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  1. I’m not booked on it myself, but I understand from reading social media that it’s a 16 night Baltic cruise. Hopefully with the latest news on the COVID vaccine, it will go ahead. Please post here if you get details of the itinerary.
  2. My thoughts exactly rkacruiser!
  3. Thanks for the information electricron. I wonder if Fred will do the same as HAL and provide steamer chairs outside for the occupants of the Terrace Cabins? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
  4. It’s disappointing, but better than postponing sailings one month at a time. We rolled over a booking on Spirit of Adventure to 2022, and we have a cruise booked next June on Spirit of Discovery. We’re hoping that by March, when the balance is payable, we will have a COVID vaccine or at least effective treatment. We’ll have to hope for the best!
  5. Saga have just announced a further delay. Spirit of Adventure inaugural cruise rescheduled to 4 May 2021, and cruises on Spirit of Discovery to recommence in April 2021.
  6. Thank you comcox. The HAL deck plans show a Pinnacle Grill restaurant and a small theatre/demo kitchen above some of the TC cabins. It will be interesting to see if Fred decides to keep these.
  7. We liked the Terrace Balcony cabins on Boudicca and Black Watch. The nearest equivalent on the “new” ships are the TC cabins on Deck 3. They have sliding glass doors on to the promenade deck, so strictly speaking they are not balcony cabins. Before booking, however, I would like to know if any of these cabins are under the kitchen or entertainment areas.
  8. Any idea when the full deck plans (ie with the public areas) for Bolette and Borealis will be published?
  9. I think I would feel the same as you. It would seem that Chris Simmonds‘ letter was sent without checking whether call centre staff had adequate resources to deal with all the calls which would result. This is not going to help Saga retain their customers.
  10. We haven’t had a 2022 brochure either!
  11. We have been looking at Viking ocean cruises as well. Viking have similar sized ships, to Saga with all balcony cabins. We can usually only manage 2 weeks away, so their fly cruises are of interest, as they enable us to cruise further afield. The price of a 2 week fly cruise in summer 2022 in the cheapest balcony cabin works out at over £400 pppn. This includes flights, gratuities, beer and wine with lunch and dinner, and one included shore excursion in every port (this is usually a walking tour or a panoramic coach tour.) It does not include home transfers or travel insurance. It puts Sa
  12. We have bitten the bullet and booked a 2 week cruise on Adventure. We had a deposit left with them plus they gave us 10% credit from a cancelled cruise, so we only had to pay a small deposit. We want to sail on the new ship so hopefully it will happen without incident. We are optimists! We had a general discussion about safety. Saga will ensure protocols in place, as necessary, but not able to say more at this stage. Shared transfers were offered as standard, so Saga is assuming that the threat of the virus will be over by 2022. If this is not the case, they will obviously
  13. I know! These prices are for cabins on D deck, and I was advised that some (but not all) shore excursions are included.
  14. We got a call from Saga yesterday (we pre-registered in March). Prices For 2 people sharing a cabin worked out at approx £250 pppn for a standard cabin, and £300 pppn for a deluxe cabin. This price includes a 35% discount for early bookers!
  15. I agree with you that the itineraries are rather uninspiring - pretty much the same as 2021. I would like to have seen a few more cruises round the UK. The Black Sea cruise on Adventure has an interesting itinerary, but we don’t want to be on a ship for 32 nights! I wish Saga would introduce a few fly cruises. They say that their customers don’t want them, but I think they could easily offer an on-line survey to find out. We are still pondering which cruise to book. We looked at the 17 night Corsica and Sardinia cruise, but there are too many sea days for us. We haven’t be
  16. That’s good news. I presume that the ship will now undertake sea trials.
  17. Wacktle, as our message facility is not working, if you don’t want to post your email address here, I suggest you contact Saga with your Booking ref. for the pre-registration, and ask them to email the PDF to you. I find the live chat facility on Saga’s website is useful, and messages are usually answered in a few minutes.
  18. The PDF of the 2022 schedule was emailed to us yesterday. Did you get your copy? I gather Saga have already started calling people. Hopefully we will get a call soon. The cruises are similar to previous years, and include an 83 night voyage to South America departing 5 January 2022. All the cruises on Spirit of Adventure depart from Southampton, which is handy for us.
  19. Fred’s smallest ship, the Braemar, carries nearly 3 times as many passengers as the Aegean Odyssey did. We last sailed on her in the Caribbean, flying to/from Barbados, and we had 2 very good lecturers on that cruise. It’s still a relatively small ship, with less than 1,000 passengers. If VtoA offer cruises on her, they may have their own bespoke shore tours, which will cut down the queues for disembarkation, coaches etc. It’s a case of wait and see. Noble Caledonia’s ships carry around 100 passengers, so possibly a closer fit to the VtoA experience. As stated in my post
  20. I’m not surprised that Adventure has been delayed again, as I can’t see cruises starting before Christmas. I just wish that Saga would let their clients know what is going on!
  21. Will do. When did you pre-register?
  22. We were due to sail on a Black Sea cruise with VtoA when they cancelled due to engine trouble. We have rebooked a similar itinerary with Noble Caledonia. The company lease small ships (100 pax), and have lecturers and a CD on board. We haven't been on board yet, but our friends have recommended and we value their opinion. We have also sailed with Fred several times - good food and a lovely crew. The quality of their lecturers has varied, but over the last couple of years they have started to employ Arts Society accredited lecturers on some of their cruises, in an attempt to at
  23. Not yet. I did a live chat on the Saga website last week and was advised that they will email a PDF next week, which will include all the cruises from January to December 2022. They will then start phoning people in the order that they pre-registered. We pre-registered in March this year, so it may be a couple of weeks before we get a call.
  24. Has anyone who has pre-registered for 2022 cruises heard when Saga are likely to contact us? When I phoned in March I was told information on cruises planned for January-December 2022 would be sent out to us in August/September. Our friends, who pre-registered before us, were told September/October!
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