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  1. Hello Norwaylady. Saga cruises are for people aged 50 plus. Their travelling companion can be 40 plus.
  2. Thanks for posting Kentish Lass. We’re booked on the 8 night cruise on SoD departing 25th July. Originally due to call at Orkney, Shetland, Stornoway and Scrabster. We had an email today with revised itinerary along the south coast and Scilly, plus Holyhead. It’s not particularly interesting to us as we live in Devon and have visited all of the ports! Shore excursions info not yet available, so we will wait and see what Saga offer. I wanted to ask you if there was a long wait for meals to be served, given that it is waiter service only?
  3. That’s very helpful Glenndale, thank you. Viking’s 10 night fly cruise - Valletta round trip, including ports in Croatia looks interesting. We are booked on SoD 25th July which is due to sail to Scottish ports, but if the Scottish Government has not lifted their ban on cruise ships by then, we may decide to book something else.
  4. Glad you enjoyed your Viking cruise Glenndale. We’re tempted to try them. How did they compare to Saga in terms of dining, entertainment, crew, enrichment lectures etc?
  5. Fred’s two ‘new’ ships, Bolette and Bolearis have terrace cabins which open onto the promenade deck. These are described as balcony cabins, but there is no private balcony. The lowest grade of cabin with a private balcony is described as a Balcony Junior Suite. The size is very similar to the standard balcony cabins on Saga ships. When comparing prices of these cabins, Saga often seems better value, given what is included. It depends on the itinerary of course! Although we are converts to Saga, we will still keep Fred in mind, as he offers some interesting itineraries.
  6. We used to sail mainly with Fred. Olsen but went on our first cruise with Saga in 2019 and loved it, and we have two more cruises booked with them. Saga’s prices compare favourably with Fred’s, and so much is included. Viking is also on our bucket list. As Glenndale said, variety is the spice of life!
  7. I understand that Fred has just cancelled next year’s South America cruise on Bolette.
  8. We have not yet sailed with Silversea, but we sailed with Saga for the first time in 2019 on Spirit of Discovery, and were very impressed with the ship. Lovely cabins. There are plenty of public spaces, the crew were friendly and the food was excellent. We are in our late 60s, and were concerned that the average age of the passengers might be quite a bit older than us, but this wasn’t the case. We have also sailed with Azamara, and enjoyed that experience, particularly the mix of nationalities, which you won’t get so much with Saga. If you can find the right itinerary I don’t think you will be disappointed. The home pick up and included travel insurance is a bonus! Hopefully someone on these boards will be able to provide a comparison of the two lines for you.
  9. I have seen speculation on another social media site about quarantine requirements for Greenland, which is causing some concern. If visiting on a cruise ship, passengers must not have disembarked from the ship for the previous 14 days! I hope this isn’t the case, but worth checking with Saga before paying the balance.
  10. Many thanks for your reply tring. I also like to flick through a brochure! I have asked Fred about the launch of the Worldwide 2022/2023 brochure twice now. Originally due to launch in April, this was then changed to “summer” 2021. I can see the reasoning behind this, as he will want to include the complete deck plans, and is probably also waiting for government advice regarding visiting some countries, which may not be available until June. Like you, I’m wondering if the longer itineraries departing early 2022 may need to change, given the Covid situation in some of those countries. We would like to book again with Fred, but we have a cruise booked with another line in the autumn, so will wait until we find out if that is going ahead first, as if it is cancelled we will probably move our deposit to another cruise later in the year. I hope the UK sailings are successful this summer - it will be interesting to read the reviews of Fred’s new ships!
  11. Great news Britboys. I can’t see the location of the launderettes on Borealis, but no doubt they will be added later. It would also be helpful to know when the Worldwide 2022/2023 brochure will be launched. I thought it would be here by now!
  12. Try the live chat facility on Saga website, quoting your booking reference (if you have one).
  13. That’s great! We haven’t sailed with P&O or Cunard so can’t compare, but we have sailed with Fred. Olsen and Azamara, which we enjoyed. I’m sure you will enjoy Saga. We had our first cruise on Spirit of Discovery in 2019 and loved it. Saga have undertaken to contact everyone with cancelled cruises by 28th March, so presumably the cruises will go on general sale after that date.
  14. It’s a lovely itinerary, but £400 pppn for a junior suite (which is the lowest grade of balcony cabin on the “new” ships,), is ridiculous. Is Fred expecting those people booked on the cancelled cruise pay the increase if they want to sail on the revised date?
  15. We had a call from Saga regarding our cancelled cruise 17th - 25th June. We have booked an 8 night cruise on Spirit of Discovery, calling at Orkney, Shetland, Stornoway, Scrabster. Also scenic Norwegian fjord cruising (no port stops in Norway). This cruise is available to book on 3rd July and 25th July. There is also a 14 night round UK cruise from 11th to 25th July. I didn’t get any information on what cruises are available on Spirit of Adventure after the inaugural cruise which departs on 26th July. Perhaps the Greenland cruise will still go ahead?
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