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  1. Anyone do intermittent fasting? Just started and would love to connect with others who do. Which method, how you have adjusted, success or so so.
  2. When did you let them know she was having a birthday so that you could get the free cake? I think we might do that option. He isn't going to care if it's a fancy or basic cake, all he wants is to make a mess eating it, lol. Maybe decorate the table with some basic decoration that we can put in the center then throw away so not to make more work for them.
  3. Oh nooo. Don't like at all. Too disposable cup style for me. Maybe have to slip one of my old cups into my case to bring back to my room and refill when I fill that one.
  4. Been on Alaskan cruises 2x and by far my favs.
  5. Our grandson will be turning 2 during our February cruise on Liberty. We will be bringing some basic decorations from home for a party. We would like to have a small party for him in the cabin, I see you can order a cake for 25.oo but wow that seems like a terrible lot for some birthday cake for a toddler. I was thinking maybe getting some cake and icecream from Windjammer and saving it till we are ready for his party? What other options can you think of have you done? Thanks 🙂
  6. I am down 5.8 since June 3rd and total down since I started tracking of 27.6#. The last week has been crazy around here prepping for our Cattleman's Ball, Rounding Up A Cure For Cancer. I worked an EMS shift on Friday and was onsite for backup and attending the event from 3pm to midnight on Saturday. Congrats Jan, Jenny, and Rose on a loss and Pacruise and Diana maintaining is great, it is a letdown but holding even is good. Wishing all a great weekend!
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