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  1. We found the standard cabin OK when we were on Discovery for 7 nights last year, but I wouldn’t want to be in it for a long cruise. The wardrobe is rather small, and we had to put the life jackets and other gubbins under the bed in order to make room for our shoes. Also the gap between the bottom of the bed and the wall is only about 2 feet, so it felt a bit cramped. The deluxe cabin, as well as being more spacious, has a walk in wardrobe. Having said that, I agree that the mid ship suite is the way go if you can afford it!
  2. Thank you Solent Richard and Windsurf boy for your advice.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. They are helpful up to a point, but it’s difficult to get an idea of the dimensions of the lounge and bedroom in The mid-ship suite, going by the virtual tour alone. The bathroom looks amazing though!
  4. A very interesting and informative review Richard, thank you. We have a big birthday coming up in a couple of years, and plan to book a cruise with Saga to celebrate. We are debating whether to book a deluxe cabin or a mid-ship suite. What did you think of the mid-ship suite?
  5. I agree. Saga prices have increased by more than I would have expected. We have also sailed with Fred and they offer some interesting itineraries. The prices of their balcony cabins have always been high though. When you factor in drinks, tips, travel insurance, transport from home and some included shore excursions, the Saga prices are not that different. I do think that Saga should offer more port intensive itineraries, and some fly cruises if they want to compete with Fred. Olsen.
  6. Just seen this on Saga website. 9 nights British Isles cruise to/from Southampton.
  7. Thanks Ulsteinvik.. Just read that after St Petersburg there are port stops at Talinn, Stockholm, Visby and Aalborg before returning to Dover. It’s a lovely itinerary.
  8. I’m not booked on it myself, but I understand from reading social media that it’s a 16 night Baltic cruise. Hopefully with the latest news on the COVID vaccine, it will go ahead. Please post here if you get details of the itinerary.
  9. My thoughts exactly rkacruiser!
  10. Thanks for the information electricron. I wonder if Fred will do the same as HAL and provide steamer chairs outside for the occupants of the Terrace Cabins? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
  11. It’s disappointing, but better than postponing sailings one month at a time. We rolled over a booking on Spirit of Adventure to 2022, and we have a cruise booked next June on Spirit of Discovery. We’re hoping that by March, when the balance is payable, we will have a COVID vaccine or at least effective treatment. We’ll have to hope for the best!
  12. Saga have just announced a further delay. Spirit of Adventure inaugural cruise rescheduled to 4 May 2021, and cruises on Spirit of Discovery to recommence in April 2021.
  13. Thank you comcox. The HAL deck plans show a Pinnacle Grill restaurant and a small theatre/demo kitchen above some of the TC cabins. It will be interesting to see if Fred decides to keep these.
  14. We liked the Terrace Balcony cabins on Boudicca and Black Watch. The nearest equivalent on the “new” ships are the TC cabins on Deck 3. They have sliding glass doors on to the promenade deck, so strictly speaking they are not balcony cabins. Before booking, however, I would like to know if any of these cabins are under the kitchen or entertainment areas.
  15. Any idea when the full deck plans (ie with the public areas) for Bolette and Borealis will be published?
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