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  1. Following your blog Cinnamon! We were on the same cruise as you, and it was our first Saga cruise. We are in our late 60s. We loved the ship, the crew were fantastic and the food excellent. We managed to eat at all three speciality restaurants during the week. We enjoyed most of the entertainment, which included a classical quartet. I also joined in the Joanna Hall WalkActive sessions which were very useful for improving my posture and walking technique! However we would have liked to hear some interesting lectures, as we thought those delivered by the ex SAS chap were poor. We also book fly cruises, as we don’t want to be away from home for more than 2 weeks at a time, and flying means we can venture further afield with fewer sea days. Perhaps Saga will consider offering fly cruises when Spirit of Adventure is launched? Maybe one ship could be located in Piraeus from April - October, then reposition to Barbados for the winter? This would also attract a younger demographic.
  2. I agree. We live 240 miles away from Dover, and are being picked up at 8.25 am on Thursday.
  3. Hello hermioneb. I’m so pleased that you find the ship to your liking. Are you happy with your cabin? Is the balcony spacious? We are boarding on 5 September, and we have booked a standard cabin. Any information on the cabins, or any tips would be so helpful. Enjoy the rest of your cruise! Linda
  4. Thanks Glendale. Hopefully we will be able to book on board!
  5. We are on the 5th September sailing, and received our excursions brochure last week (we booked direct). Can’t wait to get on board Spirit of Discovery! Can anyone advise when the brochure for cruises sailing in 2021 is likely to be published?
  6. We received a refund cheque today for the Black Sea cruise. This is a good sign. Hopefully others will get their refunds promptly. Good luck everyone.
  7. I agree roger747, there is no other cruise line similar to VTA for the UK market at the moment. G Adventures bought the Swan Hellenic brand name but have done nothing with it so far. I received the following letter this morning from Jos Dewing, Managing Director, dated 29 April 2019: "It is with deep regret and sincere apologies that we write to inform you that we must cancel your upcoming cruise aboard Aegean Odyssey. Aegean Odyssey recently developed a fault with her starboard engine and, following a detailed inspection by maritime authorities in Athens, it has been confirmed that the ship will be out of operation for some time. Following her recent cruise, AO will undergo the necessary repairs. Sadly, we anticipate that this will affect a number of cruises, including the cruise you are booked to travel on. Having considered all the alternative options, we are unfortunately unable to offer you any alternative travel arrangements with VtoA, at this time, and so will process a refund of all monies paid for your cruise to date. You should receive said refund within the next 21 days along with a cancellation invoice. If you have booked with a travel partner, the refund will be sent to them to process and they will forward it on to you as is standard practice with partner bookings. We appreciate that this will be very disappointing, but sadly it is an issue beyond our control. If you have any further expenses relating specifically to this booking, please discuss your options with your travel insurance provider."
  8. Hello Marysb, I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Grand Bretagne. We’ve just had a call from Voyages to Antiquity’s UK office. Our Black Sea cruise, due to depart from Piraeus on 4 May, has been cancelled. Engine problems on the ship mean it is too risky to make the long voyage up to Ukraine. They don’t know how long it will take to fix. They will issue a full refund. We are so disappointed 😩. I spent the whole weekend packing!! Currently searching the internet for alternatives. Good luck to anyone who is booked on future cruises. Please post here if you have any more news.
  9. LandC

    Saga Cruises

    Hello Wacktle. We have identified a possible cruise we may book on Spirit of Adventure. It will be interesting to see how the prices, when published, compare with other cruise lines. Just waiting for Saga to call us now!
  10. LandC

    Saga Cruises

    We received a preview brochure through the post today for 2020 cruises on Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure. Not available to book yet, but Saga will contact those who have pre-registered first, before the cruises go on general sale. We hoped there might be some fly cruises included, but all cruises depart from Dover or Southampton.
  11. Pleased to hear it Bill. I started a Roll Call a few months ago for Aegean Experience 1, but didn’t get any replies. I understand that nearly all the cabins have been sold. Should be a very interesting itinerary. Linda :D
  12. LandC

    Saga Cruises

    We have booked a cruise on Saga’s new ship Spirit of Discovery, due to launch summer 2019. We have also pre-registered for cruises on Saga’s second new ship Spirit of Adventure, due to launch in 2020. We are wondering when the cruises will go on sale. :rolleyes:
  13. These photos are wonderful Mary, thank you so much for posting. Linda. :D
  14. Mary, Thanks very much for posting your review. We are looking forward to getting on board again in October for Aegean Experience 1. We have also booked the Black Sea cruise departing May 2019! Linda. :D
  15. I look forward to reading your review Mary. We are boarding the ship on October 1st for the Aegean Experience 1. Can’t wait! :D
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