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  1. @TLCOhio, At the risk of sounding like a broken record ... the long, slow slog back diatribe ... from today’s NYT: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/01/health/us-coronavirus-monday/index.html Cheers, Doc Ruth
  2. “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings” was a popular expression when I was a kid. Something about knowing when a long opera was over from the conclusion of the final aria? Well, in my opinion, madam has not even put on her costume yet! <grin> At least when it comes to determining whether we’re closer to the beginning or the end of the pandemic, irrespective of whatever we all might want. Be mindful that the Spanish Flu lasted decades, polio lasted millennia, and those are just two examples from history. Both from back in time, when it was impossible to travel h
  3. Geez, Maybe we could have done that in the US too!
  4. JRG, Thanks for your well thought-out post. We’re pretty much in agreement, with one exception. That exception being that the CDC, along the remainder of federal government, knows what their doing with this type of scenario. I spent my entire career in public health, so I feel compelled to speak here. Our Public Health Service, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), among many other entities have been gutted by decades of politicization, chronic underfunding, and anti-regulation lobbying efforts. Their staffs are co
  5. This is concerning. I wonder how this will affect their numbers going forward. Crystal and the other premium cruise lines are known for having mostly older clientele. The higher price point, beautiful accommodations, and premium amenities, make that no surprise to any seasoned cruisers. Their product has been stellar pre-covid. The thing is, the folks at overwhelming risk for contraindications to the vaccine are exactly that older clientele, the single demographic that is Crystal’s mainstay. So if a proportion of older clients can’t safely take the vaccine, because they
  6. A little OT ... not too bad ... regarding AZ cruising this summer. I’m just concerned that, between the sale of the line, and whatever newly required health regimens will be required, that sailing AZ just won’t be the same experience anymore. I really don’t want to try an experiment to prove that hypothesis on a bucket list cruise. The North Cape has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it with a sub-standard experience. July 28th is still a long ways away. We’ll find out if the new owners even want to make the upcoming North Cape cruise
  7. These are actually quite interesting findings. The scientific community has been abuzz about new mRNA vaccine technology vs. the attenuated virus method of vaccine production. One wonders where the outcome for the future of the technology ultimately lies.
  8. M- Thank you for the link ... good data, goes on my Covid data bookmarks.
  9. TeeRick, I don’t know about buying Royal as a equity stock investment, but DH tells me that the screens show folks are making a lot of money trading options. Bad news, stock price flies down, good news, the stock flies up, no news, no price movement so options expire with zero value. Over and over, weekly, monthly, quarterly and LEAPS. The hedge funds are probably having a field day with RCCL. Now when some of the bigger lines go to liquidation, the volatility will probably skyrocket, then we’ll see even more fireworks.
  10. I’m wondering what the options are for passengers already booked on future AZ cruises I’d personally like the option as to whether I’d like to keep my booking with the new owner, or cancel I’m ready to give the new owners a chance, but I don’t want to cruise outside the RCL family now Just have to wait and see.
  11. Terry, Thanks so much for all your informative posts, and obvious extensive research. Your informal moderation of the thread has been terrific, lead to a great resource for all of us cruising SS, and it’s certainly been an interesting one for me personally. Everyone who participated deserves a hand for the great info, posting with decorum, and for following the board rules. The “slower recovery” phrase you hi-lited from the link above may finally be indicative that the realization is seeping in at most businesses, some governments, but perhaps most importantly the work
  12. ToSteve, Can you post a link? Our friends in the London suburbs say raging doesn't even begin to cover it. I’m not sure where the numbers that indicate cases are down by 75% comes from, as I haven’t seen that number anywhere else. Cases down might suggest that vaccinations, quarantining and other public health measures are working, or the virus is simply competing with other variations of itself. That would be really interesting if the virus became it’s own worst enemy. We’ll probably know much later what was really happening, as more case data flows in for analyses.
  13. CruiseEJ, I’m not sure that was ever really true for the scientists, but especially not for the decision makers. The day the 707 went into transcontinental service, and made it possible to get from rural rainforest to metropolitan train station in less than 24 hours, everything changed. The critters inside you, and just on your carry-on baggage can be hosts for nearly anything, and you’ll cross paths with thousands, they will too, on and on. No, we knew this was coming, and did nothing proactively. This specific scenario has been on global public health’s ra
  14. I’ll pop on, and be today’s “Debbie Downer”. lol Truly impressive biotech, mRNA, and other breakthroughs are being made every day. And ... here it comes once again ..this will still be a long slog forward. We will get there. I’m afraid it’ll just take a little longer than we had hoped for a year ago. Doc Ruth
  15. Hey Twangster, Too bad. Long repositioning cruises have always been a huge favorite of ours, I hear it’s normal for most elites & super-elites. And it’s pretty common to see pax do the cruise before, and/or the one after, whenever the itineraries line up. If they tighten the schedules, that won’t be fun. I think, at least in the near term, there’s no B?B’s period. Long cruises, I guess it’ll take a while after restart to figure that out. We’re still quite a ways out for things settling back down for all that stuff. We did a couple of the Hawaii to North
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