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  1. 4 minutes ago, smplybcause said:

    My niece turned 2 on Oasis. We did the cake at dinner that night - just the free thing they bring out for birthdays. It was halfway through the cruise and she had charmed everyone who worked near our table (mostly by devouring strawberries and passing out in her seat!) so she got a huge crowd singer her happy birthday while her dad helped her blow out her candle. 


    I don't think you'd be able to save the ice cream in your cabin for long though :classic_wink:

    When did you let them know she was having a birthday so that you could get the free cake?  I think we might do that option. He isn't going to care if it's a fancy or basic cake, all he wants is to make a mess eating it, lol. Maybe decorate the table with some basic decoration that we can put in the center then throw away so not to make more work for them.

  2. Our grandson will be turning 2 during our February cruise on Liberty. We will be bringing some basic decorations from home for a party. We would like to have a small party for him in the cabin, I see you can order a cake for 25.oo but wow that seems like a terrible lot for some birthday cake for a toddler. I was thinking maybe getting some cake and icecream from Windjammer and saving it till we are ready for his party? What other options can you think of have you done? Thanks 🙂 

  3. I am down 5.8 since June 3rd and total down since I started tracking of 27.6#. The last week has been crazy around here prepping for our Cattleman's Ball, Rounding Up A Cure For Cancer. I worked an EMS shift on Friday and was onsite for backup and attending the event from 3pm to midnight on Saturday. 

    Congrats Jan, Jenny, and Rose on a loss  and Pacruise and Diana maintaining is great, it is a letdown but holding even is good.

    Wishing all a great weekend! 

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  4. Hi all!! Down 3.2# since the last time I checked in, but I have been having lots of stress at home because hubby's cancer is spreading again. Trying to eat better too, adding salads, fruits, and fresh fresh fresh. 

    Getting ready for camping too this month, my sister and her hubby are coming for Memorial Weekend so we are going to be laking it from Fri to Mon. Love my popup. Anyone else got big plans for the holiday? 


  5. Sorry, I am super late getting things posted this week has been a crazy week here. At last weigh-in, I had gained a pound but that was not a surprise to me but it's a bummer anyway. But on a whole, I am down 16# since January so I am happy and grateful for that. Spent all yesterday at a farm machinery auction got a nice red face now, lol. Had fun though 😉 

    Rob so sorry to hear about your mom, hope things are looking better.

    Diana & Belle, I love going for walks but I don't have a clue how fast I am walking. I think when you are moving it is good for you. I even think the little things help out, like parking farther away at the store, taking stairs, etc. I will make myself walk up and down our stairs 3 or 4x in a row, at least a couple of times during the day if I am hanging out at home. 


  6. Hi everyone super busy here with calving and all that fun stuff. Sure wish our weather would straighten out so I could enjoy the weekends. We had the hurricane winds and rain last weekend and more rain in the forecast this weekend. I am thankful that I live in the area of Nebraska that missed all the severe weather, others have so much damage. Anyway, I am ready for the camping season to be here!!!!!

    I have a 3.8# loss for this week!! Happy dance 😅 

    Super job Jan and Diane for a loss this week.

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  7. Does Liberty have any venues that play country music? On the others we have been on I have found 1ship and 1 bar had country music and I really enjoyed that. Since the demographics are maybe somewhat different.....? Personally, I would enjoy that but it's not for everyone. 

  8. Hi everyone, down .8 since the last time. 

    The weather here finally straightened up some and we spent yesterday afternoon outside playing with our grandson and made a bonfire last night. :classic_love: We will be cruising Feb 9th, 2020 and I am so excited to get my weight back down where I feel comfortable again. And I have 2 weddings in the next year so I have lots of motivation to get moving. 



  9. Hi everyone, down 2# since the last time I checked in. Weather is nasty, rain/snow mix with the wind reaching 50+ mph this evening and tomorrow. Wish I could just stay home but work is calling if I really want to go on vacation 😉

    What is one thing you have done this week to reach your goals for weight loss? I have really tried to be more aware of what I am eating.

  10. Off the top of my head, it was Skagway, I believe, that the salmon were running through the streams in town. We walked around town and was able to see them seriously up close. We also walked up to the Gold Rush Cemetery. It is a jaunt but if you can get up to the falls above the cemetery, that is amazingly cool. And as a side note, while you are in Skagway, they have an amazing little shop off one of the side streets that made amazing elephant ears.





  11. Only been twice both in August. First one was 8/19/11 closed loop from Seattle on Rhapsody and we loved it. Being our very first cruise we didn't have any expectations, but the best part, we thought, was seeing the salmon running.

    The second time we went was 8/28/15 on Radiance, southbound from Seward to Vancouver. We explored so much more this time and I loved the chance to see so much more of Alaska as we shuttled from Anchorage to Seward. But the salmon was not running and that was a disappointment for us. 


  12. I was just on the phone with RCCI about another matter and as we were finishing up they asked if I wanted to take advantage of the BOGO 50% off drink package offer. Sadly my cruise was too far out and I couldn't access the sale but it would be worth a call if you cruise is close enough that you can purchase them now. He said the sale runs through tomorrow.

  13. I would love an event late morning to early afternoon first sea day. At the M&M I would love more things to get participants mingling and talking together. I met people at M&M that I ended up hanging out with on sea days or in the evenings because we ended up getting to know a bit about each other. Someone mentioned a cabin crawl - I would definitely enjoy that. Or maybe a slot pull? Thanks for taking the time to get everyone's input :)

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