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  1. We Really enjoyed Carnival Glory, & Really enjoyed Carnival Valor...Neither of us has been on the Carnival Splendor & recently read a comparison with the Glory & Carnival Splendor & they said the Splendor wasn't anywhere equal to the Glory. So we would rate them: The Percentages represent Cruise Critic Member Ratings 76% 1. Carnival Glory ... More Food Choices 80% 2. Carnival Valor 69% 3. Carnival Splendor :):):):)
  2. Thank You for your enjoyable, interesting, extensive review. :):):):)
  3. We really loved the Carnival Glory...but haven't been on the Carnival Splendor, yet. :):):):)
  4. We think that the Carnival Breeze is an Outstanding Cruise Ship...the recent Photos we saw of the Carnival Sunshine seemed to have the same size width entertainment deck hallways, which was remarkable since the Sunshine is a smaller ship. :):):):)
  5. I tend to overpack...I now try for mostly microfiber clothes which are much lighter, take less room, & don't wrinkle as easily. :):):):)
  6. Thank you for your fine review...enjoyed it. :):):):)
  7. We have not purchased Cheers, Carnival Cruise Lines Drinks Packagefor basically the same reasons. 1. Price 2. Aren't likely to drink enough. 3. One of the Days we might want to drink more than 15 drinks each. 4. Servers possibly giving you less attention. :):):):)
  8. Since Carnival does a fair job with their cruise ship name...and generally chooses names which are well known to just about everyone and also the name in this case is as much for the definition as well. The Definition of vista is related to view... :):):):)
  9. I Don't hold my remarks on this as a feeling...but more of an assessment of the facts (SO FAR). I'm in no way a person who feels that a cruise line can do no wrong...but this is such a disturbing claim & possibly damaging to Carnival, which at least should be followed through with Carnival's offer & reported on the results (whether the "friends" actually go on this cruise or not)...which also would allow Carnival to respond on this thread. I did say I could be wrong... Are you saying these claims by a second party (not saying they are not being honest with what they were told by their "friends") is okay without follow through? :confused:
  10. You've allowed yourself to make a post as a second hand party...so unless you plan on resolving this yourself with the offered solution from Carnival...everyone will feel you have been given bad info from your friends and won't feel they can trust your post to the world (Cruise Critic is HUGE). You or your friends have NOT validated this information at this time...and from your last post it appears you have abandoned this thread (maybe I'm wrong & I'm more than willing to be proven to be wrong to get at the truth). I'm going to guess you might be concerned about your credibility...but I could be wrong about that as well. :confused:
  11. So...you haven't done this...but you're suggesting someone else does? :confused:
  12. Thank You Very Much for this Great Photo Review with all the Extras Fun Time, Menus, Entertainment Schedule, & So Much More. I'm guessing there Might be more to come. :):):):)
  13. Appreciate your straightforward review...Thank You. :):):):)
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