 minutes ago, dogs4fun said:

    According to Google Maps, it is walkable in 32 minutes (2.6km).  Can we take bus #64 from Oceankaj to Orientkaj to catch the M4?

    Thanks in advance.

    Walking distance depends on which terminal. Bus stop at terminal 1.

    Previously Oceankaj was served by bus #25 and #27 - currently no service due to season and COVID-19. I assume that both services will resume once cruises are back.

    Bus Stop close to Orientkaj Metro station.

    Alternative to the Metro is Østerport Station with S-train as well as Regional train service directly to Central Station and the airport.

  7. Copenhagen is nice and easy for ‘DIY’ - canal tour is a must and Tivoli Garden must be visited in the evening - if you want to have a dinner in Tivoli Garden you must book a table.
    You can also visit ‘Runde Tårn’ and Rosenborg Castle and see the change of the guard at Amalienborg Castle (Royal Castle) at noon. Also Kastellet, The Little Mermaid and Langelinie.
    Another option is the castles in North Zealand - Hamlet's castle Kronborg in Elsinore and Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød - can be reached by train in one day - also Fredensborg Castle but not so easy to get to. Also many museums like Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Thorvaldsen's museum.
    Tivoli Hotel is 1.5 km from the city center - Marriott is a little closer.  Other options in the center are Villa Copenhagen, Plaza, and Radisson Royal.
     Cruise terminal is ‘Ocean Kaj’ north of Copenhagen - take a public bus or taxi.

     You can also find very useful information in this Topic:



  8. Copenhagen, Barcelona, Southampton, Civitavecchia (Rome), Singapore, Stockholm and Venice,


    My favourites ports are Copenhagen, Singapore and Venice.

    Bad experience with Civitavecchia - travel to and transportation within the harbour as well as check-in.

  9. Strongly suggest hotel in Venice. Check how easy it will be to go from airport to hotel - from hotel to city and from the hotel to the cruise terminal.


    I did stay at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is located at the man-made Isola delle Rose.

    Took the Alilaguna water bus from airport to center and also water bus to their cruise pier.

    Since JW Marriott is located on an island we did take a shuttle boat from Venice center to the hotel.



  10. Not the big difference - immediately I would say right side,  however Kjosfossen waterfall is on the left side, but the train stops so it is possible to leave the train or walk over to the other side of the train.
    You can get a feel from my video:


  11. 10 hours ago, richws said:

    Believe agreement is 5 Hurtigruten Ships on BKB from 1st Jan to end March with no Havila Ships

    I do not exact know the agreement- according to the current schedule at the web Hurtigruten has three ships in operation by start of January, increasing to 5 ships in February and seven by April - no Havila ships expected before April (no information at Havila Voyages web) -  but still Havila has only two ships available for four slots by April.

  12. 2 hours ago, richws said:

    The dates of January sailings and the ships sailing have been announced:

    Looks like Hurtigruten is starting with three ships by January 1st and increasing  to five ships during February and seven ships by April.
    Then the four slots available to Havila by April 1st. 
    Still waiting to see how Havila will fill the four available slots with the two ships available, assuming Havila will get MS Castor and MS Capella ready by April.

  13. Midnatsol has a total capacity of 970 passengers when samling at the Norwegian Coastal route - but only 632 beds/bunks  - less total number of cabins at Maud, hence less beds.

    Actually the specifications for Maud is saying 532 beds.


  14. 1 hour ago, jonikal said:

    where you found the MS Maud construction and return date? Many thanks.

    I did include the link to MS Maud info in my post above - link to info
    Promenade deck is till deck 6.
    First scheduled cruise is March 16 from Dover.

  15. MS Maud, previously MS Midnatsol is not yet launched. Renovation of MS Midnatsol is planende for beginning of next year - she will be equipped with battery packs and other green technology before being renamed MS Maud.

    MS Maud will be an expedition ship and not part of the Bergen to Kirkenes Coastel Voyage.


    Following the renovations she will have a capacity of 530 guests, as well as a number of new amenities and onboard venues. All public areas will be redesigned in a relaxed Scandinavian style. All cabins and suites will be completely refurbished, and new suites will be added. The ships will receive a new, specially designed Expedition Launch to serve as a tender area where guests embark on excursions. Link to description


    At MS Midnatsol it was possible to see through the windows into the cabins from the promenade deck - I do not know if that will change, but do not think so.  It is necessary to have the curtains drawn.  I've had a cabin on the promenade deck - it was conveniently quick to get out on the deck on my Northern Lights trips.


    Hurtigruten Coastal Voyager is known for their good kitchen and fresh Nordic ingredients - expedition cruises get a more mixed reviews.  Since MS Maud will primarily sail expedition cruises along the Norwegian coast, I assume that the food will be similar to Coastal Voyager - expect many dishes down fish.

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