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  1. I believe there can be only 1 ship @ Harvest Caye, compared to Belize City
  2. The room itself isn't bigger all the added space is in the bathroom. And for me well worth it!
  3. We did an aft deck 9 recently on Breakaway to Eastern Caribbean. Found it to be "hot" on sea days especially with the sun shining in and NO breeze except for port days. Did also miss the larger mini suite bathroom. Next time I’ll consider the mini on 8.
  4. Away (&+) Aft can get warm on warm weather cruises especially underway, no breeze and almost unbearable if sun is shinning in on the covered part. And I really missed the mini-suite bathroom.
  5. Sorry we didn't, decide to spend our money in other places. Never heard anyone discussing it either. Did walk back to port with some of the cast in Nassau, they seemed excited!
  6. Don't believe so. However our reservations tended to be early 6:30 to 7:30.
  7. Teppanyaki! Great dinner & show. Also ate at Cagney’s & La Bistro, also great
  8. Just off the Breakaway, no issues on lines. However, we had reservations at the MDR's & specialty, walked up and were seated. Found bar service to be all within reason, however never set foot on the pool deck.... Best place for breakfast, Margaretville on sea days!
  9. Just got off Breakaway Aft 9322, balcony huge. Only complaint I had was underway not much air circulation and if the sun was directly shinning in, too HOT. In port with breeze and no sun enjoyable! Yes, the view was unbelievable underway, wake was beautiful, and I enjoy the “waterfall” sound. All in all, I’d have to investigate a large balcony mini suite cabin on deck 8 on the Away class ships for my next cruise...
  10. What happen to this being a Poll vs. another hashing of gratuities?
  11. TA or NCL should get you the promos
  12. Most of that type of insurance has a buy within "X" amount of days after booking, so doubtful.
  13. No joke my wife had stiches in Grenada and luckily had them taken out on board by a Dr on board using my tweezers & scissors on my Swiss Army knife. We were on a MUCH smaller ship no medical department. Still a great story!
  14. We enjoyed this area and found the sides to be very quiet and a great bar. However that was 5 years ago!
  15. Most people go ashore 1st thing & come back to a late lunch or eat an early lunch and return for final boarding, it's a HIKE!!!
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