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  1. I also ask to cancel an excursion for September, and was told they were working on May cancellations, and it would be awhile until they got to it. I was also offered to use it as future credit for up to three years at the guarantied price. I still plan to go to Alaska, hopefully next year, so I chose the future credit. I am still working and figure they will need it more than me. I chose to cancel my cruise because I am not playing the waiting game, and I since our cruise was late Sept, I wasn't past the pay off date and may be able to get an earlier date for my vacation next year.
  2. I also have a September cruise to Alaska. My final payment is May 30th. I realize that I will probably be canceling, but I will wait it out until May. I would suggest that you prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. No one can predict how this is going to play out, but I think that I would rather go next year, rather than be disappointed this year. Many people have pointed out that there may not be workers for the excursions, I would be disappointed if I pay all this money to go on a cruise only to have all of my excursions canceled. I also would not trust the cruise lines to inform pass
  3. I think we got a little off topic on this thread! My original plan is a late September Alaska cruise out of Seattle, plus 3 days in Seattle to go exploring. I have always wanted to go to Seattle, many of my favorite musicians are from there! But, I have to face the reality that this years vacation may not happen. I may not get a vacation as the situation unfolds, vacations for me are not guaranteed. I am thinking of a stay-cation this year, if I even get a vacation, as I am already emotionally exhausted. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
  4. There are many, many different viruses that can cause very similar symptoms. Flu test only test for a couple types, and even then they are only have a sensitivity of 50-90%. Many of these viruses do not respond to antivirals, such as adenovirus, it acts like the flu, but is not influenza. So even if you test negative for the flu, you probably had one of many flu-like virus or even a strain of flu. The one thing that people need to keep in mind is how fast this virus is spreading, and if it was around last year, we would have known because it would have peaked already. I have had many patient
  5. The reason CDC guidance not calling for N95 is because there is a shortage, not because it is safe. I guess as long as we have some protection that will have to do! Just received my N95 mask today, we are told to wear them for as long as we can because once they are gone, they are gone.
  6. My heart goes out to the Hospital staff, as you are getting hit the hardest. I work in a 10x10 clinic with no ventilation, and all I have right now are surgical masks and gloves, no gowns, and no n95 masks. Today, 2 sick people came in and argued with me about wearing a mask! And you are right, I too feel like walking away, especially when people come in and act like this is no big deal. Besides being an FNP, I am also the caregiver of an elderly parent that has COPD. Sadly, many people will have to find out the hard way, when it hits someone in their own family.
  7. Thank you, but not what I was asking. I booked this cruise last year, and the excursion dates online end in mid-september, but there are still two more cruises after that, and there are many excursions offered by the cruiseline for this cruise. I do realize that it is anyones guess, if there will even be a cruise season, but unless it gets cancelled, I will still continue to plan for it. My question was geared towards people who have taken the last cruise of the season in the past.
  8. Yes, I do realize they use the same tour operators, but I have know way of knowing which ones they use. I don't think that NCL would offer 2 late season cruises and offer over 100 excursions, if there were no tour operators to provide them. Most operators including the White Pass Railroad only off booking options until mid-September, so I was wondering if as it gets closer to the cruise date, if they will add more dates. I was hoping other people that have taken late season cruises, maybe would have answer.
  9. Actually, I am looking for someone who has cruised alaska in late September over the past couple years, that has booked late season excursions, or lives in Alaska. As I know that things should be up and running by then. I am wondering if as the season seems to be stretching into October, if most of the tour operators are staying open later in the season or if I should just plan on booking through NCL.
  10. Ok, lets pretend all will be normal by September. I am booked on an end of September Cruise on NCL Bliss. When I look at excursions available through outside vendors, they all seem to end mid-September. Of course the same excursions are available to book on the ship and much higher prices. Does anyone know if vendors will add more dates since the ships are sailing into October? Or should I plan on booking through the ship? I did find a whale watching excursion forJuneau, but nothing yet for Skagway or Ketchikan. Thanks.
  11. I just had my fare reduced yesterday for the second time. I book directly with NCL. The rep on the phone said I could call anytime before final payment in May and have it reduced as many times as I want.
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