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  1. "they told me that there would be no math" !!
  2. I will add my thanks and well wishes to ms. Mermaid for a Blessed Christmas and Bountiful New Year. and we must all offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving to St. Nicholas for his gentle hand in making our sailings safe and worry-free. "May St. Nicholas hold the tiller."
  3. SUPER SUPER news... We are supposed to be on Mani on a B to E on the 7th... she is one of the northbound Viking ships... We hope she makes it... HOWEVER... if she does, she will be in Amsterdam instead of Basel on the 7th.... hmmm... seems our ship swap will occur before our trip even starts... Hope there is a Viking longship in Basel on Friday....
  4. Sailing on Mani on Dec 8... rain is good for now... but IF possible, I would request that it stop on Friday (the 7th) the river levels are what they are.... visiting the Markets that we will be able to without rain would be preferable even with the bus rides/ship swapping... just saying.... Kelly
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